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  1. Really? I "Came at you"? funny, as I recall it I disagreed with you and you got all buthurt and pasive aggresive and started calling me names, kind of like you're doing now. Could it be possible that you feel "I'm coming at you" because you're under the influence of a drug who's main side effect is paranoia pretty much 24/7?
  2. not agreeing with everything you say is not ripping your head off, this is a forum, a place for discussion, people will disagree with your opinions, some will even say so, deal with it.
  3. it's a good point, but you all you are seeing are the taxes, you're not seeing the thousands, maybe millions of jobs that would be lost if cigarettes were gotten rid of, it's not a perfect system, but the people relying on those jobs feel they have a right to them and if the politicians put them out of work by getting rid of tobacco they're not likely to get re elected are they? Considering how heavily they've been regulated over the years can you blame them? you think government has their hand in the cookie jar over MMJ, lol, they've got their arm in big pharmas cookie jar all the way up to their freakin ankles and have had for decades. I don't know how it works there, but here a significant portion of the taxes collected on pharmaceuticals are used to subsidise the costs of medical care for those who are unable to afford it. I doubt that making it illegal will stop people from making concentrates any more then making weed illegal stopped people from growing, it certainly won't stop stupid people from blowing themselves up, but it will stop stupid peoples relatives from suing the government for letting them blow themselves up. they just might, but I honestly doubt that they'll ever get rid of recreational now that the cat's got its nose out of the bag, too much money to be made and as you pointed out government lives and breathes taxes. Once it's accepted as a recreational drug it'll be pretty hard to get convictions on the medical side.
  4. sort of like any other medical provider needs a license to sell to the public? Just like any other industry dealing with a potentially explosive refinement process? part of life is about going out of your way to get what you want is it not? dozens of people have blown themselves and their houses up over the years making alcohol extractions, sounds like an issue to me. so, they want to get the production of a medicine out of the hands of criminals and into the hands of licensed tax payers and keep an eye on them so they don't blow anybody up? sounds like a great idea to me, sucks that it will cause hardship for some legitimate med users, but if it keeps people from getting blown up I'm for it. I get that you feel entitled to make your own meds, in your shoes I wouldn't let the law stop me from making my own medicine. Those who support government have probably taken the time to look around the world and see what's happening in places where the governments aren't in control, and then thanked their lucky stars that their government is. if you honestly believe that a potentially explosive manufacturing process is not a public safety issue than there's not much point in trying to reason with you.
  5. Sorry GA, I really feel for you and wish you all the best, but alcohol and butane extractions are bloody dangerous and to me the idea of anybody and everybody being able to do said extractions without any regulation or oversight whatsoever is anything but amusing. why is having to get a licence to prove that you can make concentrates without blowing up your neighborhood such a big deal? Seems completely reasonable to me, most places you need a license to do anything potentially dangerous, drive a car, serve food, repair cars, get a gun, get married the list goes on and on, the unspoken assumption that weed should be "Different" absolutely mystifies me. what does tickle my admittedly zany sense of haha is that for some reason after decades of people insisting that weed is medicine, they get upset when the powers that be finally pull their colective heads out of their buts and treat it just like every other medicine and regulate it.
  6. I'm not sure how things are done where you are, but that pretty much exactly describes regulations around home production of booze and retail sales of booze hereabouts, you're not aloud to distil ethanol because it could blow up and if you don't know exactly what you're doing you could end up drinking methanol and going blind or poisoning someone etc. etc. isn't parity with other recreational drugs pretty much exactly what everyone has been hoping for since who flung the chunk? Have we been whining so long we just can't stop ?
  7. sannie probably has crapload of pm's every time he logs on, probably have more luck if you use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the shop page.
  8. It's about heat, The "D" in led stands for diode, a diode needs a certain amount of voltage to "Turn On" as it gets hotter it gets more efficient producing more light and heat per unit of electricity consumed, which meant it gets hotter and more efficient, which causes it to become even hotter and more efficient, the cycle continues until there's a pop and a wisp of what's known as "Magic Smoke" in the led industry So manufacturers limit how much juice each diode can get so they don't overheat, the higher quality the led unit is the better the cooling and the more juice each emitter can take before overheating. I don't know if it's still the case but when I looked into it a few years back lower wattage emitters could handle more juice than higher wattage emitters with the sweet spot being at around 3 watts, my 50w UFO with 2w emitters draws 43w, while my 600w panel with 10w emitters draws 124w. about brightness, brightness is a word to describe how the human eye rates light levels, since plants don't have eyes brightness is irrelevant to discussions on grow lights because most of the light that we see is useless to the plant. the proper term is Photosynthesis Active Radiation which is the part of the light spectrum that plants can use which tends to be at the edges of the spectrum, I've read that this is because plants evolved deeper in the water where the bands of light in the middle of the spectrum couldn't penetrate or were used up by mycopid species but I've never looked into it.
  9. I wouldn't get too worried, I googled "Hemp depot rip off" and "hemp depot scam" and found a couple complaints in 2012 and 1010, sucks that Snooks didn't get his seeds, but if it were happening very often at all folks would be crying all over the net about it. I've got 5 orders from Hemp Depot, everything all good every time, freebees even, not that I'd ever grow any of malberys gear but the friend I gave them to loved 'em. I doubt I'll ever order any more seeds, my Mom got a hip replacement and isn't in pain anymore so I'm shutting down my grow, but if I ever do I'll get them from HD, hope sannie is selling with them by then Just curious, did you know what the policy was before you ordered Snookster? it's usually the first thing I check at a seedbank.
  10. As I understand it the cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream through the buccal membranes and don't need to be ingested at all, I tried it once without any luck, but I've read that it works.
  11. https://www.thrillis...umption-methods Tinctures Tinctures are liquid cannabis extracts used by consumers looking for dosage control and fast-acting effects without the health risks associated with smoking. Most commonly, alcohol is used as the solvent (any proof greater than 80 can be used effectively), but other fat-soluble liquids can be used as well, such as vinegar or glycerol. Generally, three or four drops of a tincture are placed under the tongue, where they are absorbed directly into bloodstream rather than being digested. When ingested (i.e. swallowed), tinctures are immediately absorbed in an empty stomach but require time to process through the liver, reducing dosage control. ymmv
  12. I remember that, I was there with my aunt and uncle and we got a "Waste of fuel" Ticket for holding up traffic. Stay Safe BalzOut
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