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  1. Try and calculate the amount of PAR that your plants are receiving and see if it meets the DLI.
  2. Yeah! I love the history of this strain. I've got 7-8 Ukhrul right now. They've been under 12/12 the whole time and haven't shown sex yet (13 weeks or so). Not sure whether I'll grab some 2 gallon pots for these ladies or put them all the way into 3 gallons and then train them hard. They're looking like classic, beautiful, wispy SE asian sativas to this point. I love the term kamikaze crop, it's almost exactly what I'm doing too.
  3. Is that Manipuri from RSC? I've got some plants going from Ukhrul, near there.
  4. The SLH x JH and Sannie's Jack are regs, the plan is to save the lemoniest pollen and hit the lemoniest ladies of all strains with it. I start all regs off under 12/12, so I know what you mean! Just had some ECSD x Moonshine Haze differentiate last week, it's always cool to watch.
  5. Amazing. A couple months back, I started on this exact project and snagged a bunch of lemon strains that are in various stages right now. HSO's Lemon Citron Vision Seeds Supreme Lemon DNA's Lemon OG Kush Greenbud's Lemon Pie Authentic Genetics' Super Lemon Haze x Jack Herer F1 Sannie's Jack Lemon Citron and one of the SJacks are in flower now, but just barely. All kinds of excited to see where this goes. The plan is to save the lemoniest phenos and open pollinate with the SLHxJH, then select for lemon aroma/taste among the offspring.
  6. Silverfields! 25 micron, pressed, on the left. 45 in the middle, 110 on the right. It's like a low dose of acid and muscle relaxers. Like a symphony inside my face. I feel like baby Gohan on the flying nimbus. Its power level.... it's over 9000!
  7. The 3000k will work well. You'll get slightly more internode distance and stretch than you would with 3500k, but not that significantly.
  8. Here's where things stand right now. The second Sinai is in the front left corner, Motherlode Kush is the double-cola plant in the center, USC's Black Afghani is next to it. There are a number of Uzbeknepanama and Uzbekistan around them. The less thrip-affected Silverfields. These buds are thick, and would completely flop over without the support. Love it! Serious Seeds' AK-47 Kalashnikov Siberian Haze And some hash that I made last week! The initial yield, unpressed. This is the 22 micron hash, pressed and kneaded with heat until it all melted. It's absolutely better than the unpressed hash, in this case. The initial test dab. Go big or go home!
  9. Thanks all! Yeah, I've grown vegetables and herbs for years, used to work on a farm, etc. but didn't realize how amazing cannabis is until about 3 years ago. Started growing cannabis last June and have been researching everything I can get my hands on to understand the plant more since. Luckily, there are tons of resources like this site available online. Marijuana Botany, the Cannabis Breeder's Bible, and Cannabis Breeding: Basic to Advanced Marijuana Propagation have all been invaluable. All of the technique stuff is just me tinkering with the grow as I've learned more about what works in my environment. Starting the regs off at 12/12 and then switching them to 19/5 once they show sex is a very recent development, after screwing myself over by putting seedlings that ended up being male in bigger pots than I would have liked. I figure at the very least it's a good stress test for them.
  10. I also forgot to include the humic/fulvic acid mix that I add to the soil, as well as the aspirin that I add with every watering. They get a spray in veg and flowering of micronized sulfur suspended in epsom salts because the PM around me is more aggressive than an American cop. Humic/Fulvic resources here: https://cannabistraininguniversity.com/growing-marijuana/benefits-of-fulvic-and-humic-acids-in-growing-cannabis/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6589925/ -> Also has excellent details on nutrient supplementation. Salicylic acid/aspirin here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/331702453_Signaling_compounds_elicit_expression_of_key_genes_in_cannabinoid_pathway_and_related_metabolites_in_cannabis https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S098194289880003X I also forgot to mention that IPMs are neem, PFR-97, Safer's end-all soap, and hydrogen peroxide. Separately. Not all in the same mix. Some strains need foliar support all the way through flower for one reason or another, so I rinse all of buds post harvest in a 3-step process. First, submerged and shaken in room temp water with baking soda and cleaning vinegar diluted into it to create suspended CO2 (could also use soda water). This creates friction between the plants and the water and will agitate off anything stuck to the buds like dust or lint. Or, in my case, sulfur spray. Second, a few seconds in a 130 degree hot water bath. I've found this helps with drying by bursting the cell walls of the plant while not melting off the trichomes. It becomes much more even, and pulls any of the last contaminants off. (I think it might also help with hashmaking, I've got a plant in the freezer that I'll test that on this week once it dries out some more.) Third, a very cold water bath (with ice) to stop the cell damage from the heat and to make the buds tighten up again. It's essentially the same concept as blanching broccoli, haha. It'll also bring out any anthocyanins in the buds.
  11. Wanted to add some of the resources that I've found helpful along the way, too. Ooh! Youtube embeds automatically here. Fancy! DLI and VPD are the two principles that really helped me understand things.
  12. I hope this is the right forum to start this in, if not then I won't be offended if it gets moved. I started getting into weed about 3 years ago, started growing about 15 months ago, and have developed an obsession for it. I have worked with and grown a variety of heirloom herbs, vegetables, and fruits and have always had an affinity for the "forgotten" stuff. Same goes for wine- Like yeah orange sweet potatoes are nice, but there are some incredible white and purple ones. Those enormous red tasteless crunchy tomatoes are essentially a crime against humanity when essentially every heirloom from green zebra to pineapple to white currant all taste orders of magnitude better. Peppers have a variety of flavors not unlike cannabis' terpene expression range. So, as much as I enjoy smoking them I try to breed with minimal skunk 1, Chemdog, Blueberry, and NL and their offspring. Right now I've got USC's Uzbekistan, Nepalma, Black Afghani, and Col'Jam going, and Triple Pakistan curing. I've also got Silverfields late in flower, doing well despite the constant thrip battles and Sannie's Jack in veg. Nepalma: Uzbekistan: (lights have been upgraded since, don't judge for the small buds too harshly haha) Triple Pakistan: Black Afghani are getting flipped right now. I've also got some stuff from Real Seed Company going. For those of you that aren't familiar, they source and sell heirloom and ruderal genetics from around the world, it's essentially raw breeding material. Sinai is finishing up now, it was selected for survivability and adaptability to light changes, as well as resin. There are a bunch of Ukhrul making their way through veg now, with a huge genetic variance. Their Iranian is my next hunting project, then Rasoli. I'll start documenting their individual phenos once they show they're not herm-prone or otherwise weak with the flip back to 18 hours of light. That was a huge selector for Sinai. Two of the phenos did well being taken from 12 to 18 hours of light after showing sex, and two emphatically did not. I made F2's from the strongest female and the three strongest males. As a general rule I tend to select F1's for survivability and effect over anything else. Also, almost finished going into flower are Uzbeknepanama [(Uzbekistan x Nepalma) x (Nepalma x Uxbekistan). I'll do a manual open pollination (7 males and 6 females) and then hunt the next generation hard. In general, since I'm eventually going for IBL's, I'm going to start off crossing multiple mothers and fathers of the strains to cross and then hunting the children. I'm not a geneticist, but this way I figure I can add an extra layer of genetic diversity to the F3's. I mean, mathematically (X*Y) is going to be less than [(X*Y) x (Y*X)] assuming the same values, right? And some recessive traits like webbed leaves only come out past the F2 generation. I feel like it's an extra roll of the dice to get a killer pheno. But I'm here to learn if anyone has insight along those lines!! The main reason that I'm growing and breeding is so that I can have a steady supply of disability meds, so all of the breeding revolves around effects. The lights that I'm using are mostly Kingbrite and HLG quantum boards, as well as some 3000k led bulbs from the store. The soil-less mix is Perlite, peat, EWC, coco coir, dolomite lime, and organic 4-4-4 fertilizer. I'm also using kelp extract (1-3-5) and Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow (3-2-4) all the way through flower. For P and K I add fireplace ash, banana skin powder, and fishbone meal (6-18-0) to the dirt a few weeks before flower, and then will periodically top dress with them. I used BAC Bloom for some of these and really liked it, but I can't get it shipped to me at a sustainable price right now so I can't order more. Once that big jug can get to me for a reasonable price I'll be... BAC all over that.
  13. That'll be more than enough for a 2x2! You'll be surprised how much better it is than cfl's.
  14. Yeah, The New is pricey. I've had some hits and misses with their genes. Their Blue Dream is solid, the haze pheno is great. Three Blue Kings is an outstanding smoke. Black DOG was one of the first plants I grew and I enjoyed it. I've got Lemon Citron going right now in veg and that's been very stout so far. Gorilla Breath was a fun, challenging grow that produced some beautiful buds that I absolutely hated the high of. Too nervous/twitchy, like having restless leg syndrome with couch lock. Ended up mixing it with other strains and doing a bubble hash run with it. 707 Truthband I messed up too much to be able to analyze, but I've got another plant in flower now and one in veg ready to join her that I'm optimistic about.
  15. Thanks for the welcomes!! TBH, I don't really flip based on time, it's more by maturity. I start regs off at 12/12 in those tiny pots and I leave them there until they start expressing their gender, which is usually 5-6 nodes. This way I can also cull any hermies early on. Then they get topped and the bottom 4-5 nodes trimmed (cut mid branch) and repotted in a 3 gallon pot, backfilling to cover the cut branches, and let it veg for a few weeks to a month before flipping. Depending on the strain, I might top it a few more times as well. For some plants that process takes a couple months, for some it takes 3+. There's about 4 feet of usable growing space between the lights and the shelves the plants are on, but I can always take the shelves out or lower them if I get some crazy stretchy ladies in there. There's a lot of built-in flexibility and I top most plants at least once. The bean pole looking lady in there is RSC's Sinai, which I actually crossed with Triple Pakistan as well as making more Sinai seeds.The genetics on that one are semi-auto so I didn't top it out of fear of killing the yield. There are four of them in there, looks to be two keepers and two that I might kill before they make it out of flower if they don't get their life together. IIRC the Uzi didn't stretch as much as I thought it would. It was probably a x2-x3. The Nepalma was generally between x3 and x4. I'm in the process of finding out how much their babies stretch over the next couple months! F2's of Nepalma (selected for the sativa leaning pheno) just popped and are in the seedling closet now. This month I'll be pollinating the Black Afghani females with Triple Pakistan dust as well as some pollen from a couple stinky RSC Afghan Mix males. And probably a few more things, since I'm an insatiable tinkerer.
  16. I know I'm a noob around here, but I'd be happy to run those out for you if nobody else can!
  17. I've been using Kingbrites for about a year. They've been great for me, the only minor complaint I have is that their heat sink is thinner than HLG's. One 320w Quantum board at 3000K with UV and IR, and one 240w Quantum board at 3000K without. Also a far red booster at 770nm. I'd definitely order from them again.
  18. Greetings! I'm a disabled medical grower in western North America. Been studying cannabis for a few years since it was crucial in getting my PTSD to manageable levels, and I've absolutely fallen in love with this magical plant that's somehow an antidepressant, a sedative, an anxiolytic, and a stimulant. I've been working with USC's genetics for a while, so I wanted to start a thread to document their grows. I grew out Nepalma, Uzbekistan, and Triple Pakistan (and Turkish, but I got all males ) over the last year, and I've got Col'Jam, Uzbekistan F2, Nepalma F2, and a cross of the two that I've dubbed Uzbeknepanama. Instead of using just one mother for the stock, it was crossbred twice -[(Uzbekistan x Nepalma) x (Nepalma x Uzbekistan)], and now the keeper phenos will be hunted, crossbred, and then selected for the most anxiolytic properties. I meticulously keep and freeze the pollen from the strong, stinky males of all strains for future breeding. My standard procedure for regs is to start them off under 12/12, wait for them to sex, then repot, top, and put under 18 hours of light until they're the size I'm looking for. The topping seems to take care of any revegging delays, and I think that if any phenos were to display herm traits they'd do it at this time as well. I use a soilless mix of perlite, peat, EWC, organic 4-4-4 fertilizer, coco coir, PFR-97 (for bugs), rock dust, dolomite lime, and humic and fulvic acids. They get fed with Botanicare Pure Blend Pro all the way through, supplemented with fishbone meal, kelp extract, micronized sulfur, epsom salts Lights are all LED, mostly Kingbrite. 600 total watts in flower, 325ish for veg. Here's the Triple Pakistan in late flower, just cut a few weeks ago. The flower space. Here's where the males live. Right now there are 4 Uzbeknepanama, 1 Sannie's Jack, and 1 Uzi F2. Another Uzi F2 and a couple of USC's Black Afghani are in the second picture, waiting to root and put on some bulk before going in here. Definitely battling some thrips here and there, I'm in an old farmhouse and they're literally in the wind. The seedlings under 12/12. 5 Col'Jam and 5 Herijuana are in the back left container, the rest are either RSC's Ukhrul, (ECSD x Amnesia), (ECSD x Moonshine Haze), and USC's Black Afghani. And here's the current veg space, with females of USC's Black Afghani, Uzbeknepanama, and Sannie's Jack. Excited to be here and learn from y'all
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