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  1. NACPT


    What do you all think of the legal dispensaries? How have your experiences been with legal bud-tenders? What have you enjoyed and what would you change? https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/ccru-and-nacpt-launch-canada-s-most-comprehensive-cannabis-retail-training-program-823468226.html Reply Report Edit Remove formatting BoldItalicUnderlineStrike-through Text colorFont familyFont size Insert linkInsert imageSmiliesInsert AlignmentListInsert table UndoRedo DraftsToggle BB code Write your reply... Post reply Preview Attach files Share: FacebookTwitterRedditPinterestTumblrWhatsAppEmailLink >
  2. Hey! With legalization just around the corner *fingers crossed this time,* we wanted to chat about cannabis edible Preventative Control Plans and their role in keeping the industry safe. Have you ever considered making edibles for sale? Check out our blog here: https://nacptpharmacollege.com/cannabis-edibles-preventative-control-plans/ Let us know what you think!
  3. We wanted to start a chat about responsible selling as more and more legal dispensaries are opening up. Anyone out there looking to get into the industry? We wrote a blog on the topic and would love your input. Check it out here: https://nacptpharmacollege.com/responsible-selling-in-cannabis/
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