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  1. Toker

    My garden

    Well summer ...not your wimpy Summers lol But our summer has finally broke 97 f with 71 relative humidity Flies stick to leaves when they land hehe Hmm, melons flower like crap They love our weather, might loose a bunch of tomato flowers as last 3 nights been Over 74 f. I keep the bird cage over a miniature pumpkin plant And my herb garden Parsely and minuette basil First pepper, looks like an alant But I see if it changes colour.
  2. I'm very pleased. I can tell a huge difference. I'm stoked, I know I will need More Par for bigger plants but That's no problem. I been watching YouTube reviews out the ying yang. But he'll for 169 bucks You can get one that dims like the sun, on its own time lol And you can design your own Spectrum, soon it will order me pizza to hehe
  3. A few more days later lol Ya I'm glad I did this. What good is 70,000 lumens When your plant can't absorb But so many wavelengths. Hid is doomed just like 8 tracks
  4. Combine veggies and canna... Think Baker Creek meets sannies Your all in one stop for genetics.... Just a stoners musings But in Socal alone..... Many hippies
  5. Toker

    My garden

    Y'all feel free to show, hell Any garden is a good garden Flowers.... One of these days I'm going to roll my sleeve up with them
  6. Toker

    My garden

    My son, lol Jonny pumpkin seed. He planted these when I was not looking, had to leave them I admire his industrious self lol
  7. Toker


    Tasty looking Snap, I have chocolate ghost Of yours ,maybe fall I run a few
  8. Yup, thanks man In winter I use 600, grow big Trees hehe. But the LED makes huge difference. It takes getting use to Got to fight the urge to Put light close to plants It boggles your mind When your use to reg light's But 1 meter and they seem Happy .
  9. Look at this fooking shit 5 days. As cheap as they are everyone should add some LED. Hell if they blow out after a year who cares,it's like the cost Of seeds, an expense But they will pay for them selves quick I'm betting. I have room for more and I'm doing it lol.
  10. Toker

    My garden

    Grapes...cool One of these days I'm going to Get into them big time. Was working in the hood All the sudden I see peaches On a tree, ....I nabbed 2 lol Then I see blackberry's To then along a fence Booku grapes , prolly muscudine but still Tasty. Good luck with yours
  11. I'm trying lol I'm impressed with heat. Big time. I even have a 4 bulb t5 and a 4 bulb T8 Plus 3 CFLs, but all that's going to the new veg place as soon as fixtures arrive. Then in winter, I see if I need the HPS for heat etc. But that's my plan, I want trees. Oh ya may think this crazy but window unit AC scrub air pretty damn good. Can't tell a thing , and a few plug ins Seal the deal, hell this place is maybe 500 SQ feet if that .
  12. Toker

    My garden

    No, I'm not a canatlope person And that sucks cause we have The weather for them. My favorite are honey dew But they hate our weather So I went with my secondary Favorite, sugar baby watermelon, all the vines are. I did not know they would knock trees down so I went with icebox type because I was not sure if I had enough sun. Now I do hehe, the big squash Looking one is pumpkin They sent kids home with one In fall, my son wanted to plant seeds , as he's been in the garden with me since he was Crawling ,and we have planted His seeds 4 years now Damn pumpkins are long lived seeds. I also planted jack be little Small stuffing or fall display Pumpkins Esko gave me 4 years ago.
  13. Man, the Chinese didn't get the memo I guess. Well budget grower inspired me, holy shit check out his 2x 300 mars grows Anyway I decided , 2, and 3 gallon containers At least 21 more days veg for the lot of em And then flower em all with my setup, 2200 watts actual 385 That's even more Par than budget has . Going to need seeds soon though, all outta fem and This beast will use 20 unsex Seeds at a time assuming 50/50 ratio. Well come on Amazon lol
  14. Hopefully Amazon's got more sense. I am ordering one more A COB 1800 watt Man I crumbled quick Lol I like it already though I hung T5 side way to shoot Extra light on one side. I have to hang the 1800 watt A meter above but it's a monster.
  15. Well eBay beat Amazon here One arrived, runs quiet Not much heat at all Fking boxing can kiss my nuts Next time I order the plain brown box jeeze 15 in above in veg, the recommend .8 m veg 1.2 bloom.