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  1. haze


    nooooo chance no one answers.....mah !!!!!!
  2. haze


    I think it will still take 4/5 weeks before the harvest and if I do for 2 weeks a more aggressive fertilizer (0,30,30...0.50.30) or similar and then 2 weeks with 1,3,2 ????? I fertilize once a week, do you think I should fertilize 2/3 times with a lower dosage every week ???? ..... I have a fucking fear of making a mistake ....
  3. haze


    hi, it has been in veg for 15 weeks now is a week it start to bloom, i have been feeding with 20,20,20 plus microelements, the pics is about a month ago, I read that you have to start by leaving a low percentage of nitrogen and then lower it to zero, is it correct ??? I also read that the proportions must be 1,3,2 and then lower the nitrogen to zero and raise phosphorus and potassium even if it becomes complicated for me I would prefer a single fertilizer for the whole flowering, maybe as friend Bigun says start with 0, 50,30 and keep it until the end, I don't know
  4. haze


    hi to all, my lady starts to bloom, I'm trying to figure out what kind of fertilizer she needs, I know I have to lower the amount of nitrogen and increase phosphorus and potassium, I looked a bit on the internet but they are driving me crazy, they say (NPK ) 6/4/7, 10/15/10, 20/30/20 .... it looks like a lottery, some share the flowering in three periods with three different concentrations of NPK, can someone help me ??? is there a fertilizer that can be used from the beginning to the end of flowering ?? what percentage NPK should I use ??? the plant is outside in a big vase ..... thanks
  5. haze


    i tried with one mod, but no one answered....it was about a week ago, yesterday i wrote to sannie....just waiting...thanks anyway.....
  6. haze


    does anyone know the name of the administrator of this group ??? I need to contact him ... I've already tried to "contact us" but nobody answers ... thanks
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