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  1. Thanks for this! Gathering some info on how to start growing and sure, articles like this help but a direct suggestion from pros are more reliable! Grateful for this site and people posting here! Keep 'em coming.
  2. Have you tasted mushrooms before? Don't take it with easy hand, some people go nuts because of those
  3. Hey there Lambert. No worries, everyone have been in your shoes. Firstly, you must not overwater your plants (your soil will look extremely wet if you do it). Second, provide your plants with the necessary light (they will start to fade if they don't get enough). Your pH should be around 6.1. Found some cheap seeds over here when I was searching the best seeds for beginners. Also, use neem oil when you find spider mites (white small bugs).
  4. Wow. That infographic is pretty sick. I really like it! Great job here bro!
  5. Usually, I start testing at the beginnning of the 8th week or the end of the 7th
  6. Yea mate, just go for it. Water it, provide enough sunlight to the leaves and you will get knowledgable with time
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