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  1. Been hacked Everyone bailed to other fourms
  2. Only those san has not contacted to say the site is hacked and sannie and just about everyone had abandoned the site. I only come here because there's nothing to hack on my end. Yes opengrow is toast.
  3. Toker

    Is fucked

    Just in case anyone still don't know the place has been hacked. Assholes they are.
  4. I like the other Cool peeps It's all good and shit Too much going on for my old ass. Autoflower network was like that and thcfarmer. Im in the slow lane now. I grew the melon and kohlrabi. Ate so many melons I just eat the hearts and chunk the rest to the birds. Anyway I stay here Talk to the lurkers and fade away. I'm so fucking disgusted with broad mites I might quit growing ,bastards they are.
  5. Ok So since the site is a ghost town And the hackers suck balls I guess I'm clear to piss them off with Some parodies.
  6. Place Got hacked bro Pm me Most jumped ship elsewhere
  7. 2 tropicana 1 week into flower Dutch passions orange punches A few tropicana clones 2 more young Ora ge punch autos 4 "mindless"
  8. Thrips Wtf I would watch my plants do well Then I notice the bud sites turn yellow Then burn the fuck up. I'm was like nutes? Flushed the shit out of them and they did rebound. But...... I had others in New FF dirt doing the same thing. Not nutes I even washed the piss out of my grow bags to make sure any salts were gone. Shit still happened. I lost 6 fruit salads Their clones Several other strains to. All in about a week from the time I noticed. They go to flower, the buds burn , or seem to burn up. Then , desperate I grabbed my loup again And spotted a tiny white lavea. Then I seen them everywhere. Mother Fuckers. I neam oiled them and i still saw movements So I soaked them again Then hit them with triazicide. Fuck, these mother Fucks are as bad as mites. Here are 2 healthy ones as a base. If it happens to them I post a pick. I thought it had to be nute burns but new dirt Clean pots stumped me , thrips are harder to spot than mites .
  9. 4 weeks approx for tropicana and fruit salad Cheese auto has 4 more weeks approx Orange punch autos around 60 days more.
  10. Just sitting here waiting to hear a peep Out of anyone much less a "valued member" Hehe In the interm Toker got some cows And these cuties
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