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  1. Ooh, the debutantes! Now we see who the keepers are, the Belles of the Ball, as it were!
  2. What nutrients are you using for this very impressive set up? Killing it as always!
  3. So your friend made a 660 watt LED fixture for you? That thing sounds like a BEAST. I just saw you got 900 grams from 1200 watts of HPS. You said you had some issues with climate in your grow and you are getting more control of your climate and environment. I think the smaller light producing less heat will be a big boon for you there. Here's hoping for a big haul!
  4. Wow, you made a monster with that Octopot. Cool stuff!
  5. So what are you using as the dry fertilizers instead of Garden of Eden? Could the higher potassium and phosphorus "bud booster" supplements be used with Garden of Eden? I still want to use the garden of eden that I just got.
  6. @JetDro Please explain more about what you do for flowering nutrients other than Garden of Eden. I'm not quite clear. These are excellent results! I am following your mixture of substrate now with a seed just sprouted in a solo cup. It will get a 400 watt quantum board to itself the whole time. Just wanted to know the best "current doctrine" for flowering nutrients in advance. Thanks! Man, those plants and buds look KILLER.
  7. Man, that is looking wild! Getting better all the time, you're getting it down to a science.
  8. so backing off on the nutrients and going to garden of eden has you stinking up the joint! Great to hear! I read that before you were pushing the nutrients hard and using the Tomato nutrients instead of Garden of Eden and were having some difficulties in getting the cannabis to express its aromas and flavors. Now, you have the opposite "problem!" This is very encouraging news!
  9. Cool to see these plants and the octopot grow. I guess I will know to either get Silverfields or stay away from it since you said it required nuclear powered means to control its stench!
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