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  1. Chopped 2 cindys They hang with the vanilla frosting Clones get up some size with dinafems auto.cheese xxl 2 in flower cab 18 days into flower Same dirt i have had for over a year 2 x3 sometimes 2 x5 depending on numbers Same for flower closet Thats my gig
  2. 70 days Fuck it Chop lol A cindy beside her
  3. All the kids bahahahahaha Wtf do they know hehe Hey guys try this meth All the kids are doing it Last time heard that was on a cheesey commercial lol Hey ole man Guess my jiffys are cringy lolol Nice set up Pulling my chair up
  4. This never gets old for me 33 days i think i let these go
  5. Here they are going to de criminalize i hear Soon we hope. Legal only impresses me if your allowed to grow 12 or so plants The greedy gubermint prices itself out of the market I know somone willing to puck up their slack
  6. 67 days 3 more To Go but im thinking another week Tastebudz is dependable as usual and true to Their strain info I do love autos but i have yet to grow one As frosty as my photos So yes toker will always grow a few autos in the veg cab But now that i have had time to gain some insite for me at least nothings more frosty Than a photo clone Very pleased still though And frosty does not mean that the autos Wont blow your head off They will 20201123_180108.mp4
  7. About 200 eggs Im thinking that 5 gallon bucket can hold 400 or so. They are limed and covered with water and will Last up 2 two years un refrigerated. Cant do that with store bought eggs As they are washed. Why? Cause who the hell knows what tomorrows going to be. Mojo A new roo i acquired Wheaton Ameracuna Him and his old ladies will breed blue egg layers My therapy gooses lol No fucking ones eating them Alas We have to order a goose for xmas dinner I am such a pussy Lol
  8. 1200 watt actual 348 watt bloomspect with mag lens
  9. I harvested one and forgot to show I reloaded a few And 6 are stacking The next generation
  10. Its true Please post normalish lol Your posts are hard to read The 2nd to last one was so messed up i gave up. Hey its cool to have a live person posting these days But can you just speak like everyone else Or no one will pay any attention to your posts They make the eyes bleed. Do some grows and show it perhaps Anyway its like reading a dyslexic valley girls post lol Improve it if you seek to have meaningful Conversations Anywhere lol
  11. Do you have a grow thread?
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