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  1. 4lv1nn

    diseases app

    No this is just a project "for fun". I am a designer so If I can do something beautiful and useful about something I like, it's a plus for everyone. Thanks for the link, I am gonna check
  2. 4lv1nn

    diseases app

    Make people smarter, I don't know. If the app gives you ideas about your mistakes, and you can think by yourself where you did wrong, maybe. Can be better to understand than to create a new topic instead of using the research button. Right now i don't need an app like that, but when I started to grow, Yes I think. I don't think it will help people knowing how to grow.
  3. 4lv1nn

    diseases app

    This is what I started to do, also using google images I know, but if that can give you a hint to identify what you did wrong... So you are thinking it's a waste of time to work on this kind of app ?
  4. 4lv1nn

    diseases app

    Hi All ! Due to covid19, I have a bit more time to work on personnal project. Since few years I am working on app using AI to classify or detect elements on pictures. Maybe you already saw apps detecting plants or diseases with an analyse of your picture. I am planning to work on an app allowing user to know what's happening on their weed plants (diseases, bugs, over-fattening, over watering, etc) and offering a way to find a solution. In fact, the aim is to answer basic and recurrent questions. The most important part is to train the AI to recognize if the plant is good or if something bad is happening. In the second case, find what's happening. To achieve this part I have to feed the AI with a lot of categorized pictures to let it understand how symptoms are "graphically" represented. Obviously I will had a way to give details about your setup (box size, light, temp, hygro, etc) to give more clues to refine the results. So I am calling the Sannie's community to help me to achieve this process. If people have pictures of some problems they had during the grow, I will be really interessted to get them. I am at the beggining so the goal for now is just to train the AI to recognize healthy plants and the sicks ones. Thanks for your help ! Stay safe
  5. Double Zamal seems to be in stock on sannieshop
  6. Can you report a bit more about your smoke test ? Flavour ? Mine is really berry, like strawberry/blueberry with a pine background but need more curing to properly test.
  7. We are currently working on it. BA will be restocked in approximatly 2 months. a bit more longer for Ouzbek. Stay tuned
  8. Harvest incoming too ! Really beautiful girls. Colors are insane from green to deep purple. Buds are compact, smelling sweet and berry (made me think of wild strawberries). With a proper curing the smoke test should be a tasty moment.
  9. Quick update ! 8 males on 10 seeds for the in session. Selection for breeding incoming !
  10. Yes, i learnt things about permaculture and outside weed culture with plants and flowers associations, but I need to try and perform this under my local weather...
  11. I didn't, I was in long term holidays, hiking and learning about cannabis industry
  12. Hi all ! I am 4lv1nn, a designer from France. I am working with Underground Seeds Collective. Start a new grow since my comeback from California. Here are few pictures of my indoor with Black Afghani and Afghan CBD under LED Vivosun 600w, and my outdoor Cookie Kush. I am glade to join OG community.
  13. Hi all ! We are working on new stuff, hope you will enjoy it Stay tuned
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