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  1. I would love to try a few of your seeds indican if its possibile Either to Canada U.S.A or EU I prefer for It not to go through the mean man They have taken 1000s of seeds from me , 4 in a row from sannie to Canada , After that i gave up trying and wasteing cash
  2. I have some Hammerhead in flower back home Love Hammerhead , It really makes me laugh Will post up a photo or two in a week or so In Italy right now as i am from Calabria
  3. Interesting I work at a weed factory called aphria In the green House , Its not to bad But i dont really like It so much I dream of working outside , hopefully doing beekeeping instead or picking grapes
  4. Any of you been the Vegas? I am more into nature , far out of any city but might go one day , at least once
  5. That looks like fun I like unit farm LEDs Think they are from Las Vegas or something
  6. You guys always get me super excited Hope more of your stuff hits the shop
  7. I really love all kinds of religious art But am not religious, I find comfort in that , everthing just is and we just are It is like a rainbow , but if you dont understand it is all good
  8. LoL holy shiit I will laugh at this all night
  9. Dam those Orion girls look wild I am going now
  10. It must be , birding is very peaceful I love Michigan , live in south west ontario Grow weed all day for a cannabis factory it's funny best job I have ever had
  11. Everthing from Escobar miss him A random 10 from sannies shop all are good
  12. Nepalma is some of my favourite That is my favourite pheno too , some are more like fox tails they're alright as well You're going to love that smoke
  13. Nice saxo , those are two of my favourite things I just met up with a bunch of people from the shroomery in south Australia, it was the best time of my life That's where this name came from , my friend said Wana go no path We went all over bear foot They taught me how to surf
  14. Hell yeah been smoking Colombian gold from sannie It makes me like that littel happy man
  15. The sour diesel x lady cane freebie was so dam good Long time ago
  16. Nice I want to cross G13 haze fem x starduster Never tried Barneys farm Mostly just anything from sannie
  17. They are alright Nice people over at tropical seeds
  18. I am looking forward to that blueberry killing fields And blueberry sativa
  19. This is Willow.beach forgot my password and dont know how to find it Anyone here like mushroom hunting or birdwatching ? Porcini is good I only come to opengrow and shroomery
  20. I am from Calabria italy love the architecture there , almost everthing is ancient
  21. No Path


    I still have a few sloth and G39 seeds
  22. Shaze x Airborne jack If I can get my hands on that , wow Grew almost all of your stuff
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