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  1. I was researching herijuina and noticed very few old vids. Someone needs to show consecutive grows on the tube of these strains. They are there but it could be a lot better. No full grows , few finishes and some are good Others are ok. Not as much info at the fingertips as could be. And there best foot should be put forward. One great vid on the tube of a full grow Would be seen by many im betting. Gotta get that brand out there, kne helllasious Vid .... A grower i follow on the tube has done 9 seasons showing many different brands Hes a good grower imo and folks use vids like this to gauge a grow. I see a strain grown by many but that tells me nothing I see a strain grown well and i take notice of that strain. Its how shopping is done these days Why read when i can see the whole process done correctly? In ln like a 2 min time lapse cause folks have about that long an attention span. But a channel deddicated to it would serve those of us with more than a fleeting interest. Just stoned musings as i contimplate shoeless selene x heri cross
  2. Oh and this is my opinion Maybe somewhere where they get 12 hours full sun they get monster size but autos are for inside and supercropped and lst photos are good outside. Just my take on it Im sure someones got a vid of an outside monster auto grow but for me i think they love the 20/4 . Its a time thing as i see it. Sure you could set one out in may and by August your smiling but can it yield what a photo properly prepared and vegged for like 16 weeks would do? Of course this in in my dreamland legal area. Elsewhere its a toss up .
  3. I know this is old but still stellar. Im kinda lurking on ya bro, gathering info on selene. I see her crossed, looked tasty no doubt. I know heri and her will have a different structure i assume. Did you ever do a thread on the heri cross?
  4. Some strains vary. If ya had like 5 who knows One could got 3 feet. Thats why i hunt for the most stable that meet my needs. Anyone can kill it with dinafem xxl any strian lol
  5. My first gallon jar..and i need one more lol. Im so satisfied Oh and fastbuds has a buy a 5 pack get a 5 pack of the strain you ordered sale Im mean damn, how can ya go wrong. Im thinking California snow this time. 10 auto seeds for the price of 5 Sweet.
  6. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    Planted chokes yesterday and cut my cable line. Dammit Got the tiller out, we going to turn some dirt aftet work . Put my boy to work . Hopefully we will get it done before the cable folks lay yet another line.
  7. A bong hit or 2 lol I don't know if i can do the rest of the girls tonight I have a good problem for a change Stuff is gummin my bong Forgive the leaf, not trimed the final
  8. This pot is truely bodacious To think this was the reg auto version and she still gave me 55 grams of this. And it tastes soooo good. Screaming high/energy/euphoric Absolutely true to vendors description and my expectations Im going to do the xxl version in the future but I will pic and mix one of these in as well. A bong hit or 2 for your viewing pleasure. Cheers Dinafem
  9. Tokers thinking its time to make money I want to grow high dollar legal mushrooms I mean the gotta have kind chefs dream of. I would like to learn this skill and one day Seek out local chefs to sell to. Anyone have any info on this , kinda off the beating track but im really interested in this. I think it be a good way to make extra money and eat good to.
  10. Thanks yall. I will do a decent smoke report soon, give them some age. I am smoking caramelo now Most outstanding True to its description Stand out taste, different Floral yets sweet, hits of spice and. Frosty. Very strong clear soaring high but does mellow One out behind the ears Nice name pick lol So if anyone seeks a very different yet wonderful pallet experience shes a good one to consider. She is also a photo .
  11. Toker

    Happy Easter

    To those who yearn for peace His peace be with you. For us Holy week concludes. Happy Easter.
  12. No..no they dont. Autos have arrived, soon only the most die hards will grow photos. In legal places its another story but 80 days and this, how can ya beat that with photos? I hear quality over quantity... Stow that shit folks If ya want to split hairs go ahead but if you buy from respectable vendor what they say is true. Its so easy even a toker can do it hehehe
  13. Im scared to say how this ended but with all the laws i broke whats a few more hehe Ok so all together i went over 600 g all im saying If it had not been for safety concern the 5 photos would have added at least 200 more. I have already ordered carbon filter and im looking into an atomizer i think they are called Going to rest on the laurels for a bit Lay low, have a shit load of fun anf screw around with a few gurrilla auto grows outside Dinafem, dutch passions Delisious seeds Barnys farm Sweet seeds Imo...all of them are champs Not a bit of this could been done without their exceptional beans. I feel like i should pay them more lolol Peace
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