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  1. Hot me with the, be sensible reply. You’re very right. I’ll throw a veggie in there and see if it shrivels up or grows my muscles.
  2. So I grew at home for about 4 years, stopped for a few. I just was doing too much. I was just trying to make money. I’m in Colorado, dispensaries got built everywhere. In the meantime I didn’t throw anything away and am getting back to growing. New perspective. Found the passion for it again. Anyway I have 3 year old nutrients. General hydroponics and some cutting edge solutions. I bought new stuff to run with. But has anybody heard of nutrients expiring? Once I’m up and running I’m going to find out if the old nutes are viable with one plant. It’s not like they put expiration dates on the bottles and being it’s synthetic maybe makes sense they’ll still work? Been in a container in my crawl space.
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