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  1. We use it at job for testing hardware in exxxxtreme conditions If i intend to use some on plants, is because e$ko said hormone are created in the end of roots (from my view, they start off the stem, and ends where they end). So, taking roots tip away, may greatly reduce amount of hormones. The question i asked myself is, how to "kill" the end of roots, not damaging it furthermore. Liquid Nitrogen comes very cold, so applied to roots, it will burn them. I think i'm going to proceed the following : - Take plant off pot - put some Liquid Nitrogen into a plate - Dip rootmass in like 1cm, all the way - Put back in pot - Get liquid nitrogen back in his cold container Ending with dirt/rockwool/shit in liquid nitrogen is no problem, we use it only to cool metal pieces, to see if they react the way they should (as computed), or not. Wouldn't you think i'm mad doing this ? I do As e$ko said "you'd call me mad", let's try every mad solution that comes to my mind Best regards Jim PS : also got both product to make sts I would like to run my own fems outside next year
  2. Heya, Thanks a lot to share a little more about your female making technique Greatly appreciated. Think some will end with no leafs, but it's for testing purposes, and hopefully, no "PETA" for cannabis abusers Keep the good work. Jim PS : Soon to get some liquid N (job purposes, or call it job fun), going to give it a try on the roots Maybe less stressfull than taking roots off by hand
  3. Hello, Nice post ! Those pictures are mounthwatering Anyway, i won't get room in to run your Blueberry, but i can grow it outside if it is of any interest, 43.1°N for out, and maybe another 39.5°N ! If you get enough, i'd enjoy to run some If not, in is full of your's already Best regards. Jim
  4. Heya Hillcrest ! Didn't see this pots until today! Happy your problems are solved You'd go talk to building site chief, telling him to take a little more care in the future ! Winter's not finished yet lol Jim Jim
  5. Hello ! It's a pretty good idea ! But i think it would be easyer to achieve, using big pots, in the pool. Pool tissue as stated above, will hold soil, no problem, soilless it's lighter than water. You may be able to cut holes in the bottom, if you manage to "cut" them with a sort of machine used to make the holes in shoes, it cuts a hole, and put a metal insert in the hole, so the laces don't cut shoes's skin This way, you have a reallly big pot, with drain. (did so with "big bags", to grow outdoor, very acidic pine soil) Wish you the best ! Jim - About annimals, maybe feeding them with "trash", away from the plants could work ? Or setting a sort of "epouvantail", fake farmer stuffed with herbs wearing typical working clothes could do the trick
  6. Hello LaVieEnRose ! Your plants looks goegeous ! Well played ! Enjoy the fruit of your labor .. again Jim PS : Your plants seem to stretch like mad, if it because of your lamp is "high" with the oldies while you move small plants inside ? Or is it some genetic trait ? Second option, it would be wise to consider SCROG technique
  7. Just like Drip sait, it can be first signs of some Panic Attac ! It doesn't need you to be "scared" to happend, you may even don't realize that, until it feels bad breathing. Not to scare you, but some peoples needs heavy dose of sedative to calm down if they go bad trip that way (mostly because they are scared, they think they gonna die, because they think they can't breathe, pretty funny if it's happening to someone else than you lol) Try to smoke less at a time, and make sure you're in a comfortable place (if you're young, somewhere you can relax, not fearing to be discovered by someone), also a warm place (if you're cold, you'll contract your body, can induce stress, that may lead to panic attac), in a peacefull state of mind, it may ease your experience Good trip Jim - Keep in mind, it's a "drug" PS : recall of a friend, that thought he was going to die, because he had that feeling, but was convicted it was because of some of his girlfriend's hair that was stuck in his lung, and would make him bleed to death from inside, he was scared as fuck, and we all were laughing loud, kind of day you remember a looooong time with a smile
  8. Hello Zanzibar ! Congrats for your harvest ! It's mounthwatering About your Franckenberry that is not dry enough, it may be because of density. Strains that are very dense, dry in like two phases. It first dry outside, giving it a "Crispy out, soft in" feeling. Then, if you jar them, inner moisture goes to the outside. You end with "half dried" buds I use to cure such strains in paper bags, with carrot or potatoe peel, if them gets too dry Jim
  9. Eh, i do prefer water too ! (eventually with some Anthesite added, 100% natural). But, hey, we can't stop sodas ! What will i mix bad whisky with to get it "just drinkable" ? Jim
  10. Hello, Some pictures of Kolossus grown Esko's Style. Snowmonster came by ! Jim - Thanks again for sharing your grow technique.
  11. jimbp

    Grown Esko Style

    Just a few pix
  12. jimbp

    Thanks !

    Thank you man !
  13. Hello Lexn I will take a sit at the front row, i hope to see the 110Watter do it's magic Best of luck Jim
  14. Nice crosses Indican Just got back a few (100+) beans of Heri (f) * Kolossus (m), i think it's going to be an awsome outdoor season @Whazzup : What you consider as a "professionnal" activity is for most of us, just a hobby, or an easy way to make "free" seeds Just like weed growing, some forums users, see it as a pro activity, some other like me, see it as just a hobby, it's pretty the same Take my own case : had a Kolossus male, very nice. Had a very small Heri female in bloom, polinated some buds on Heri, and had like 200 seeds out of it. Harvested the rest of Heri (had to make them go too long, lost potency), it doesn't cost nothing, or yeah, maybe a few buds Then around April, i'm going to pop most of them in coco-jiffys, then put them direct in my father's garden. If i had to buy seeds, there would have been much fewer (maybe beter quality, but it's no prob, those are free !) Best of luck Indican Jim
  15. Best i was given to try, was from a friend of my father. Old hippie, living in the middle of nowhere with goats and chickens. He claimed it to be Accapulco Gold, as i never had before, i can't compare. But it was some "epic" high ! I was wasted like i never were before ! Talked with a dog, had visual effects, hot/cold, really impressive ! Can't tell it was the "strongest" or "fav", but i liked it very much, and i found it very powerfull Jim
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