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  1. its a great site...ive done over 10 successful transactions.you have to be verified to sell,and you can only rip someone off once,then your gone...its monitored well.ive never been ripped off.the guy im getting the clones from is highly rated and respected on the site
  2. thats got some sugar!
  3. i have a really good feeling about the dosi snitzel!
  4. i have dosi snitzel,forun snitzel and snitzel punch in veg now
  5. How many of you know a minor who started smoking because of marketing. “That’s a cool camel, think I should start smoking” thats exactly how many kids started smoking in the 50s,60s,70s and 80s bro....EXACTLY!
  6. i completely disagree. we live in a society where to get along we go along...and weed is considered cool to kids...now this kid heres of this cool purple punch strain,and how he would be so cool if he had some to show off to his buddies cause kids watch tv,read and listenlitte sponges.....and if a kid wants something they will find a way to get it
  7. has anyone grown or smoked this strain?especially the oni cut?
  8. hello everyone,bradley danks sent me some crosses to test,i was supposed to start this a while ago,but i had a fire,then a sickness in the family.i almost scrapped it,but i made a promise to test so here we go.. i got 3-4 germ on the jagerpunch,4-4 on the dosi-snitzel and 3-6 on the forum snitzel,to be honest the forum cross seeds were a bit pale,more germed then i thought would. plant are now almost 3 weeks old,except the forum snitzel which i germed later,they are on day 12 i believe i have a few other crosses,fire99,fast diesel,lemon og and fire99 x og kush...but not part of this test,they are just in the tent as well.these are from real gorilla seeds aka panik(really highly rated outdoor strains) i will be updating weekly,till harvest,this will be an outdoor grow,but i will take clones and do an indoor run in november i will discuss feeding regimens,soil,training and of course the resistance qualities or lack of and a smoke report at the end. i just transplanted all,but the forum cross to pots with miracle grow,,,,before you give me shit,ive been doing this for 15 years every year,before transplanting outside...the added nutes allows time in my schedule so i dont have to feed sll the time,as long as the ph is good i find they grow awesome in mg soil....all organic outdoors though...
  9. im from a severely tough town,on the toughest street of that town,the further you went down the street the tougher it got....i lived in the last house! lmao
  10. ive got 2 sour diesel x gg#2 in veg right now
  11. i grew kimbo,it was a frost monster
  12. here is 99 chem91skva bx3 f2 seedlings....hoping to find the va clone equivalent....fingers crossed....i have a great chance with 99 plants. heres a bud from the chem91 skva bx4s i grew,,,shit is insane!extremely potent sativa....cant drink while smoking it and some vegging plants destined for the great outdoors
  13. thanks fellas///good to be here
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    From the album: weed

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    i love weed
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    From the album: weed

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    From the album: weed

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    From the album: weed

  19. i use strainly,you have t be verified...
  20. if its $15,it aint lemon tree...period
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