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  1. Yes try that Keep them at 105 F For 35 days They will pop real nice for you You will adore the smell Might be familiar lol
  2. So moving right along My welshies are all grow and been laying well for winter. I getting the ball rolling on being able to mail eggs Eating eggs are 8 a dozen Hatchers even more 28 days or so from now we see if tokers still got it. Been years since i did this Now its digital and a humidity display In the 90s ya had to use old school tools
  3. Damn has it been that long Ya Dont worry, I have zero worries About this shop.
  4. Round 2 My berry bomb reg seeds just got ordered But but cherry bomb was so good I decided to make my own
  5. Na its a snafu San will make it all better Its sleepy here but its always been on the level Or none of the folks here would stay Most been here 10 years i bet Gl You get it im sure
  6. Love these plants Last ones veg
  7. Well the grand solar minimum pleases the ducks anyway Ponds where once There Were fields Food gonna be a bitch in 2021 20201221_075611.mp4
  8. I see it Bad bad moon rises To many mullets Were screwed
  9. 21 ish and 14 days respectively
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