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  1. Would just like to say thanks to everyone here for giving me a warm welcome even though I'm not currently growing,, & A thanks to @mactheman for telling me about the site,, that songs for you matey
  2. Hi gregster how are you, or should I say how high are you haha,, your name reminds me of Old Greg from the mighty boosh,, that show is good when you are stoned to the bones @mactheman have you ever seen the mighty boosh me ol' fruit??? It was aired on the same channel (BBCThree) like Ideal was it is a trippy show,, you have to have a certain sense of comedy to enjoy it,, like how ideal is hahahaha
  3. Oh yes me ol' matey gives you the munchies for sure,,, I've already got through 4 bags of snacks tonight with a few beers
  4. Oh yes the stone is a great one,, gets you feeling good and it's good for pain
  5. Got some more herb earlier,, it is cheese this time It has a real strong smell very pungent
  6. Went to see my dealer today instead of the weekend as they are going out of the city,,, got a nice chunk of hash and some herb The weed picture is bit blurry but you can see it still
  7. Sounds like a good plan to me,,, I used to love doing my garden (mainly watering plants/harvesting the fruit/vegetables I grow) with a few Joints then a nice cold beer after..
  8. That ain't good then matey the weather was nice earlier too.. but better safe then sorry no one wants a plant being ruined by a kid haha
  9. Haha I think I'll only be using this forum from now on & calling this one home,,,
  10. I will upload some pictures this weekend when I go to get some more
  11. Ty most of the stuff I buy is home grown & I get decent prices.. nearly everyone I know sells it to fund there own smoking habits so if they get it cheaper they'll give me the extra , the other week I asked for 5gs & got given 8.5gs I was buzzing,, the 8th I got would have cost £20/£25 usually
  12. And here's some of the hash I get regular 0.5gs in an edible & I'm flying for 5+ hours, the person I buy it from said it's from Morocco + it's a steal at 90-£100 an Oz
  13. Since pictures are okay here's a few pictures of the weed I've been smoking for the last month the 2nd picture is the one I found seeds in
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