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  1. Never thought i say im to lazy to make hash Then i met this crowd hehehehe Trimmin mighty grape
  2. My dogs are 70 lb killers You dont say please with them Now i love my dogs I kill over them But when they fight and that's rare Thats forbidden I played their heads with sticks like drums UNTILL they complied Else they would have killed each other Someone bread a dog that kills males on site And im cleaning up that assholes mess The females are just as evil They hate females Love males and vise versa Hell my routine to keep em.seperated is a choir Oh they were lite darlings as puppys But grew into shin godzillas
  3. Toker


    Tayberry...i likes I not seen any releases yet? I don't read the forums as i should Perhaps i missed some releases When approx will new stuff be out? I been bouncing all around but my projects should be done by spring and i like to run tayberry if it becomes available in the not to distant future. They all look killer really and im impressed Since esko went his way you as far as i know Have not released anything shop wise for sale And your gere is well worth buying Anyway that speaks volumes to me I don't have the patience or desire for that aspect of growing and am grateful you do. But it says to me theres a lot of studying going on. Cool beans
  4. I know im baked but i could swear when i opened the tent i smelled cherries The mind trippin maybe Anyway more of Cherry Bomb As i mentioned these will be sexed If luck is with me breeding will happen How to do it im not sure . Plan is get 3 cuts from each plant Lable and save Flip and let others go to flower Timing is around 30 days to 12 12 Im kinda worried they could pollinate my 10 plant photo closet grow in another room So timing matters Sorry for extreme blurple Small story Thats the first led i got 65 watts johtec and cheapo Like 40 bucks for 600 watt lol All 3 watt led I mean elcheapo I dropped it not shit hanging it out the box While running and fucked up one fan It sounds like rocks in their lol But the damn thing grows nice One other thing The pic shows great product for mites It kills eggs to and other pests and mold And will not fry your plants I use in veg areas and around room etc Not had mites since i started
  5. Toker

    Mighty Grape

    Yup Clones at 42 days are quite STRONG 48 days geeze lol Its a perfect nite nite strain Only thing is i know next time let clones veg a bit longer as her stretch is not big. Oh and shes excellent for pain My arthritis is barely noticeable
  6. Wow He called me ignorant Lolol But he the one thinks we need beans Omg im dying
  7. Growing Pot is science? Not sure on that one The word science encompasses A lot. Science has a principle that its always wrong Lol But i think certain aspects can be injected into it Things learned and methods refined or improved. Breeding can be made complicated as fuck Or nature can hit a home run first time at bat Breeding it seems to me has a hefty amount Of trial and error and tasting lol Mans been doing that since time began But cannabis is no ones bitch imho Somewhere on this earth is a plant that legends are made of. Growing among weeds and other Things All by itself with a few others perhaps And nature planted it. My 2 cents for what its worth.
  8. So true Sometimes i wonder lol I do a lot of comet Lately not so much as im burned out on stargate and babylon 5 Both good for sure. I do a lot of YouTube to but sometimes Its nice to pretend im in the Nineteens As my 9 year old calls the last century Lol
  9. Just woke from my nap Trimed the poison Smoke a MG 1/2 a joint and slept all day lol I fixing to. Afternoon bake with some green crack Got to grab some TP and dog food at the store But i did my gardening. After my errands its dinner MG joint Star Trek the original series Yeah i can watch em all anytime i want on net flix but .... Im a creature of habit 8 pm is star trek time lol Then some omargosh tv on the tube Maybe some buff poltergeist shit If the MG dont get me first And -zzzzzzz land
  10. 10 plants in 5 gallon pots All photos White widow C99 Mighty grape Ww clones I moved the cherry bombs to the tent
  11. About 23 days for these 3 cherry bombs
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