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  1. All of this is wonderful advice, thanks guys. I guess it's mostly going to come down to how the year plays out and how vigilant I can be. I'll get that BT product, been reading some reviews, although I will be staying the hell away from bee-murderers. Also, I have a theory forming. The plants are in a secluded area of my parents garden, around the side of the house. On the other side of the house we have a sort of live-in outdoor cave, which is essentially an open concept outdoor kitchen that we put in underneath the balcony. My parents often sit out there at night with the lights on, and you would not believe the amount of moths/mosquitos/bugs that this attracts. Now, this is on the complete other side of the house, but maybe it's close enough to somehow increase the amount of moths attracted to my plants? I'm most likely speaking out of my ass here, but my parents' house is smack dab in the middle of nowhere so when there's lights on outside at night, I'm pretty sure moths can see it from a couple of km away.
  2. Hi guys, thanks for that wonderfully warm welcome. I'd just like to clarify that I have used forums before and I'm not an idiot, I have read the forum guidelines and know how to use the search bar, youtube, and google. I'm worried my OP made me sound like an absolute noob because I somehow caused two different people to both instruct me not to ask stupid questions. The "annoying stupid questions" I'm referencing are more like curiosities and knowing what other growers think, along the lines of "can you clone autoflowering plants and why would you want to" not "how do you germinate a seed" fyi
  3. That makes a lot of sense, I did notice a lot of them last year when I went to visit my parents but I think my dad only started checking the plants when they were already good and fat, the caterpillars were massive lol. I'll definitely keep this in mind, I'd much prefer to do it naturally then to spray even organic stuff on my babies I'm still gonna get this though, do you know if they can become immune over time? Because I have quite a vivid garden and invincible caterpillars would devastate it
  4. Thank you muchly for your answers guys and for not laughing at my question lmao. Still learning a lot, although this particular Q was just a curiosity. Thanks!!!
  5. I toyed with the idea of bird feeders but unfortunately I live near a river out in the countryside and I'm worried that the feeders may end up attracting rats and other nasty things that my cat does her best to keep away. A friend of mine told me that ladybirds eat caterpillar larva so I'll have to find a way to get more of them in my garden. Thank you for your suggestion
  6. Hi guys! My parents have grown outdoor plants a few times over the years where I'm planning on growing next year and EVERY SINGLE YEAR they get caterpillars and end up having to dump half of the flowers. Are there any natural deterrents for them? I really don't like the idea of spraying shit on my plants, is there something else I could plant in the area to keep them away? thanks guys
  7. Nice post!! I searched the forum & couldn't find anything related to this so, here goes my very, very stupid question - can you clone autoflowering plants? I'm aware that it's probably not worth it but... can it be done?
  8. Yo! I'm a long time weed smoker but I've never grown my own before. I helped a friend out a few times with his setup, but haven't really done much on my own. I'm planning on starting my own in the new year when I move into my new place. I'm here to learn as muchhhh as I can before I start growing, get ready for some really annoying stupid questions lol
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