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  1. Well I just finished cutting the cough drop Useless. The color is amazing. Nuggs are hard and I cant wait till she is ready to smoke. Here are a few pictures..
  2. They are really starting to come along nicely. First up is Jila, Looks loke about 3 weeks to go. Next up is Cough Drop, this plant is looking amazing!
  3. I have tried lollipoping, some strain take to it better then others. This is my first grow with these strains. so I'm still getting them dialed in. nothing fancy with the girls.
  4. The H key and J key are next to each other on the key board. I think he meant Jackberry.
  5. Here are the updated pictures. First set is the Cough Drop, last set is the Jila. Both have about three weeks to go. CD Jila
  6. The room is 6 ft long by 5 ft wide by 6 feet high. I have One 600 watt and One 400 watt in the room. Inside the room there is a 2 x 4 foot veg box built into the room. the Veg box is about 3 feet high. So the actual grow space is 3 ft wide and 6 feet deep for flowering plants.
  7. So far JD I'm really impressed with both of them. I'll post some updated pictures this coming weekend! Thanks for tuning in.
  8. LemonBerry. Purple JackBerry
  9. Just took theses pics of while the girls were asleep. The first set are Jila. Thanks again Useless! This next set is the Cough Drop
  10. Welcome to Open Grow Flask. A lot of knowledgeable members here.
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