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  1. Ok so 2 chopped 2 reset 3 at 30 days in closet 2 hangin Clones in 2 l Cuts fixing to go in dome
  2. Toker

    Seedsman seeds

    I like them a lot. Affordable and high ends Quite generous with freebees Except their free seeds are mainstream Seeds ...just a few free test.
  3. the auto flower network They do photos to Its like u own a Mercedes in the sticks And you move to NYC And there everywhere
  4. 31 days lol To say i love this strain is an understatement 20200919_221109.mp4
  5. Here we go Day one My xmas herb
  6. So 29 days I finally got fish emulsions but it matters little The FF had the same N Shit is just fast as fuck Its dank AF now but i try to prop em up till day 35 If i said i had a strain ready in 28 days Most folks say i was full of shit on roll it up Proofs in the pudding
  7. So again Where are the bodies stacked like wood We were told this is worse than the 1918 Flu Bollshit Good interview with tech folks the other day As i asked months ago Where except China did anyone see anyone Fall dead in the street? You been set up Now in regards to these commie citizen Journalists..... That hero doctor.... He was a shill to To scare the fuck out of you And get you to comply Im not tech savvy but the interview Had many who were. So.... How the fuck all the sudden did these Vids(ccp fear porn) Ever see the light of day? How the fuck did they get thru thr CCP Firewalls That have been in place over 2 years? They fucked you that's how It was for your consumption Dont feel bad They scared the fuck out of me At first...... But my algorithm tells me If the numbers they post are true And i doubt it This "virus" is as catchy as the flu No more Agenda 21 Learn it Know it Fight it
  8. They are being set by antifa I never been so glad to live in the sticks The cities are going to be a mfer by Dec
  9. What was i saying? This vacations been a blurr
  10. Moved things around 2 in closet are 14 days into flower 3 are 10 days Clones and moms in tent Last batch in jars Oddly the 2 greenist are further into flower I ran out of fish emulsions and this fox farm For the first weeks of flower has N but these bitches are greedy for it now Some are finicky that way but it never matters As they are so fast N wont be an issue in a week lol Brothers grim c99 if i remember right Most happy
  11. 36 days in closet Its pretty much bodacious now But i give it 7 more days i think This is the cut i kept 20200823_202803.mp4
  12. Continuing.... Chop 49 days Reload Closet 33 days flower These clones are not taken from flower Thats veg lol
  13. Pandemic Plandemic I despise this shit Its political beyond measure Its so fucking stupid it divides everywhere you look Im.on record as saying its as spreadable as the flu or a tad more But fuck all that I sure hope in your neck of the woods the weathers been fine Cause if one looks at last year's world wide crop production And see wtf is going on now We are fucked Here more rains just as i feared The crops look about 40 percent of what they have been in the past Its bad More rains now is bad Iowa Ohio China Floods The solar min was evident Nothing grew as it should even in well drained soil North Korea is turning pets into dinner Do some sneaky searches Cause google manipulates shit See if everything's hunky dory in your state or country Its fucking pouring The beans the farmer planted that drowned And then were re planted have Drowned I hope its better everywhere else Cause were fucked
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