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  1. great news! you know what you need, is a battery backup / ups unit. It wouldn't help with that shitty socket, but generally speaking, it provides smooth, consistent power which is safer, wont cause lights to turn off in a grey-out and will ensure your bulbs and ballasts last longer. pays for itself in a year and it is peace of mind.
  2. Good stuff Rev, hopefully that stocky pheno puts out. Glad you got the bugs under control, nothing like seeing happen in Flo and not being able to treat it correctly.
  3. Nice, combining is the way to grow, and you get less wasted footprint, more uselful overlap hopefully you get more seeds than that, but it sounds dank. You gona make hash from the leftover seeded weed?
  4. hopefully you figure something out Sannie. I would have no problem sending cash, but I know not everyone is like that. Hopefully you find someone that will carry your stock or another payment processor soon, we need you Sannie. Sending good vibes your way
  5. Your plants have convinced me to look at these things when I rebuild my room. The T5 panel is okay, but it's not very adaptable when you are trying to have many things going. Clearly I also need twice the floor space but I am thinking about building a 2 or 3 story wood shelf to fit in a 1.2x1.2m secret Jardin. Keep the good info coning
  6. that is pretty good yeild with no veg time, imagine that same clone with a week or two of veg The Holy P can yield for sure and she makes it easy to get something big in under 8 weeks, the cross should have some monsters in it all while having color, taste and potency covered... Good luck with the new batch of seeds, lots of great variety so it should be fun
  7. Nice update Feroce, way to turn a bummer into an opportunity with the Madonna. Things look good as always though, good luck with the new batch, lucky man you are to have the regular extremas... we've all seen some of the phenos on here
  8. Everyday counts, gotta keep on schedule. Procrastination is weed's evil twin haha
  9. I popped 5 Huckleberry Kush and got 4 females, and I thought I was lucky Sometimes it just works out that way... Rev needed ladies, you wanted at least 1 dude... and the rest of my pack is dudes for sure! haha it evens out
  10. Plants that still look happy after 10 weeks are the good ones in my book I'll be sticking with the Canna when I start back up, I'm on 'forced vacation' from growing due to the landlord wanting to remodel... Looking to move, but I want to save up more money before I do so that it can be a big step up for living situation and maybe even add a light. I also don't want to spend time and money in 6 months if I have to tear it down right away because I want to move then... Right now I just have to see what happens here and how long they are planning to work on the space. It sounds like a long time, but hopefully spring / summer time sees some progress.
  11. That will be a tasty cross for sure, I am curious to see what kind of phenos we see @islayhearts: the Selene, is part of Sannie's taste creations originating with "The One" and the SSM project. It's a dark, sweet, kinda diesel, maybe grapes and livorice and just wonderful thing. The Killing Fields female #7 had this to it and a purple Jackberry x NYCD has this too. Genetically, the Selene just takes the whole project to the next level by refining that intense flavor!
  12. Yea, for the few weeks I was on it, the Canna was definitely an improvement. Healthy plants looked really happy and other plants started recovering and chugging along. In Flo, plants that started on the stuff looked to be getting quite fat in their first few weeks. and it's made for coco, can't fuck with it.
  13. Now that is some BudPorn right there! Great Job Indi, the difference with this new run is night and day!
  14. always looks great in here, the little Blue Hammer have no idea what is coming yet, still small and innocent
  15. hey indi, just caught up on your thread... shit looks great in there and that Krono looks serious! I'm glad to hear the Selene and DKoosh crosses work out well, especially since I have a little of both stashed away I saw you posted about the Smell on those Holy Princess, huh? do yourself a favor, lock a bud in a jar and forget about it, go back in 2 months and sniff that for an hour before you even smoke it, absolutely heavenly deliviousness hahah
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