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  1. this kushty is really packing it on
  2. heres one of my bigger plans in my garden....i have 5 more around the same size and a few smaller ones
  3. my new clone bucket!it was really easy to make and cost about $55 all in and i still have 38 net pots and collars so i just need a pump and bucket to make another,,gonna put in some clones tomorrow.i need to make some sort of `transparent lid
  4. a lil vid from today... https://vimeo.com/349331042
  5. im hoping for 8 lbs this year,its looking like ill hit that goal
  6. its been a while,thought id update
  7. a purple stem is usually a sign that it will produce purple buds
  8. thanks!i appreciate the kind words
  9. update.. i moved the plant in the grey garbage can to a place tha gets more sun.. plants are doing good except i got leaf septoria on some,but have taken the necessary actions
  10. i started the plants from seed on march 15th,half of them are semi auto so they will finish by october....i have a good season here,im good till around the 3rd week of october
  11. can someone tell me what this is?
  12. frosty fire99 at about 5 weeks
  13. well after months i finally got her....it wasnt easy or cheap,but shes mine now!lost the first package to customs,so seller waited 2 weeks cause he had to cut another ...and she arrived today healthy and happy along with a cut of tropicanna cookies
  14. ive grown gg#2 and gg#5,both were frosty and potent on their own ive never harvested a plant in june before....im not hatin it
  15. the ecsd doesnt hurt either! smells like coffee
  16. some ecsd x gg#2 aka fast diesel outdoor bud porn from real gorilla seeds
  17. og chem seedlings and 3 sacred living hashplants
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