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  1. Totally forgot about this thread. Here's some more harvest pics Sensi star: Growers Choice - White fire Gelato Aunt Of Farouk Paulos Slippers Kush Good stuff!
  2. Hi Opengrow Just some pics of Sensi Star - Day 36 of flowering.
  3. Oh man, as a small hobby grower it's is insane to see all that space to grow upon Nice work
  4. i know I don't have the total numbers as i usually just follow the schedule from BPS and haven't really put much thougt into it I don't know if you can use it but here's some NPK info on the products. Part A: (Values is in PPM) Part B: (Values is in PPM) Bud Explotion: Stimulus:
  5. I'm following this schedule unless i can see that they need more or less of something
  6. Allright guys you can see some here
  7. Hi OpenGrow! Welcome to my grow room: I'm from Denmark and have been growing indoors since 2019. Weed is illegal in Denmak and you can mostly get hash from marocco on the street and it's not cheap. Therefor i decided to grow my own, which was the best decision i have ever made I started out growing auto's only and moved on to photo plants as i got more experienced and comfortable with the plants. This grow report is going to be a grow and show thread where i'm going to post pics from the growroom. I'm growing in soil (Light-mix) And i use Big Plant Science as fertilizer, it's a Danish brand and it's optimized for our water - No PH adjustments. I'm looking for some sort of DWC system instead of soild but haven't found the right setup yet. Sorry for broken english, i hope you enjoy 9 Pound hammer, harvested at day 63: Serious Happiness harvested at day 60: Sensi Star flowering about day 32: That's all for now - I will update as i take new pictures
  8. Hello OpenGrow - Thanks for letting me in I'm from Denmark and have been growing outdoors for 5 years and indoors 1 year. I like to grow hybrids and indicas, maybe i'll start a grow diary someday
  9. Hi, Serious Happiness: 9 Pound Hammer:
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