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  1. I am growing in mapito for the first time and trust me, one does not need so many plants. Mapito makes plants grow like nothing I have ever seen. If you have some time on your hand find E$co's mapito thread in the Hydro section. It has saved me a few headachs to say the least. I had to read it a few times to understand what he is saying but that was just cause im a little slow to catch on sometimes. Goodluck my friend https://www.opengrow.com/topic/44421-how-to-grow-hydro-flooding-style/page__fromsearch__1
  2. Thanks for the help! https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_3910/gallery_3446_3910_1019579.jpg
  3. https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_4109/gallery_3446_4109_922777.jpg
  4. yhaaaaaaaa! ] I finally fiured out how to post pics
  5. I am trying to post all these pictures but my phone wont let me. Im sorry let me try from my computer. The pics are in my gallery. But i cant post them here? Gosh darn it why is this so hard for me? I WILL figure this out and start this thread. Bare with me
  6. Just wanted to show E$ko some of his girls
  7. I have started to see yellow spots apper on some of my leaves. The plants are three weeks old. Does anyone know what might be causing this. Its showing on the chocolate rain and the mix. Any help would be awsome
  8. I grew out your feminized Ladycane freebee and she turned into an absolute monster. She was one of the best plants I have ever grown outside. She has everthing I am looking for in an outdoor strain. Ladycane produces massive buds with very little nutes. Basicly a couple of blue fish barried in the ground in late winter a few weeks before she went into the ground was all she was feed other than the occassional drink of molases when I checked on her. One other reason I loved her outdoors was her smell, or should I say lack of smell. She is so resilient, a couple of her branches had broken partly off in a storm because they were so heavy but they continued to grow along the ground with only the smallest bit still attached to the plant and still produced massive colas. I tied this plant down multiple times because she just kept getting hugh. She has the most beautiful pink hairs with massive, massive buds. I hope this plant remains in my jungle garden forever. Here is my problem. After all of this I never got to smoke her. The police got her because of a theif. To make a long story short somebody was running from the cops and managed to run right up on a few plants. No big deal "shit happens" we must account for these things and not stick all of our eggs in one basket. The problem is they found my Ladycane. She was my "Flagship" my "cornerstone" every year I seem to have one plant that is extra special and she was it. My question to you Eskobar is "when will the feminized version be for sale again and will she be arond befor the next spring in america? Ladycane is a very special plant. Im sure you know this, but you have a winner on your hands.
  9. I will take a moment to say the mix has produced some of the most perfect plants structuraly. The genetics are amazing. I am about two months away from finishing out doors and these look awsome. Who could a speek with about looking at some pics that might be able to tell what is what not that it matters too much. These are the type of plants that when you look at them one just thinks "now that is what good genetics in a pot plant look like."
  10. Myco madness I would not go without. Now the honey one can just use store bought molasses. I use humbolt products and love them but I have narrowed down some of the products they say to use. It depends on how long you have been growing but Im sure with a little common sence you can figure out what will work best for you. I used about 75% of the products that they called for and my yeald was about four ounces per plant(2 plants) on some afghan kush grown under one 600 what hps. One thing I did notice was I had a long winded thi strain and she did not like the stuff but she was very picky from the begining. I hope this helped.
  11. One more question, does she continue to stretch well into flowering outside or will she just start to more or less fill in? The plant has greet structure with very tight spacing between the nodes.
  12. Go to your local garden center and get a bag of cheap top soil, 1 bag of humas manure compost, 1 bag of perlite. Mix all three together and find some big pots or dig a hole. If using pots make sure you put a good layer of rocks or broken clay pieces in the bottem. After a couple of weeks start using a good fertalizer program and watch them take off. Your total cost for dirt is like ten bucks for every three plants.
  13. I feel your pain. Im not going to get too deep on this subject because off the pain it brings me thinking of the man I used to be. If there is any thing I can do, or not that it matters much, but how I got off, let me know. There is a merical drug out there called suboxone and when taken right and coupled with a strong indica to help sleep the withdrawls are much, much, much more manageable. Good luck and life is awsome when one manages to put that crap behind them. I feel for and will keep you in my thoughts.
  14. The look good buddy! I am always amazed at how fast Heri will start flowering and when she starts she just explodes. One bit of advice with using MG. Make sure you stop useing it a good three weeks to a month befor you are ready to harvest. Heri is not a strain known for its awsome taste anyways but MG when not flused properly can realy distroy the taste and smell of your babies. Just a bit of advice from my mistakes.
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