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  1. Ts 1000 arrived 2 10 gallons FF hf Nutes FF Alaska fish emulsions
  2. Ok so i was less than pleased with my cherry bomb germ rate but it could have been anything I am pleased with this lady She reeks so sweet in veg My cherry bomb mom for now If her cuts root soon in she goes to flower My ts 1000 arrives today But yes cherry bomb is stupendous Its flavour of pronounced sweet cherries is quite special Shes for tokers private stock
  3. Or could be a dina fem cheese auto xxl We find out together See other thread Day 2
  4. Dinafem auto cheese xxl Take 2 Im calling this day 2 I fucked up and lost my labels One of these is a dinafem auto cheese xxl And one a dutch passion auto criticle orange punch Guess we find out whos who together
  5. I ordered mine today and got 3 new bags of happy frog for the 10 gallon bags I switched gears and dumped cash into grow materials and im getting 2 more lights Next week as reserves Bank of America said Transitory hyperinflation.... The holocaust was transitory to.... Anyway i highly suggest the things you need And use daily.... Stock up on em big time I got 2 years worth of jiffys and nutes etc.. Bumpy ride says Bloomberg Buckle up yall I even got another break barrel and 5000 pellets Never know with this ammo shortage
  6. Loathed to cut grass It smells so good Maybe i let it go a tad longer
  7. Yes shoeless gifted these It can be done Honestly im so fucked up right now i cant say Somewhere in this thread im sure I have posted her at different times of harvest Many pics here with post times I can sell her for 100 a half at approx 33 days With a decent dry I never cured her as she gets gone as it is I have had some stay in jar a while I notice grapefruits Last one i went 40 days and my god the buds were fat These are like multiple clones of clones 100 times over lol? So you know they are hairy in veg Yes shes quick as fuck In all honestly among you guys she could And i i.should let one go 56 days I will we.need to see this But one reason i dont is cash If you can get it over and.over its good to Someone and it really iz Also me I like the soaring fast hit followed by the bliss And flyin and less of an amber guy But i promise Out of these guys One will go 56 days The veg are hungry c99 clones and one asnof now unknown cherry bomb Pissed supream sent me 1 out of 10 seeds Anyhows shit happens Hoping for a girl
  8. Emoji When these things came out i was disgusted A world reduced to stupid faces But These things fooking rock With women When your sitting there with no fucking clue what to say Send a smile face Lololol Or a kiss thingy Just mimic what they send you Man these things dont suck nearly as bad as i thought when it comes to women folk
  9. I changed it out SPW It was a bit much for my 22 though my son thought It was the coolest thing ever Its easy to swap out and im like you As long as they keep their distance Im not hunting them Now rats and other pests is another thing So i mounted it on my break barrel I also tricked out my shotgun added a flashlight Im searching a rifle to hunt deer with and im done. I can take multiple game Protect my house as im to old for the other shit And plink away and have fun I have appox 2.6 million calories stored up in mylar and adding 360k a month to that. Some folks go to key west Shaking my head Others prepare just in case Like i tell the old lady if nothing else the money i spend now is less that the future And in mylar with O2 absorbers Lest we know we wont have to eat dog food in 20 years or so lol They did bring me a hat lol..... Wish they would consider what ifs..... So toker preps for them to
  10. I will hunt you down..... Lol I hear 3600 in new biden money soon Could be rumours But that be nice Think of all the goodies toker would buy The finished product Night vision installed Maybe i go hunt some skinwalkers or better yet take a vacation to the Skinwalker ranch Toker got sumthin for you shape shifting bastards Lolol
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