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  1. haze


    which is in your opinion the best quality to grow outside ??? this year I tried the "shining silver haze", but it was a bit disappointing ..... it didn't convince me at all....
  2. haze

    right time

    I read a lot about the best time to harvest, but as often happens, more you read, more you get confused .... from what I understand you have to wait for 10/20 percent of the hair to be brown and the trichomes are foggy, so I think that looking at these photos, not very nice but I made them with the microscope attached to the phone, it still seems to be early ..... any suggestions for not making mistakes ???? after 22 weeks it would be really sad to make mistakes....
  3. I state that I am not a very expert, but according to my experience with these plants and others, I am a gardener, instead of spraying the product on the plant it is perhaps better to find a product to give in the soil, a systemic fungicide would be ideal, on the product should be written the time of decadence of the product that is to say how many days before consuming "the vegetable" you have to stop the administration ... immediately remove the part of the plant affected by the mold otherwise it passes from plant to plant and is not good ..... I hope I helped you ... bye
  4. how many weeks does this plant have ????
  5. haze


    nooooo chance no one answers.....mah !!!!!!
  6. haze


    I think it will still take 4/5 weeks before the harvest and if I do for 2 weeks a more aggressive fertilizer (0,30,30...0.50.30) or similar and then 2 weeks with 1,3,2 ????? I fertilize once a week, do you think I should fertilize 2/3 times with a lower dosage every week ???? ..... I have a fucking fear of making a mistake ....
  7. haze


    hi, it has been in veg for 15 weeks now is a week it start to bloom, i have been feeding with 20,20,20 plus microelements, the pics is about a month ago, I read that you have to start by leaving a low percentage of nitrogen and then lower it to zero, is it correct ??? I also read that the proportions must be 1,3,2 and then lower the nitrogen to zero and raise phosphorus and potassium even if it becomes complicated for me I would prefer a single fertilizer for the whole flowering, maybe as friend Bigun says start with 0, 50,30 and keep it until the end, I don't know
  8. haze


    hi to all, my lady starts to bloom, I'm trying to figure out what kind of fertilizer she needs, I know I have to lower the amount of nitrogen and increase phosphorus and potassium, I looked a bit on the internet but they are driving me crazy, they say (NPK ) 6/4/7, 10/15/10, 20/30/20 .... it looks like a lottery, some share the flowering in three periods with three different concentrations of NPK, can someone help me ??? is there a fertilizer that can be used from the beginning to the end of flowering ?? what percentage NPK should I use ??? the plant is outside in a big vase ..... thanks
  9. haze


    i tried with one mod, but no one answered....it was about a week ago, yesterday i wrote to sannie....just waiting...thanks anyway.....
  10. haze


    does anyone know the name of the administrator of this group ??? I need to contact him ... I've already tried to "contact us" but nobody answers ... thanks
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