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  1. Toker

    Well damn

    I already did, pisses me off Then one ya really want to reveg can be iffy. But ya, something just said Save her
  2. Toker

    Well damn

    This plant .... I hate it because it stunk like cat piss In every other respect it was great. It really stunk up the house like a nasty cat box. Anyway "if it wants to live..." I chopped this weeks ago Threw it outside in a shed It gets very little ambient light It's got no water , prolly a good thing And it's been out in 25 degrees It's fucking winter lol. Ahhh If it still wants to live in a few weeks I suppose I have no choice. She's a reg WW and she don't wanna die.
  3. Toker

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Only one unit. The Rockpal 600 They are kinda pricey. I will upgrade my lights, I'm a fucking believer now for sure. Hopefully by fall I will have new units, I will keep a few of these for veg and if ya want send me an addy an I ship out the rest when I get set up. I'm very happy with what I have, for closet and tents It's killing it, but effeceny Is not like the Great units And all these new features coming out have my interest for sure. I don't suggest getting high end unless your one of us Hard core, be doing this shit till we die crew. But if money is an issue you can't go wrong in home grows With a decent 118.00 bloomspect and 2 medium size plants. Shit the 60 buck 300 model would do that area well. But over time high end pays for itself again.and again.
  4. Toker

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    I'm using A 600 full spectrum With UV and IR And a 300 full spectrum in tent For those 2. Bloomspect one with secondary lens, one normal But with UVIR. Someone said if you want flavor and resin go redder If you want yield go full spectrum. They were rosin folks , dunno If it's correct but it's what they think.
  5. Toker

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    CC, 21 more days
  6. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    Bitch still streching 2 distinct phenos But ya, at this rate I can see her giving 100 grams. Officially it's 56 days 3 more weeks, one more feeding and hopefully mine will start to suck cloro out of the leaves and I will see fall colors If I'm doing this right.
  7. Toker

    Weird night

    These days there's almost no excuse as cheap as they are. But I think I will just fence in the front yard and call it good. One dog is one thing, 2 big Pitt/Sheppard male crosses And one evil ass Sheppard Mama should do the trick. I keep the ole man and my Pitt cross female inside with me. .mail box at the road so that should cut down on anyone Knocking again.
  8. I miss my Bengal, 19 years Was a good run though.
  9. Nothing She's holding all the cards. I could go out but I'm just not into it. Folks out there doing dope Bars are dope hang outs here Or most are. Last time I went out the chic was what most folks would dig Besides the crazy as batshit part. She did coke all night long After a few hours of that I was ready to get the fuck out of there. So what the fuck I would end up.with now scares the shit out of me. Nah...i got my girls in the closet, I can trust them hehe ..
  10. Toker

    Weird night

    You were raised correctly. It is rude, and bad manners To shown up somewhere uninvited. It's like picking your nose in public. Phone...same here I block every number I don't know. And now with this AI shit Going to get even weirder.
  11. Toker

    Weird night

    Yup, and of course all my lights are blaring. Can't be seen from outside but still, I hate company It's not welcome. I'm going to leave the evil bitch outside at night from now on. She can go over the fence she just jumps over a 5 foot fence like it ain't shit. If I put her outside and this happens again it won't happen again. Mindnight... Shit no good can come from that. What pisses me off is I sat there. Musta been sleepy My normal reaction would be to growl Who the fuck is it Of course the dogs sensing my ire would be especially enthusiastic Then I would bitch tounout like Like bad for fucking being in my yard Knocking on my door at midnight. I dunno, shit happens for a reason Maybe this methhead was carrying to
  12. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    An issue with LSD25? Pic 1 Good beans , good dirt, LED...even a cave baby can do it
  13. Toker

    "The fever" Sans interpretation.

    A family pic of the photos And the Fever , smaller ones Pic 2 I'm topping them, going to do everything I can to keep em Growing slow, by the time they go in flower they will be big I do t want anything in here flowering at that time except them lol.
  14. Toker

    Weird night

    I won't answer lol I'm a hermit by choice. Now if someone did break in We have a stupid law here I have to let you cross the threshold and enter Before I can shoot you in 2 And let the dogs have a chew.
  15. Toker

    Weird night

    Sometime last week someone knocked on my door. No one knocks on my door. I never answer, I figure if it's bad they are going to come in anyway... It was daytime and they left Never saw who it was. Last night at 12 am some one knocks at the door. I'm laying down, thinking if it's bad they will come in anyway After a few mins I open door and no one's there. Now ....my 2 dogs i let out front were nowhere to be seen But the one inside and the 2 lads outback were going nuts. I went out and looked around But saw no one. Stayed up till 2 watching. It was either a dope zombie Or a ho dope zombie. Who else would knock at midnight. I spent time reinforcing my front door casings Kick on that door and break a leg. The back is covered by the lads But I'm thinking I'm going to run the fence around the whole house. I have to build a gate, pain in my ass but that way the lads And Fuzzy...should have named her chomper cause she's a bitch with attatude Can patrol front and back I keep my pitts inside as one last layer before I shoot you.