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  1. oni seeds is making quite a name for themselves,their tropicanna cookies is beyond amazing
  2. so i got my 10 legal plants in now,,,well,ive got one extra!shhh,,lol the plant in the grey open bottom pot is fire99 and the shitty plant is forum cookies x jagerschnitzel...i had to do it...lol
  3. bodhi is a great breeder imo,and for the price peak seeds is excellent...very well worked strains
  4. nevermind..lol i see the post is 5 years old
  5. you cant mean hemp depot...what seedbank?
  6. it was breaded and fried,served with mushroom gravy she was such a great cook...my fave was her keugle
  7. she always made it with mushroom gravy,it was amazing
  8. my oma made it all the time....
  9. im german,ive ate jagerschnitzel a million times!lol
  10. my bad,sorry girlfriend!!
  11. should be some nice meds
  12. the lone ranger...
  13. strains are jagerschnitzel(Macob Kush x (G-13 x Micky Kush) x dosidos,jagerschnitzel x forum cookies,jagerschnitzel x purple punch,escd x gg#2,lemonade og,fire99,og kush x auto fire99 i also have 40 chem91 skva bx4 f2s in early veg and 45 og chem f2s seedlings
  14. yeah....i wasnt going to do pots,but i yield much better in open bottom pots so i ended up doing that
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