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  1. DG2019

    Mapito flush

    last week u half the EC and change K to N.. with this u prepare for the next round if you flip the crates.. they will have "grow" nutrition for the clones at the top and you let 1 day the first watering in the room (1/4 not 1/3) and run to waste... this is the "new" way... we dont flush any more with tap water... like oldschool method..."
  2. It was going to be 18 plants now i was thinking 6.5L pots of coco DTW now but also be advised 9 plants with 3 weeks veg from seed should be good what do you think? Don't want to veg that long so not sure what to-do i normally do 6 weeks from seed's 4 plants per 1.2 tent or per a light.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me I've been thinking what about 1 per 11L Square pot work's out around the same plants, 2 Week veg from germination and flip do you think this would Yield good? Will be 600watt 1.2 I want to run a Run to waste system so I don't need to deal with the return EC and PH in the tank, All I will do is check the run off ec if i see any problems.
  4. Any more updates? I was looking at a starting to use Mapito, How long would you veg from seed with 3-4 per a pot?
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