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  1. back after 15 .... Yea get going!
  2. Cool , Hi to you in Africa !
  3. Hey White W , hows the help coming along?
  4. Nice , thanks for sharing ... Cant wait to see the buds......
  5. Can you get an exhaust / inline fan going to rapidly move air out of the grow area ? they helped me in sticky situations......
  6. Excellent tutorial ! Thanks for sharing
  7. Canyon Kid


    ive got some 10 year old plants , they are cloning ok ... i think its just about getting the cut in a comfy environment....
  8. Seen that tooth before ! uggh ... Ribs look delicious !
  9. Hey Guys , happy to be here , been growing for a long time .... Hopefully i can offer and gain some great advice on opengrow Going to start a thread soon , and share where im at!
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