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  1. G13 Hazeplant. These are actually from the same plant, the one on the left is a cut of the one on the right. And that's had a multi-node clone cut off of it. The vigor on these things is marvelous. I'm such a sucker for the pinstriped stems. The original plant is still obviously a month or so away from harvest, at least, but she's looking beautiful so far.
  2. My G13 Hashplant keeper, a couple weeks out from being chopped. She's been hit with pollen from Original Haze, very excited for those beans. G13 Haze! Also my keeper cut of her. One of their babies: G13 Hazeplant. Made from the G13 Haze above and a male from the Ghash line. Bubba Hash, she's also been hit with pollen from both G13 Hazeplant and Original Haze: And Afgaan 90, from the Real Seed Company/Kwikseeds. It's a weird line, lots of reports of herms and sterile males, but that's a beautiful cola. Watch the smoke be horrible...
  3. Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of phenotypes that Silverfields expresses, so the stretch will be somewhat variable. All of the ones that I've run have responded well to topping, but some can need support in late flower. They like a good amount of silica through veg and will show purple hues if they're exposed to cold temperatures in flower. I'm very much looking forward to the cross of it and G13 Hazeplant that's in the branches of Silverfields now.
  4. In terms of what? It's pretty average in terms of vigor, stretch, and nute requirements.
  5. My Silverfields keeper. She's already been crossed with G13 Hazeplant (G13 Haze x G13 Hashplant) and will likely catch some pollen from Tin Foil Hat [(Rugbern OG x Magnum Opus) x Pink Kush] and Blowfish.
  6. Supreme Lemon from Vision seeds. The smoke from her sisters has been nice, but she was the obvious winner in terms of bud structure, trichome size and coverage, stretch, and plant structure. It's part of a lemon project I'm doing, along with HSO's Lemon Citron, DNA's Lemon OG Kush, Greenbud's Lemon Pie, (SLH x Moonshine Haze), and hopefully a lemony pheno of the legion of Silverfields that are in or about to be flowered. Here's some of that Lemon Pie. The plant itself is actually revegging right now and will become a mom because the smoke is far, far better than I anticipated.
  7. Santero, if you're looking for a test grower for anything lemony I'd be happy to run some Lemon Thai crosses! I've got a whole project going right now with a bunch of lemon genetics and haven't been able to find legit Lemon Thai for it.
  8. That Uzbekistan is highly recommended. I've grown it out a few times and have never been disappointed.
  9. Why not reveg the better of the two females?
  10. I've always thought it's really bizarre that they chose a mildly poisonous nut as a mascot. I mean, it's fitting because Ohio has plenty of nuts, but it's less intimidating than even the Spruce Trees.
  11. Greenbud's Lemon Pie (Lemon Skunk x Amnesia)
  12. Herming is a trait that all Chem crosses and offspring have to some extent. It's just part of the Chem game.
  13. Col'Jam x either G13 Hashplant or Killer Queen, getting cut in a couple days.
  14. Looks like this Col'Jam bastard is going to be some outstanding meds. That's in a half gallon of old dirt in a cut out milk jug, so I'm excited to see what the clone of her that I took does with some actual TLC. I literally haven't even cut drainage holes in the container and just manage the ph with mindful feeding and dolomite lime and she's crushing it.
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