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  1. Food shortages they say Fuel Hope you dumbasses in the blue states stocked up hehe I just added another 400k calories to my stash The big bags are 50 lbs I can feed us for 2 years without a sweat He'll there's 3k eggs stored in those buckets Maybe longer I not show my fats and oils Sugar and salt Got 30 gallons of gas In containers With fuel treatment Buff weed to last me 2.years Just ordered 3 cords of wood for the fire place Got ammo for the zombies Bring it mofos Maybe I swing by Fred's food and snatch up 20 lbs of more bacon And 20 lbs of more coffee I ducking can't go thru the apocalypse with my fookin joe Maybe 10 lbs of country ham Inflation is a tax It will make all of us currency poor But I will barter for the good shit Hehe Good luck folks We are all gonna need it
  2. Not everywhere my friend Warm af in Florida hehe
  3. When i saw this my heart surged Freedom loving people https://youtu.be/J8AL0EiQMbw
  4. Gonna wind down some Its getting ridiculous Gonna keep SBR and Fruit salad After 2 years im retiring cindy Will keep 2 clones And maybe 2 plants for a while Have some time to consider Next projects
  5. I hit a 175 yard shot with a pellet gun My least reliable Just said fook it Was stoned and messin round Threw it up on rest Aimed way high Knew i never hit it And son of a bitch i did First shot Nary a camera rolling Man that be a cool one for my tube channel Now i have to plink away till i get range Down with a scope with no range finder And film it Challenge accepted fate I did it at 125 yards Fate I will do it again And film it .
  6. That glass trey in the fridge I put paper on that and if comes right off Ya i like them and need a real dab rig 2 butter knifes and a half of 2 l Bottle aint getting it
  7. Getto wax I need bags First press approx 20 sec Pardon my plant matter Used a flat iron lol Maybe a better tool? Im such a self taught newb lol C99 bud Wax hits ya and then diminishes Eating is fooking hard core Lol If i hit to much wax i find ice cream to make everything all better If i eat to much....days it can take hehehe
  8. So he pollinated her I gave him a cigg And chopped him lol Here she is Hopefully i get some seeds
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