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  1. Everyone seen this im sure but its smart I bet the real reason is limted sun/room and She can move them from shade to sun When needed if its not Photoshop
  2. Ok so keeping with that eccltic spirit And not knowing where else to put these for now C99 from seed and MG clone 2 red poisions One is lagging hard but that could change Thr other i topped so i interested to see what becomes of that Defiantly light nutes if any as FF does well. 20191016_204837.mp4
  3. Toker

    Mighty Grape

    44 days U can see shes yellowing Not been fed in 2 weeks Supposed to finish 42 49 days I can see shes begins finish But pistals sure are white No way i get her in 5 days unless drastically Different She lacks characteristic huge main cola due to topping 20191016_204837.mp4
  4. yeah My favorite is a plain vanilla shake. Im like black and white when it comes to my creams No funky stuff Vanilla Or Chocolate for me. Once in a while i enjoy vannilla with mint chocolate chips
  5. What was it? Im doing teasel Japanese knowtweed and adeographia Chlorella. Now.
  6. Its true man And well i need to stock up I have cronic lyme Maybe i can work in 15 Maybe not so.. Stock now while i can. I dont want to be old and have to depend on Shit or anyone. Maybe i get lucky and it goes remission But fuck all that crap. Last night i got a wild hair up my Ass and redid All my grow areas I did some measuring About 2 grand in the new mars boards And approx 1450 total watts should cover this whole room The closets will be auto flower grows
  7. Feed But when tender not bad I advise folks to learn about weeds lol Lots of stuff Wild lettuce Most folks walk by it a hundred times a day... Vitimins Got to have em and got to know where to go. Dandelions are rich in Vitiamin C But eating it as is is gross Now saute young leaves with a dash of olive oil Some garlic powder and salt Palitable and healthy Deer out the wazoo here A creek a quarter mile away and a pond though In a shtf time the pond is risky Many folks be hungry Stock Now Stay home Lots and Lots of ammo And hope for the best Davey Crockett did it....forget the Alamo shit Hehehe
  8. Give me time hehehehe That Tobacco And booze High price trading goods
  9. Oh mine cost like 24 bucks For 60 1 gallon bags and 60 300 cc O2 absorbers I advise a several kinds Gallons Quarts 50 gallons hehehe
  10. These are prep supplies Rice and flour and pasta The bags are mylar and i seal them shut after i put in 600cc O2 absorbers. This way the food lasts up to 20 years I hope for the best but prepare for the worst Even a squirrel has sense enough to store Nuts for hard times.
  11. Im going to work the weekend and put some nuts up for winter In fact i have so much work im never going to have a day off soon but ya have to catch em When they are biting 60 1 gallon mylar bags and O2 absorbers Long night ahead as i try to fill as many as i can. Preppers lol The flat iron i got for me and Sam She can use it on her hair I can seal bags and make dabs lolol
  12. Beans are here Waiting on one more 10 gallon smart pot to arrive and then i hope rhis weekend to pick up More happy frog and coco It will start soon i just need a few more things
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