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  1. Cawo

    Mapito diy questions

    I know the Thread is sleeping Long Time,i try to make me some mapito but i cant really figure Out what the P Balls are Made of....is it plastik or is it Like styrofoam ? Any Help is aporeciated
  2. S Sacred plant Warrior, thanks for the welcome yes i do know it is hard to kill this Little Mites, they are a real pain in the Ass ........ i just entered week three of Bloom .... still everything is looking healthy and beutyful......another 2 weeks and I am safe ..... if they come back in week 5 ,the harm they do will not be that bad anymore ...... it is easy to kill the mite ..... neem is very Good ....the eggs are the real problem I believe ...... for the moment everything is looking really great i already tried a lot of things to kill them .... H2o2...... burnt my plants ...... mighty wash.... I think if you do that.... you Must be a believer, otherwise it won’t work
  3. at liest i am mitefree for about one month now ....... not a single bite or egg in Sight
  4. Of Course i like to have the adress for verimec hope it is Not „landhandel polen“ i ordered from there and goverment took it and want to See my permission
  5. If anyone is interested....... i sprayed the little clones For 2 Weeks everyday with neem ..... and bevor planted put the whole clone in neem water ....... looks like the creepy little Asses are gone
  6. Ok...... nuclear...... But as far as i found out ....... Mighty is just water what about vertimec? does Anyone have Any experience to Share about That product ??
  7. Does that work on regular spidermites? i dont have rede ones i have the regular ones with the 2 Black Spots on their backs
  8. Hi Guys ..... i am new to this Forum i am trying to grow a Little Core cut Here .... the Problem ..... i have These Tiny visitors..... spiter mites i tried neemoil and a few Other things (chemicals) .... But nothing Works for Long i Would apreciate some good advice for my next run hol to get rid of these little bastards...... greetings
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