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  1. Scotty

    Humidity issue

    A fast and relatively cheap and effect method of removing the moisture would be a household moisture remover (bucket type setup) if you have access to them. I use a product called Damp Rid and it definitely helps along with good air flow circulation and a watchful eye. These work nice for tents, but when I can finally setup a room, a dehumidifier is definitely in order.
  2. Scotty

    Bubble bags

    I agree I started at first separating the grades and that was way to tiresome and a hassle. Now all I use is the 220 and 160 to filter and then I compost those remains and the 25 to catch all the goodie trichs and smokeable hash. I find the hash is more full spectrum when combining the different maturity levels of the trichomes instead of separating them.
  3. Scotty

    Blues on Sunday, a sort of tradition for me

    Going to be tuning into The Zew and the blues while trimming some Pure Kush x Blue Hammer thanks to the NAW crew a couple years back. Currently rocking some reggae though Warren Haynes and Gov't Mule with Toots Hibbert.
  4. Scotty

    Blues on Sunday, a sort of tradition for me

    Thanks Fool for those clips, Rory is one of my favorites and Bonamassa is great as well. A little acoustic Rory for us to enjoy! https://youtu.be/rxChSF5GUB8 Also some Trampled Under Foot Some Pigpen Dead and a great cover of Howling Wolf's Smokestack Lightning
  5. Scotty

    I have a new addiction!

    So what temps,times,techniques,etc have you guys found or discovered that has helped in your rosin pressing? Currently have settled on 250 fahrenheit and a 40 sec press time. I also press the bud into pucks with a sharpstone pollen/hash press. The pressing before hand has been the biggest improvement for me, I get cleaner end product and a bigger yield by doing that. Really want to get one of the hydraulic ones now the price has come down substantially.
  6. Scotty

    I have a new addiction!

    High Five Vapes was recommend on opengrow from a member via a thread a while back, I got the manual one on their site and I love it for personal use. It is totally strain dependent, but I've gotten about 28% on bodhi's white lotus and as little as 10% or so on others. Definitely pays for itself if you are into dabbing. https://highfivevape.com/rosin/rosin-presses.html
  7. Scotty


  8. Scotty

    Blues on Sunday, a sort of tradition for me

    Listened to the Jimmy Rogers All Stars album which included Stephen Stills, Mick Jagger, Clapton, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and others, plus Jimmy Rogers himself!!! Enjoyed it so much as always, I figured I spread the joy! This Gonna Shoot Your Right Down/ Boom Boom , with Clapton,Plant, and Page.
  9. Scotty

    Blues on Sunday, a sort of tradition for me

    Here's a very soulful and bluesy gentleman named John Nemeth and one hell of a harp player as well. His bands are John Nemeth and the Blue Dreamers and also The Love Light Orchestra. After seeing him a bunch of times my brother and I have friended him and his band. He's a cool head and loves the homegrown we have! Merry Christmas and enjoy!
  10. Scotty

    NAW Test Center

    Jackhammer X bluehammer would be an amazing freebie. I have an excellent S5 amnesia x bluehammer mother that i just love. To get a jackhammer mother would be great! I also forgot to say that both these fine gentlemen gave the above mentioned beans/mother as a christmas gift to opengrow members!
  11. Scotty

    Happy Weed

    I would recommend Cheeseberry Haze and or Holy Princess to the mix as well, both are excellent and very mood enhancing (positive) and tasty. I myself am coming off an excellent combo of Holy Princess (8-9wks) and Caramel Cough (12wk and 14wk pheno). I have to agree with Misterdirt also, Sannies Jack is excellent, the no paranoia, limitless ceiling high, and the incredible lemon spice flavor is great and you'll get a generous amount for your efforts. With the new style sativas being created, it really makes for some excellent choices for head stash. It allows the sativa guys to experiment and try longer flowering strains and have head stash from the faster variety sativas. I myself am building a little stockpile as I have some long flowering (16-22wk) sativas that will be started shortly.
  12. Scotty

    what's comming for you!? :)

    The strains I have and want to try most are the three Bodhi strains- White Lotus, Gogi Og, and Blueberry Hill. I also have new to me and can't wait to try Silver Fields, Ms. Universe, Jamacian Lambsbread/Columbian Gold x Pakistani Chitral Kush, Amnesia Haze x Blueberry, S5 Amnesia x Blue Hammer,La Pure Kush x Blue Hammer,Sleestack x Skunk #1, and some OG Kush #18 fem beans. I have mothers currently of Caramel Cough and Holy Princess and will be running the rest of my seeds to use them and hopefully find mothers/keepers in what I have left (Killing Fields,Sannies Jack, Cheeseberry Haze). I have a love shack setup and if the right male is found some action may take place.
  13. Scotty

    What do you use to smoke hash with?

    Wow Ghost that's a nice clean setup there, going to look around for something similar. I have found the best way to smoke hash is either on top of some bud or rolled into a snake and put into a joint with bud.
  14. Scotty

    NAW seeds christmas eve party on OG

    I want to thank Polder and Rhino today for this awesome gesture, that they did for opengrow. I received my card and goodies yesterday in proper order and nothing missing/messed with. I got the S5 Amnesia x BH and also got some LA Pure Kush x BH. Thank you once again!
  15. Scotty

    Branchy strains in sannies

    I would like to add that the more sativa dominant strains tent to scrog/lst better. My most recent ones that were branchy as heck were Holy Princess( Esko) and Caramel Cough (Dynasty-Prof P). I didn't scrog them but did a lot of lst and staking and both benefited from it. The Holy Princess has somewhat weak stems and definitely needs to be supported or the buds won't fill out completely and the Caramel Cough needed staking because the massive foxtail buds it produced! I haven't smoked the Cough yet, but the two HP's I have. The more tropical tasting (C-99 dom) is a somewhat generic up lifting sativa high that is good, but the more red fruit smelling (Santa Maria) pheno is a excellent one, with a great clear up high and added psychoactive elements, making it more then one dimensional.