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  1. Sounds awesome, thanks! I've wanted to grow his gear out for a while now! Happy to trade when the time is right.
  2. It's times like these that make me wish SH took payment options other than cash in the mail or bank transfer. Well, and that I had any funds to transfer in the first place.
  3. This is a plant that started as a seedling under Col'Jam, as she was finishing up in flower. The mother is almost definitely Col'Jam, which means that with these leaf expressions, the father was likely G13 Hashplant, Killer Queen, or Black Afghani. Definitely looking forward to sampling that one.
  4. ColJam is a great smoke! I'm a big fan. But she flowered for 5 months, so I'm more excited to grow crosses with her so I don't have plants flowering for so long it feels like I have a roommate.
  5. Hell yeah! Looks like you've got some fire on your thread! Silverfields is a fantastic strain, I'm planning on dropping more in a couple months.
  6. Yeesh. So shortly after that last post, life kicked me square in the nuts. Different grow, different setup, but I've still got some pretty okay flowers. G13 Haze G13 Hashplant I dusted USC's Col'Jam with pollen of the G13HP's brother, I have a feeling that's going to be savage. I also hit Col'Jam with Killer Queen (Airborne G13 x C99), which I think has a lot of potential. I also pollenated that G13 Hashplant with [(Uzbekistan x Nepalma) x (Nepalma x Uzbekistan)], Orient Express, Silverfields, and a few more. Also, that Uzbekistan/Nepalma cross got hit with Black Afghani pollen, which should also be a knockout. Sorry for disappearing, more to come!
  7. Try and calculate the amount of PAR that your plants are receiving and see if it meets the DLI.
  8. Yeah! I love the history of this strain. I've got 7-8 Ukhrul right now. They've been under 12/12 the whole time and haven't shown sex yet (13 weeks or so). Not sure whether I'll grab some 2 gallon pots for these ladies or put them all the way into 3 gallons and then train them hard. They're looking like classic, beautiful, wispy SE asian sativas to this point. I love the term kamikaze crop, it's almost exactly what I'm doing too.
  9. Is that Manipuri from RSC? I've got some plants going from Ukhrul, near there.
  10. The SLH x JH and Sannie's Jack are regs, the plan is to save the lemoniest pollen and hit the lemoniest ladies of all strains with it. I start all regs off under 12/12, so I know what you mean! Just had some ECSD x Moonshine Haze differentiate last week, it's always cool to watch.
  11. Amazing. A couple months back, I started on this exact project and snagged a bunch of lemon strains that are in various stages right now. HSO's Lemon Citron Vision Seeds Supreme Lemon DNA's Lemon OG Kush Greenbud's Lemon Pie Authentic Genetics' Super Lemon Haze x Jack Herer F1 Sannie's Jack Lemon Citron and one of the SJacks are in flower now, but just barely. All kinds of excited to see where this goes. The plan is to save the lemoniest phenos and open pollinate with the SLHxJH, then select for lemon aroma/taste among the offspring.
  12. Silverfields! 25 micron, pressed, on the left. 45 in the middle, 110 on the right. It's like a low dose of acid and muscle relaxers. Like a symphony inside my face. I feel like baby Gohan on the flying nimbus. Its power level.... it's over 9000!
  13. The 3000k will work well. You'll get slightly more internode distance and stretch than you would with 3500k, but not that significantly.
  14. Here's where things stand right now. The second Sinai is in the front left corner, Motherlode Kush is the double-cola plant in the center, USC's Black Afghani is next to it. There are a number of Uzbeknepanama and Uzbekistan around them. The less thrip-affected Silverfields. These buds are thick, and would completely flop over without the support. Love it! Serious Seeds' AK-47 Kalashnikov Siberian Haze And some hash that I made last week! The initial yield, unpressed. This is the 22 micron hash, pressed and kneaded with heat until it all melted. It's absolutely better than the unpressed hash, in this case. The initial test dab. Go big or go home!
  15. Thanks all! Yeah, I've grown vegetables and herbs for years, used to work on a farm, etc. but didn't realize how amazing cannabis is until about 3 years ago. Started growing cannabis last June and have been researching everything I can get my hands on to understand the plant more since. Luckily, there are tons of resources like this site available online. Marijuana Botany, the Cannabis Breeder's Bible, and Cannabis Breeding: Basic to Advanced Marijuana Propagation have all been invaluable. All of the technique stuff is just me tinkering with the grow as I've learned more about what works in my environment. Starting the regs off at 12/12 and then switching them to 19/5 once they show sex is a very recent development, after screwing myself over by putting seedlings that ended up being male in bigger pots than I would have liked. I figure at the very least it's a good stress test for them.
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