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  1. 5 days from finish for these 2 Mites destabilize the fuck out of them but still not to bad Very dank, hopefully the 63 day part will cover up then mite tastes.
  2. Toker

    Tiger bloom

    I'm.reading different things FF states it won't up you pH Lots of folks say yes? Hydo I would expect But in soil to I need a pH upper? I bought happy frog because it's supposed to be adjusted For Canna PH wise. I'm going to have to buy a PH kit aren't I? Used to use baking soda in my fish tank to up PH. But without a kit, it's Russian roulette. Damn it, this organic stuff is nickle and dime ya to death lol Saw a dude compare FF ocean Happy frog, MG, his own mix And pure compost The pure compost won, but it was on veggies, lettuce and such. Sometimes I wonder if I cut my MG with some cow shit, for bacteria spangum moss and perlite how that turn out. I guess I'm going to finally have to get real about my medium.
  3. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    Pulled the trigger on this so far Awaiting the beans...
  4. Toker

    Do you cut Fox farm happy frog mix?

    Another question plz. I read FF has beneficial bacteria so do I need to add A bacto like product. I'm seeing I need to add nutes As the plant will drain soil I plan on tiger bloom Anything else? I may pull trigger a few weeks later lol The shopping bill is adding up And I'm seriously considering Getting that CMH . Wanna do this grow by the numbers. Any advise is welcome
  5. Like the sound of this Nuke Em Multi-Purpose Insecticide and Fungicide. ... OMRI listed formula multi-purpose insecticide and fungicide that kills the eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insect that feeds on and ultimately kills plants. Its target is all species of Spider Mites, Thrips, Whitefly, Mealy Bugs, and other plant insect parasites. Thanks, I order this with my auto supplies.
  6. Maintenance day...sigh I have to drag everyone of these out, spray the crap out of em with Dawn solution and back in they go. But it is working on mites Eggs....are from Hell. Oh and my widows clones Love her, live her cuts Branchy sexy thang.
  7. Toker

    Spider mite report

    It does work,like your juice GA But you have to keep doing it every 3 days till all eggs hatch And are then killed As a maintenance I highly recommend. Be careful, very light blue water I mean very light blue But it does work for sure. Dawn I can vouch for
  8. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    They left Jamaica , and are in transit. I'm ordering 3 5 gallon smart pots as 2 cubic feet will fill 3. The FF happy frog, tiger bloom And a pH meter and some other tidbits I will put it all together soon, perhaps this weekend and pull the trigger in a few weeks.
  9. I haven't but yes, it's like a talk show now All talk...few show anything The breeder's...never see much If anything . If ya think about it the breeder's show the least as I see it. It's almost like we're taking their word on it lolol. But hey wtf do I know. The members, very few do. My theory is the legalizing has made folks apathetic Just go to the store and buy some bud.
  10. Toker

    Smart Pot Soil Calculator

    Thought this was neat.. https://smartpots.com/price-range/
  11. Toker

    CBD1 and 2 Chemotherapy natural style.

    My 30th birthday I got sick Long story short, I had a blood cancer. Mildest you can have, they put me on hydroxyurea . My platelets were exploding numbers wise. I had 6 times the normal amount. This condition does not vanish. Or so "They" say I would be dead of a stroke in 3 years if I did not comply and take the rat poison. Heart attack or stroke they said For a year or so I did comply, but you could look at me and I would Bruse, I felt ...meh Said fuck it, left it up to the Big man and never took the rat poison again. It's been 20 years or so, I should be dead several times over according to DRs. Funny thing is, if I had took the rat shit, over time it causes massive dna damage, so that You almost assured to get a fatal cancer from the effects. Told my Dr, fuck it it's in God's hands. Anyway, after my daughter was born, say....10 years or so Mom and the ole lady bugged me to see the Dr so I went. My first Dr had died of brain cancer by this time My doctor did the blood panel And called me in, looking at it scratches his head and says I don't understand , your blood is normal. Bahahaha Dude, I told ya it's up to the big Man, when it's my time It's my time and you can't do shit to help me. He told me I had a unique way of looking at Death As an oncologist I'm sure he's seen pleanty. He asked if I smoked, I said like a Champion He said I had normal but large lungs Duhh...I'm 6'1 Asked about drugs etc Told him I smoked pot He mentioned some studies and off he went. His wife died of cancer not to long after this, and he did not to long ago. But I will never forget how he looked at me like I was a cave baby when I said I leave it up to God and his kind herb. True story.
  12. We got 3 inches at ,5am, by 9 it was washed away We got lucky, just rain mainly.
  13. I have to research this, but watching The future of weed:High Country. Our bodies are wired for Cannabis. Receptors everywhere, except most luckily the Brain stem. Also CBDs are in essence chemotherapy and can kill cancer cells. The good kind, they prevent masataziing, blood requests from tumors. They trigger programed cell death, while leaving heathy Cells alone. Facinating
  14. Ok, well my autos are in Jersey lol The WW, I put them In nov 6 Pistals came out at the he 20th So I'm.calling this week 3 Of flower, fucking love the vigour of seed plants And we'll today's breakfast, the CB in closet is at 54 days and beyond dank Reeking goodness but the plug ins are helping a lot.
  15. Thats cool dude. I'm like your wife, one of the fucked upest devout Catholic You will ever meet lolol God damn I piss em.off regular.. Anyway yes ...enable is a good word. A lot can be accomplished with a good attatude and a willingness to do some mother fucking thing for oneself. Our charities give billions... When the shit hit the fan in 08 We had so many folks from other "Christian" churches coming in for aid, we were helping the non Catholics more than our own. Fine but at some point the coffers go empty. Attatude... I'm poor as piss but I can work. I offer my labour and sweat Like the little drummer kid All I got really. Attatude matters, and wanting to help yoursself matters Greatly It's 26 degree and he's out there. His call, could have heat Got free WiFi I work with a man who is his age. 65, Randy worked his whole life, still works his ass off A life time of knowledge and experience. My buddy... Hell if.i know, except he seems content with fucking a syboitic Kida parisiticle thingy. Oh for some of you saying Holy fuck Toker is a Catholic Esko in what I interpreted as a Slight said "You smoke pot, "your a hypocrite, my condensing Of words. Since my friend is ignorant of Well most anything religious I had to explain it to him hehe. In our Bible... alcohol is singled out specifically as bad in the regard of being a drunk You can drink, just not.be a drunk ass lazy peice of shit Don't fucking sit in the street Passed out kids shit. But herb? Not singled out, in fact Read this. Gen1/29 Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. My God fucking rocks. Anyway, dude needs to get off his lazy ass and do something, or not But I'm not paying his way