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  1. I won't flatter your ass, Dad. Сool buds, Сool hands =)
  2. Thank you for messing with my curiosity buddy A cartridge in the lamp two? And the wash lamp is thinner than the usual HPS ...) The 3250m fan is probably noisy, is it audible in the next room? =)
  3. Hi Snydgrow ! I have been following your diary for a long time, I noticed just now that you are using CMH and not sodium arc lamp HPS ... Is there such a big difference in heat transfer between them? 1000w HPS vs. 1000w CMH? What is the maximum temperature in the box? What do you think about this fan? https://vent-market.com.ua/shop/product/vents-ksd-315-4e I'm not sure about its sound insulation =) can it be more efficient to install an air conditioner?
  4. understandably. What seedshop do you prefer? And can I link where the fan in the box bought? )
  5. Man, where are you buying seeds? I want Alien Cookie ... Are Miracle Alien Cookies?
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