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  1. Dropped Today: Guava Dawg x HP7 x 4 reg Herifields x 2 fem Hazeman's Fat Purple x 11 regs Hazeman's (Grape Stomper x White/Stardawg) x 5 regs '88 G13 Hashplant x Original Haze x 7 regs Freedom of Seeds Romberry x 1 fem There's been a lot of action in the differentiating tent. So far there's been one lady Baked Strawberry Ghash and 5 dudes, with the last plant in there looking like another dude. Weird luck on those ones for sure, but I've got high hopes for its' crosses like to Rebel Yell and Motherlode.
  2. Ohhhhh man! Green Manalishi is also a great strain. Smoked that one hard a couple years ago. Yeah, apparently on Green Rebel Farm's insta he said that he got a commercial job and wouldn't be breeding anymore. The Mota Rebel brand was started by him but has apparently been sold since, though the genetics are still legit. Him and Hazeman apparently used to be silent partners back in the day, so they share a lot of lines (like that double strawberry diesel). I'm definitely hoping that someone has a cut of the Valley Ghash, because it seems like that was one of his high points (pun intended) for sure.
  3. Thanks for stopping in!! There's some fire to be found in those Vale Tudo for sure.
  4. We'll see! There's Longbottom Leaf in the Baked Strawberry Ghash, so they'll be side by side in flower. I found a beautiful dude of Baked Strawberry Ghash that I'll be using to chuck pollen at Rebel Yell and Motherlode in the hopes of finding some super strawberry offspring down the road, too. Harlequin x LBL is also coming down the pipeline for some CBD dominant chucking. It's a shame that Mota seems to be done breeding after shutting down Green Rebel Farms. I feel lucky to have gotten some of his genetics before they disappear.
  5. It was actually a gift from someone at the Farm! I'm not sure if they were fems or not, but the one that I bred with was sexy and smoked beautifully.
  6. The babies and early veg plants. Everything on the left are G13 Hazeplant crosses. [(Uzbekistan x Nepalma) x (Nepalma x Uzbekistan)], Vietnam Black x China Yunnan (Orient Express from Ace seeds), and Orange Gasm from Irie seeds. Near 100% germ rate so far. Is @Cristalin still around? Between Col'Jam, Uzbekistan, Nepalma, Black Afghani USC's work has been foundational for my chucking. Hope he gets their website back up. The late veg/24 hour tent. 4 Comet Kushes, a Rebel Yell (Strawberry Cough x Strawberry Diesel) x Sweet Tooth #4) and G-High [G13 x (Colorado Green Bud x Mikado)] on the left in the bigger containers. Along the bottom are three revegging plants (hopefully) and a male of @santero's Oaxacan x Chewie BX in the bottom right corner. The plants in the middle are ladies selected from the smaller 12/12 tent. [(Grape Ape x Duct Tape) x (Black Triangle x Deep Line Alchemy X)], Blackberry Sugarcane, Mota Rebel's Baked Strawberry Ghash (Strawberry Cough x Strawberry Diesel) x (SFV OG x Ghash x Jack's Cleaner), (Hell's Angels OG x Black Triangle), Sannie's Motherlode (I wonder if the "Double Strawberry Diesel" used in Motherlode is the same plant/strain as the (Strawberry Cough x Strawberry Diesel) used in Rebel Yell and Baked Strawberry Ghash), Digital Dream [Blue Dream x (WIFI OG x Snowlotus)], and my "Go Blue" Dream [(Santa Cruz Blue Dream x ON Haze) x (G13 Haze x G13 Hashplant)] project and Chocolate Mindfuck [(Col'Jam x Killer Queen) x (Chocolate Trip x Chocolate Thai)]. I'm also hanging on to that BNP x Sanfune dude as I have the feeling that some Cheese chucking will be in the cards this year and that cross is cheesier than my jokes. The flower room. Golden Tiger is... I mean really you all know what the Thai/Malawi pure Sativa cross is in the picture below. There are a bunch of strains in here, including Santero's [(Triangle x Chocolate Diesel) x (Stardawg x Sour Diesel)] and a couple Oaxacan x Chewie BX. They're both in early, early flower. The large multi-cola plant in back is Escaped [(G13 x (G13 x Mendo Purps)]. And now some bud porn, because reasons. Forbidden Fruitcake Cocoa Puffs (Chocolate Trip x Chocolate Thai) Two phenos of Vale Tudo [(Mendo Purps x Kimbo Kush])x Ancient OG F2]. The one on the left smells like gassy candied lemon, the one on the right smells like onion farts, feet, metal, and pine/cedar.
  7. Wedding Cake x ON Haze. She's been hit with G13 Hazeplant pollen, obviously. There are gonna be a lot of babies from those. The [(TK x Choco D) x (Stardawg x SD) lady got flipped a couple weeks ago, after getting put in a 3 gallon pot. The first of the Oaxacan x Chewie ladies got repotted a couple days ago as well, they're looking stout to say the least.
  8. Nice! I've got Motherlode going right now as well. Those plants from the last grow look phenomenal. Are you going to chuck some pollen at those Scarlet Begonias?
  9. Friesland is also on Real Seed Co/Kwikseeds if anyone's looking for the old-school version. I'll be growing it out this year.
  10. Yep! Those are the ones. I've nicknamed them Tristar Double Diesel for brevity. The [(TK x Chocolate Diesel) x Stardawg/SD)], (Oaxacan BX x Chewie), and (BNP x Sanfune) are all here, along with some of Hazeman's Comet Kush (The White x Stardawg) x Stardawg IX), and up front in the cups are Mota Rebel's Rebel Yell [(Strawberry Cough x Strawberry Diesel) x Sweet Tooth #4], Hazeman's LA Pure Kush, and (Hell's Angels OG x Black Triangle). The Oaxacan BX x Chewie stragglers. There's less circulation in this spot, so I use it for seedlings and rooting plants. Also sprouting peppers in the back because I'm a plant nerd, not just a weed nerd. The BNP x Sanfune, [(Grape Ape x Duct Tape) x (Black Triangle x Deep Line Alchemy 10)], Oaxacan BX x Chewie, Congo, Comet Kush, and Oaxacan are in here under 12/12 to differentiate. The "Tristar Double Diesel" lady is in the front corner, right next to her brother which I kept just in case. USC's Turkish is in the back right, Copa's Vale Tudo is there on the left, and (Motorbreath 15 x HP7) is straggling and needs a bigger pot. And a bit of bud porn! This is [(Uzbekistan x Nepalma) x (Nepalma x Uzbekistan)], F2. I'm shocked at the size of those trichomes.
  11. Hit these two (Uzbekistan x Nepalma) ladies with G13 Hazeplant and Haze pollen. This is the lower bud that I pollinated. The trichome coverage on it speaks for itself. Wedding Cake x ON Haze Blue Dream x ON Haze
  12. All of the Triangle/Stardawg/Diesel plants differentiated today! 5 were dudes, 1 was a lady. She went in the 24 hour veg tent along with the best looking dude for future chucking. The lone BNP x Sanfune has yet to differentiate, but it's had a tough life so far. I decided I needed another tiny tent just for the pollen-dropping dudes. So now all plants start off under 24 hours of light, get put under 12/12 after they hit the second node, then the keepers get topped to stop flowering and put back under 24 hours of light for some extended veg time. Then under 19/5 for a month or so after they're transplanted to 2 gallon pots, then under 11.5/12.5 for flowering. If there are herm traits in the genetics, they've tended to come out under 24 hours of light after differentiating. The way I had it before, the dudes were chucking pollen in the same tent that the young plants were differentiating in. That, of course, led to some accidental pollination and some annoying revegges for some of the ladies. Nothing world-ending, but progress is perfection.
  13. The babies. The vegging plants, under 12/12 for sexing. Secret Chief up front in black pots, Santero's Triangle/Stardawg/Diesel behind them. Sometimes I feel like I'm the worst grower ever to grow anything in the history of growing. Then I take pics like this and I'm reminded that this is all a gift. Agseedco Blue Dream x ON Haze. Recommended.
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