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  1. 4 weeks approx for tropicana and fruit salad Cheese auto has 4 more weeks approx Orange punch autos around 60 days more.
  2. Just sitting here waiting to hear a peep Out of anyone much less a "valued member" Hehe In the interm Toker got some cows And these cuties
  3. Continuing... Gelato i chopped not long ago. 3 tropicana fast version photo 1 fruit salad 1 dinafem cheese xxl 2 Dutch passion auto critical orange punch.
  4. I have Perkins..... Need to do those
  5. Toker

    KC 42

    From a commercial aspect Fast is cash It's just a matter of light bills. She reminds me of vanilla sky Enjoy
  6. Toker

    C99 clone

    Now you know why I think this is one of the bad ass cuts ever Here she is now 36 days later
  7. Stoned ramblings are dribbles? Anyway impressive if I do say so myself
  8. It's weird as I discarded the whole reflective stuff on walls Long ago but I use the tent for veg lol Keeps it dark in here when girls are sleeping
  9. Funny you say that as many FDA head quit And take Board positions with Pfizer For example . Why the drug dealers are in charge of the jab Remember? Remember 15 days to flatten the curve Or just one poke and your free as a bird Or One poke is all ya need 98 percent efficacy Bwahaha Now it's like 38 percent And being fully vaxed Means taking as many shots as the drug dealers say. Oh fuck no don't you dare mention natural immunity Funny how Portugal Nearly 100 percent poked and cases Off the chart Cases not deaths Cases Seems nearly everyone poke is getting sick Ya I'm gonna trust what a government puppet Says like jabs are free What a total load of shit Taxpayer funded The lies and deception Never end Opiates Only did anything about it cause they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar Big pharma is evil It's dope dealers in charge of your Doctors And leaders.
  10. Toker


    She's filling out nice now. I have created a new strain to. Seems a little pollen did make its way to a C99 So now I have C99xSugar punchxmaple leaf indica seeds to play with this spring.
  11. It's a scam ain't it? The first domino to fall is blood pressure meds Then they throw you off but not to worry We have a pill for that to. I'm lucky as I am poor and they won't treat me Lol
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