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  1. Toker

    Amphibian Joint Adventure

    Build me a grass mask And I will come lol (bull durham) move reference for our euro friends.
  2. I'm not sure I want it legal The gubermint is fucking everything up now. Hell, my future is bright growing for myself . Those tards get involved I will have to turn my house into some lab like thing
  3. Damn I love this strain. When you find one that you can't fuck up Keep it, Mindlesses mapleleaf xsugar punch, 55 days
  4. Toker

    2 days

    That's fucked , seems a way to control folks if you think about it, instead of sweating your dealer showing up you got to sweat the Industry Always depend on yourself . I fucking got tired of waiting All the bullshit, seedy weed Paying my hard earned dollars to so.eone else for shit that's below our Genes. And being at the mercy of others....I remember the drought of 1990.... Months and months with no weed Chills down my spine . I have bags of clippings if it got bad, I removed this plug from my bowl, I used the papers to soak up resin. It's my hard times stash but unless some weird shit happens I don't plan on hard times anymore as long as I can grow my own.
  5. Toker

    2 days

    And Canada ran out of dope. Jeeze you Canadians are stoners lolol
  6. I dig your post. Fake ass motherfuckers. On FB for a long time I had to watch what I say Watch what I like, cause people might get offended. Then I said fuck that, same as here. No offense to many but your all sounding like fucking robots That don't want to piss anyone off Bereaved of any real options YOU hold, but rather sit there on the click button pussying out and not clicking cause someone might not like me And I want to be a Superstar here Bahahajajah Weak ass pitiful fucks. The world is full of them. I rather kill myself than be that pussy mother fucker who sits there and all they can do is try to type shit they think others will like. Unreal..... Can you imagine sitting there wanting to say something but not cause your scared someone might not like it and all the robo fuck tards will jump ya? Not fucking me...lol All fourms nearly, all social media is pure shit Mind control for the masses And it's working These dopes are fucking self policing themselfs for the puppet masters. Yeah I dig your post.
  7. Toker

    Dinafem seeds

    I think I topped her in the nick of time. The new growth will be fine, she does not like the spray At all. CB it never phases Point CB.
  8. Thanks man, so those 3 clones gave me this. Approx 100g all together .
  9. Toker

    My garden

    Almost dry pepper seeds.
  10. Chill out garden I will speak to you like I do my sister. Sometimes the damn MS meds, worry etc are to much To deal with. You know how those stupid meds will do you. Not saying you did not have issues but nothing on this Earth is worth dealing with crapski. Ignore it, my go to response is fuck off...I might just say it to myself, but since I love myself so much hehe... were good. But ya got to ignore the shit You know why I stay here? Ever seen a cat play with a mouse? It amuses me. I tell my kids what I have always believed This world was created as my play ground, for my bennifits I shudder to think about it any other way. Like nuget said....if a house gets in your way Burn it down. Got to have faith in your shit Got to love you shit so much Well....others are just a side show. Sticks and stones girl..... You either riding it or getting rode.... opps, that anaology only makes sense to Men Not the sissy dress in women's clothing and take it up the poop shoot "men" hehe. Don't sweat it, I tell my sister To much bull shit in life we all deal with. But , since most folks are stupid as shit..... Have some fun with the mice Lolol. Peace
  11. This weekend will be end of week one for these 7 CB. Soon as maple cross finishes 6 more go in tent in 30 gallons tote. My sunrise.
  12. Problems sometimes can be good. I'm needing to get a new jar at least, and it's going to take a couple hours to trim this CB . Love these kinda problems
  13. Cool, thanks I been searching for US seed banks, seen many but to hear you say they are cool is reassuring as since I know little of who's legit etc. Thanks
  14. Hehe I sent one email at the start I mentioned germiation and they acted like Dracula , as if I whipped out a cross hehe Sold as souvenir ya know.... But 2 weeks later 10 more WW beans in original Nirvana package show up. Hmm.... Now as a business in the sense of everything but the beans attatude rocks I have bought straight from Nirvana and had better results. Plus... Alice...she's dreamey lolol, but if you ever have a problem at Nirvana go ask Alice, she will fix ya up. So I want to order more from the tude as some places will not ship to USA, but I worry The beans are not as fresh as if I ordered direct, could be a fluke to I dunno but when your ploping down cash it begins to matter lots.
  15. Good deal, and of course anything you send I will grow. I want the reg CB beans just in case a zombie apocalypse happens or something hehe And she's what I want to try my second attempt at making seeds, WW will be first if I get lucky. I have 2 plants...fingers crossed, sorry ass seeds from attatude , out of 20...2 lived and compared to your CB Or maple....weak ass shit I still can't believe I haven't chucked em but fuck it I paid 40 bucks for a lemon berry,papya 10 ww and then a free 10 more And all that made it is 2 ww and 1 papya and a free bee criticle so I figure grow em out Though....I'm not sure they are worth the space and I have 14 CB clones that are vegging and fixing to get 10 more cause it's still warm nuff for em to root, soon it will be cool in this old House so I need to prepare for January's run, by then the clones I will have taken will be 3 months old ...hehe.