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  1. Last week Hail blew my summer crop to dust - Friday I planted new seed

  2. Greetz Gardener. Southern Africa, province Natal. The Drakensberg has our back, the original rock of this planet. (See 2012) This is the home of Durban Poison, (DP) That is why I am here - to learn how to capture the original genetics.
  3. Hallo to the OG community. Its been a while lurking, and finding out how easy it is to get help from Sannie. Am an longtime organic landrace grower and extractor - want to learn where weed has gone since I disappeared into the bush. Also grateful to the Admin team for accepting me here - thank you.
  4. Oxirous - with your permission, this is my first touchdown on Opengrow and as this plant is my passion in life, it is very exciting to bring out a comment on the subject of health. The topic title hit me in the eye upon my first login to this board. So it is appropriate for me to make a statement about the truth spoken about cannabis. As a grower of my own medicine for the past 23 years and a smoker for most of them, I have experienced two TB attacks in my life. I have had lung issues due to pneumonia as a child 3 times. I know a little about breathing issues. On the 7th of July 2018 at 7AM TB took my life. I was fortunate to be revived by a brilliant technician of physiology. In two weeks I lost 50% of my body weight. But I survived. Two thirds of my lung function was lost and the only way I could breathe was using medical oxygen. The prognosis from Pharma - "cheers, nice having your cash, but plz go home and enjoy whats left to you in the next few weeks!" As a shaman acolyte, artisanal cannabis extractor and user of the cannabis phenol oil (Honey Oil where I come from,) I can say 18 months later - humbug! Cannabis gave me back my life! I am busy regrowing my lung alveoli, exercising regularly, vegan by diet and studying medical application of cannabis daily. This plant is not understood as it should be. It is not used with respect enough. Education is everything! Dosage is also super important. Yes, this is all anecdotal, but 15 yrs of good responses by all different people from different walks of life does give wonderful confidence. Many folks have used the bho honey oil extract with high thc and low cbd as a feco process, from Sativa landrace plants. Most people have had either relief or full remission from their ailments - but with good effort also in resolving emotional issues and adopting frugal lifestyles eating vegetarian diet. It saddens me when silly peeps talk from low experience and do injustice to a plant that can do so much for humanity. Responsibly used, through proper research and guidance from folks who know what to do - it is clear to me why cannabis was banned by all in the 1930's - cure creates no cash! Now that legislation is providing access everywhere, we must all venture to have the best control to have the best products supplied to all who need it. Every country on this planet will benefit from this and the people will benefit in health by appropriate application of the incredible compounds in cannabis. CBD does wonders. THC does so much more. There are over 50 other cannabinoids that have some effect yet to be understood. It is time for all people to stand up and demand the best from their governments - this plant is a miracle in our space and deserves to be understood. Please do not forget - for 6000 years the plant has been used, and not one fatality..... This thread goes a way towards bringing the answer to the question: What is the Truth about cannabis? Lets do more dialogue and keep compiling the correct news. I look forward at writing and learning more from this community. I look forward to all countries on the horizon doing justice to their citz and deregulating this wonderful herb.
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