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  1. Breakfast at tokers Going to a PLAY day Tanks game marathon Light breeze for drone Got the guns loaded up and targets ready Me and my son and a ole friend today
  2. How do i spell relief? Well i think they say Punci in Hungary lol Man those pics don't belong together Its like looking at a train wreck before dinner. Well at least you got it out.
  3. 11 of 11 germed hehe Last to should poke thru tonight Here's the last of them popping 11 cindys ... And 5 MG clones ,this is going to be awesome Fun.
  4. I believe your right to. Now that i can control pests and have a mother Who is fast already i can match an autos performance and exceed many that need more than 35 to 42 days and that's with both my C99 And mighty grape. This conversation can open many rabbit holes lol. To be clear the autos i have run are excellent I will run red poison as i adore the fruit taste with no petrol flavors. Not downing autos at all I just think i dig the brunette more Dark haired women always killed me lol
  5. Toker

    Mighty Grape

    Ok so as stated MG the grapefruit pheno Is one of my keeper picks. I said screw mums years ago because of pests I just kept loosing the battle When i got this stuff everything changed So with this miracle product i regained hope Of keeping plants around for a long while As the Borg are constrained Reasons: I cant say one over the other as all are excellent So roll em up together and hence the keeper Flavour- I find the strong pink grapefruit taste to be most pleasing and different for my area Yield- Lots and lots lol Strength- On tokers scale any Joint i can smoke off of by myself 5 times and still Chunk the roach is A+++ Speed- when stocks are good speed is less the issue yet 35 days and its damn good 48 days and omfg. Clones now mind you. Roll the package all up and its One of my keepers. Finally got some cuts of her So C99 by shoeless and this MG cut and tokers Done except for the tent. I hope nothing changes this lol It seems nice to finally settle down but this plant...... If cherry bomb is i deed cherry I may have to make more room. Use this shit Order this shit This shit is the shit Your garden will love you.
  6. To work today or not..just wanna crawl back in bed. Maybe finish this joint and enjoy the show first See what happens later.
  7. Well i yanked the all rudi one The one with a stem as big around as my arm But with little bud The twisted nature of the leaves I do like how they naturally branch out But compared to my photos they look different And well not as much frost Now.....i did say my auto strain experience is limited to 8 previous strains i have ran Its possible there are many that are very frosty I can not say that from my own experiences But that means nothing.
  8. Back and forth on this When i first did autos i lost my mind Love em and still do My strain experience level is low Approx 8 auto strains i have tried to date So keeping that in mind.... I think i like photos better again Sorta like blondes brunettes lol I will keep running red poison auto as its super Fruity taste strong excellent yields etc But i do see in my limited view photos are More sticky and as i actually look and see the ruderalis in the structure of autos i begin to wonder Should i beat myself severely for playing with this bastardized version lol It could be a plague Think if it became established in nature in environments not native and interbreeds With photos.... What have we done lol? Im wasted but it seems autos freek me out now and photos are like natural boobs lol Pretty Still the genies out now so....
  9. Right to left WW MG C99 Cherry Bomb way back Not to much longer now though Cherry Bomb Went to flower later So Foxfarm hf soil A shot of tiger bloom 5 gallon smart pots Decent LED Topped at 3rd node Poof Easy peasy Oh keep the neam oil mix spray around just in case I hosed the area down before flower and all veg areas from time to time 6 bucks at lowes Its a mix now Don't use that full strength oil Happy trails 20200116_180956.mp4
  10. Im going to have some most excellent porn To shoe soon as YOUR cindy is kicking ass Yet again Yo shoeless You know what these are? All your fem cindy beans Well i saved a few just in case But im going to run everyone one of them here And show the fuck out of this plant. I said it many times but this is quality work right here. He fucking femmed them Oh and no hermis Stellar bro all i can say.
  11. Its insane in there 44 days and its dripping resin in there. Shoeless.... Your C99 Is looking awesome as well When i do chop i show each plant but for now Lets Jam
  12. I been busy last few weeks but in a good way Had to figure out the drone and camera etc And i actually have a flight vid but its got my ugly ass in in so.... Plus it was windy so i can do a better one soon I just saw a freekin drone this dude has No shit he was flying himself If fucking took off and flew him on his own roof Insane insane insane
  13. 10 dollars lol The shitty ones cost as much. But i already ordered a new one 10 times brighter for 22 dollars I need if for jeffie my dog Hes blind and when i let him out at night i like to keep up with him. I just like to make sure i have a visual on him Because he likes to go running in the fields And im ok with it as long as i c.an see him.
  14. I already chopped one MG The clones will wreck you at 37 days but these will go 50ish days. The cherry bomb is looking nice as well.
  15. These plants became trees 3 plants One was all ruderalis with a stem as big as my arm but no bud and i seen this before so it got Chopped and one seedling that was an underperforming was yanked. Approx 60 days in
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