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  1. pikt he om mongool hollander te zijn...what s next...
  2. @FoolOnTheHill je doet je naam fool alle eer aan want wat weet jij er uberhaupt van of ik een record heb of niet...natte vinger politiek...iets lezen en wat besluiten..kom es met concrete zaken af en anders hou je bek btw je haalt mijn woorden die ik zwart op wit typ nog in twijfel...je bent echt zo lomp als t achterste van een varken....of deel jij hier misch de strafregisters uit....smoor agauw nog wat of net wat minder...hie lomp kan je zijn...iemand die zegt dat blanco is ga jij nog ff verbeteren...FOOL once a fool always a fool loemperik....
  3. i dont...how would you know...it s blanco or do you have a cristal ball...FOOL
  4. Hi folks... i ve been searching now online for job offer at west canada or usa...only from here in eu it is not easy it seems because nearly no replies at all...ok due to covid situation worldwide and also presidents change will not make it easier.... altho i still want to chase my dream and live and work west usa or canada... could you guys maybe pm me if you know company that would hire europeans i from belgium and speak fluent english. french..dutch(neerlandais) and also little spanish and german.. was independent driver Tyre mecanic cars trucks and industrial machines from education i am a chocolatier and baker...(def try it to make you re own chocolate butter from you re trimble wast....very nice in a praline or cake) cheers and grtz
  5. ah ok...here if speak of ppm is the light from the leds marked as of zxemple the spider 2i gives 2.7 umol and at 40cm hight it gives 1680ppm that s why i thought you were mentioning ppm... misunderstandings... lesson i ve learned with led iq go always in full power but if plant crops are burning or getting the white punker tops just move the light 10cm up....mine was a g-leds target from dutch shop greensell...had 2.7 umol and 8 bars instead of 6 (spider 2i) full power at 30 cm it would nuke them and placed at 50cm i got big yields and crops as big as a 2ltr bottle... cheers and grow in ps no pics off the plants?
  6. just put the light on full ppm more light=bigger crops
  7. d9 you really want to know how you re bio soil works...read this book and all come clear for you https://biotabs.nl/product/el-bio-grow-book/
  8. nematodes will come in you re soil if you use lime lavameel melasse fresh worm casting from canna bacto end mychorizha and trechoderma and then leave you re soil like it is.. once a week water+bacto+molasses and you re soil will be alive with bacterias microbes nematodes etc... and our prefered plant will take its selve the nutrient that is availeble and when in bloom bac bloom and bac pk booster. grtz and grow on ....
  9. leave the top and topcover like it is...underneed defoliation compleet and cut some branches underneed that dont get light away...then leave the plants alone do not touch further and after 1 week the will be recovered...best is to use a scalpel and after the cut of branches put some vaseline on the cuts so no bacteria or others can enter the plant. grtz
  10. @Poldergrower @RhinoCBD weten jullie misschien firma s in californie LA tot sandiego die eventueel me aan job in de canna industrie aannemenzodat ik greencard heb en weg ben uit kutbelgie.... ben gepakt met ocharme 6 plantjes en ze doen precies of ze de grootste dealer kweker hebben gepakt....antwerpse politie=gestapo btw op wietforum.nl ben ik piffer.... heb dus nooit die goede zaadjes power fookies kunnen zaaien... thx in advance grtz and stay high or low as long as you go on a marjuana flow
  11. @Poldergrower, do you have photo's off the power fookies, can't find them
  12. Hello OG 'ers Here i am with my 3 th grow indoor(still a noobie). I started this round already 15/12/19 was there 1st day, now they are in there 11th day of bloom. I only turn in 12 hour system, so they growed already next to the blooming gorillas from my other grow which is finished. This way i only have to go 6 weeks with the pure ak and 7 weeks dr.kali to harvest The 12 dr.kali & chocolate factory from dr .krippling seeds are standing in square plastik pots 11ltr. The pure ak from female seeds, white widow from kera seeds en white widow vs bigger bud from wietzaadjes.nl are standing in 11ltr round rootpots. 12 dr.kali Pure ak and ww Greetings and hope you like my new grow report
  13. Woohuuw, finished this round, very pleased by turning nearly one on one. Gorilla glue, +200gr a jar These 6 plants i still need to trim and the grill bellow right contains 150gr ready cut for the jar, all gorilla. Greetings and hope you enjoyed the grow, see you at my round 3
  14. A bit late but to you all happy 2020, Meanwhile i harvested already 1130gr, and still need to weigh 4 plants who are cut and need to cut 6 plants, so i 'll be turning in only my second grow a 1-1, 2x 650w led is use, verry happy.
  15. @Sunnyvale may i ask how you got caught? I 've got still double hps gear and a tent , do nothing with it, so pm me... Grtz
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