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  1. Im going to dig up some young daughter shoots But cuts? I need to learn up on that quick
  2. I will take some pics Its out there man Lets see... My puppy got into closet and killed off all of my ants except one ww And 2 cindys I could kill her but shes so damn cute I still have around 6 plants but she did a number For sure. I already reseeded what i lost with shoeless fem c99. My sherriff.... Lives like 2 houses down Thats like a quater mile out there lol Might gurrilla grow some plants on His land Hehehhehe Only thing is the grass I hate grass cutting My yard is huge Acres huge Back yards even worse I just might cut 100 feet from house and be done with it Since i will only have electric bill i might pay someone Here i pay lights water sewer garbage Out there only electric Gas is provided by another company if i want it And well i have to dump burn or pay someone to deal with my garbage. But man Its so quiet you can hear the birds And star watching will be great Guess its time for me switch gears Kids are older Im thinking telescope Drones RC planes 4 wheeler Both kids dig that And my daughter been asking me since she was 5 to take her hunting I lost my spot years ago and kinda drifted She said ir again yesterday Daddy can we hunt now? Hell ya baby girl Right out of the back yard And theres a pond so we can fish or go to the creek. I knew they would outgrow this place And now...hehe And i think they finally have wifi out there So ya New chapter in the book of life Oh and bird watching I can dif out book and start crossing off birds Again Maybe even get a zoom lens and get pics And bees Yay I can keep bees if i want And i wants hehe
  3. Damn Im moving soon Miss this ole house My figs But oppertunity knocks Out in the country Nearest house is 300 yards away I am glad as kids need more room But this house had a lot of personal meanings to me. She was a wreck I wasnt much better We needed each other some how Im glad she got to live out her days with us As a family if you will Not like i found her abandoned And junkie crap everywhere Windows knocked out But termites have done their job And shes an ole girl now Still i will leave her clean and shiney And board her up tight so the junkies Wont use her. Stupid i know but i have a sedemental streak miles long.
  4. How do i sign up Sign me up please So we put seed in dirt july 1? Im going to use a fem c99 photo Thats cool?
  5. Yup to garlic I been told im going to have to change my diet some Incorperate immune foods But ya..... Im feeling better and fish antibotics Is doing wonders. Too bad the dr wont even consider my request
  6. Boy are they miffed.... See your not supposed to be able to take matters into your own hands and say Fuck it...my ass, my risk,my win,my loose... Told my Dr about the meds Oh to be a fly on that wall Told him how i was almost not able to walk Numb and more and more since Feb.... How i spent 1360.00 and saw 3 doctors And they all told me to take an asperin And check back in 6 months shortly after they Understood there was no insurance company Or gubermint program to milk and milk and milk. I asked this.... If a Doctor cared for me would he not prefer to Rx me antibotics .... Of his choosing and course as opposed to his patient taking fish antibotics made in Mexico No offence to them... u guys are good with me. All i got was a ho hum uh well ya know I...... Yeah Im still numb What took 3 months to fuck up will take time to undo But i feel better Stronger I can bitch slap a 6 foot man with either leg now using my foot lol I was almost unable to walk 8 days ago or so. Say what you want But this shit has helped me 4 more weeks unless they have me arrested lol. All of them saw this pic Most of them seem notbto understand standard lymes test is 50/50 accuracy. Fuck it i know how i feel
  7. 3 seem to do ok 2 are laggers The blimbourn cookies is sucking as well for me Both fem beans just popped and stood still? The tiney ones in The pics are same age as the larger wwxxl 2 are wwxxl one a blimbourn Blimbourn has stick in it and is prolly 17 days old Pitiful I have already put C99 fem beans in the laggers dirt When they pop and show strength as i know they will the laggers die 12 days shot to hell Better to kill em and sow with new beans imo. I still have 3 wwxxl autos I also started 3 cindys in the tent as a reserve.
  8. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    Wonder if honeydews would grow up there They are my favourite if its a good sweet one
  9. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    Sounds like you could use a small greenhouse. I only grow what i eat now so im lucky To be here for watermelons. They really excell in super hot and not a real wet environment. Since i get enough sun in the melon patch now I think next year i might risk planting a few Charlston greys to. Sugar Baby is the sweetest cultivar and not as much has to go right to haul in 10lb mellons As opposed to 35 to 55 lb ones But man they greys are sweet to and that huge Heart Mmmmm
  10. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    Well the melons do well That patch is 10 feet wide and i have to shave grass i front of vines 2 times a day now. Tomatoes do better as sun climbs Parsely goes to seed
  11. Stupid question... Not fem beans? My SP cross is awsome Never a problem i can honestly say
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