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  1. I have a run with sannies 4 step methods amd the potency was super perfect !!
  2. Wow where did you get the seeds ? Or it is a cut?
  3. Yes massive it's from the sugar punch
  4. Ok guys I trim the second badge so here are the dry buds score 250 sugar punch 2 200 northern light 2 169 somari madchem not bad for a 15 liter pots And here is the first badge 166. Sugar punch 1 165 northern light Suzy 150 somari X madchem Not bad for a 15 liter pots Photo is sugar punch blue phenotype
  5. To be honest I am so bad on smoke reports lol
  6. Last night I try a little bud from the sugar punch pink blue phenotype . The girl was on 7 days dry and I had 2 friends at home still not dry and it really blow our head . Very great smoke so far the best smoke of all.
  7. Hello open growers today I turn the lights off to try give girls 48 hours cause I want to try Photos are just before do that First 2 is the northern light Second is Sugar punch pink purple colure Third is the somari X madchem So also today I waight the first cut of three girls and total dry was 481 grams The second will much more so I expect More than 1000 grams from 2 X 630 CMH .Not bad for an organic grow
  8. Hello open growers day 60 into flowers and finally I have got my new microscope so I can check trichomes . Unfortunately I am pretty sure the first 3 that I chop have been chop early ,my old microscope was totally broke and I didn't realize it early . Never mind the first buch pistils look at the time coloured so I still think I will have something good of them So first photo is Suzy seeds Northern light . Second one is the c oloured sugar punch smell unreal colours are pink blue full of sugars ,I can't wait . The second one is Somari X madchem big colas amazing smell . All girls are at day 60 looks like I wi deco take more than 500 grams of them so good smoke the will be . All are in sannies organic !
  9. End of week 8 in flower day 56 ! I have cut the first northern light ,the short pheno of the sugar punch And one somari x madchem Videos is what left over I will leave them am week maybe more ! Sugar punch pink blue colours smell amazing Somari X madchem one the back Northern light 20200222_212712.mp4
  10. Day 52 somari X madchem freebies from sannie what can I say unreal plants smell amazing The first one is the short pheno colours are amazing smell unreal blue pink green orange hair not long for this lady to chop ,I have a feeling that I will regret that I didn't try to take couple of clones The second photo is the taller pheno unreal smell amazing beautiful colours need longer time . I am very please with both of them ,and I have a good feeling that Sannies will only Gona have amazing reviews . Take care guys !!!
  11. Day 52 the 2 sugar punch from sannies . First photo the short one with the fox tails smell amazing don't know how long still milky Second the taller pheno looks like it will need more days smell amazing I can't wait these two girls both smell sweet blubbery Gaz colure are amazing but photo don't do justice the 2 X 630 CMH destroy the magic
  12. Day 52 these are the 2 Northern lights Suzy seeds We have 2 different phenos First is the shorter one need about 3-5 days for chop chop ,and second photo is pheno 2 taller and it just pop up some more pistils so let's see how long . Both smell nice hope to found what I am looking for !!
  13. The sugar punch fox tails all over . Smell unreal good
  14. Crap phone don't do justice received_497385011196577.mp4
  15. Day 50 looked like one more week for Northern light one of the sugar punch and one of the Somari X madchem ! Sugar punch have pink orange blue and smell unreal one of them the shorter phenotype has foxtail Trichomes are milky smell unreal in the garden !
  16. The sugar punches ,I can spot 2 phenotypes one taller than the other both smell unreal . The short phenotype has a foxtail structure looks greener . The tall one I spot today some purple colour . If someone that has grow them can help if I have any fire pheno please let me know . Greetings Zeus
  17. I have 2 at the moment one is shorter and has foxtails on it and the other is taller both smell nice . I have heard sugar punch to be good smoke cross fingers I will get one . Thanks for the info !
  18. Day 43 all the way organic ! I put down the lights to far and one of the sugar punch got a light stress for a couple of days ,but I put them 7 cm up and see How's things will turn . Smell is out of this world and I am happy of what I see !! Enjoy guys and let me know what your thoughts !
  19. Hello open Growers I'm in into the second run with 630 CMH light , and I want to ask any Growers that are using CMH lights what is the best canopy distance for better yield how close is the sweet spot
  20. Day 39 and girls look amazing . Northern lights and somari X madchem are fasters than the sugar punch . I check trichomes today and I see everything are clear . I'm thinking 2 to 3 weeks for northern lights and somari X madchem It is my first attempt to organic grow and everything are so simple and I am happy with the yield too !! Enjoy people 20200205_201750.mp4
  21. Thank allot mate ,have a blessed day too !!
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