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  1. Start off round 3... 16 pure ak https://www.wietzaadjes.nl/merken/female-seeds/pure-ak-female-seeds/ 17 dr kali , because in the 10 piece tube where 11 seedsinstead off 10. https://www.wietzaadjes.nl/merken/dr-krippling-seeds/kali-and-the-chocolate-factory-dr-krippling/ Al in palmpots 7x7x18cm with atami bi grow, some lava, worm, seabirdguano peru, health start tab crussed, seaweed poudre, and some flower saver which is mychorizha. Then watered the pots with yuccah, fulvic 25, opf5.2.5 , bacto and cane sugarmolasses. Placed the 33 seeds with plagron seedbooster in glass for 12 hours to soak. Then placed them all in the pots. Now there is 1 t neon 2 x 55w 6500k for them to come out, when they do, there s a second t neon coming above , 1 for each propagator. Also going to prepare my bio medium in 11ltr s so saterday i ll fill them up à water, so all micro-bio living can start up, in 2.5 to 3 weeks, the new seedlings will be placed in the 11ltr, so 16 x p ak on a 120-120 and 17 x dr kali in 120-120. 33 newbies.... Behind the curtain 2 auto nl, drying Auto nl, bio gelato, ak47, pp, gorilla glue, amnesia auto, amnesia haze auto, white widow auto, exodus cheese auto on 120-120 18 gorilla monkeys Greetings and enjoy the weekend
  2. made in france .....i only roll wirh rizla not bleached so brown paper https://langevloeikopen.nl/product/rizla-natura-ongebleekte-vloei-slimsize/
  3. Realizing their all standing in a 4 ltr rootpot, are 110cm high, some are cropped on top otherwise would be 140cm, for such a small medium and roots. 1st harvest from a small plant 4ltr pot ak47 bio sannie was 16.5gr dry this was only 35cm tall so i am quit curius how much i am going to harvest from these gorillas..
  4. They still need to go 2 to 3 weeks before harvest ,so they ll fatten up, i ll hope dubbel the size
  5. Me aqulpa, but what is a "zig zag" Nice bud btw, enjoy it
  6. We do our best @Darth Budder. Always in for the best results, just a beginner who started indoor in juin(06) 2019 so is harvest from second grow. You can always check my grow report Greetings and keep m green
  7. 48 hours in the dark and then ready for harvest, autoflower northern light. The first picture shows at the right one plant with smaller long buds, lighter green and morge orange pistels, the left bud has big compact fat buds with lots of trichomes as shown in second picture, the last picture you see in front one plant, in back second plant, come from a scrogg under a led in my big tent, now 3 days under neon for end flowering in dry tent.
  8. Hi all growfellas I only grow organic, so on the lookout for a cheap solution for bac bloom and pk boost, for bloom i have one, sugar cane molasses, only for the pk boost? Does someone knows a product natural that can replace pk boost from bac? Thanks in advance Greetings
  9. @DessertGrown just made an update in my grow journal, harvest time but still mineral feed, all the rest in the dr 240 now is bio, even turned my last mineral plagron feed plant over to bio and it works, roots are crawling out off the rootpot on the top
  10. Meanwhile harvest off 2 x gg and 1 ak47bio from a 4 ltr, the gg was 32 and 38gr dry, de ak 16.5gr So here 2 x nl to wait for amber trichomes to harvest, under 2x 2100k à 2 x 6500k t neon light. Stil 1 auto nl left under, then around some bio gelato, pp and a ak47, the rest on the top left is bio gorilla glue, the small ones on the right side wall, auto bio amnesia, amnesia haze and white widow, 2 orange pot are exodus cheese auto, Her are 18 plants off the 35 left some harvest, some are placed on the upper foto, spreading means more light penetration, more light=weight. All are gorilla glue in a 4 ltr rootpot bio sannie way. It s going to be a white christmass Greetings
  11. Hi sannie I am growing first time you're way, awesome actually. The result until now, day 22 bloom. What i am looking for is a replacer for the bac bloom and pkbooster, i use now agriton a+ cane sugar molasses, what else to use instead of the 2 BAC products? Thx n advance Grtz
  12. Mnjammie...stil 4 weeks and harvest the mineral scrog autoflowers...after all the rest is bio sannie way in 4ltr rootpot garden highpro. Enjoy Grtz
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