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  1. My turkeys my sweety gave me Man she spolied them They follow me like children But its fun and now my burbon red hen Has a male poor girl sits on ground With butt up in air and no boy turkey Ya think a rooster help her out They jump everything lol Anyway my heritage turkeys No freaks here They can fly and mate Me thinks gonna be a brawl with the wild ones in spring Cant wait Love to watch gobblers Thomas Timmy Tiffany And Jenny About 12 weeks old Thomissaina my burbon red And the gooses
  2. What san said I dont think they can do more So many factors influence outcomes Trichs tell the story
  3. Ok so the Orange punch One on right nearly filled a gallon jar I can fit 6 zips in of tight hard flowers These are not so tight but still appox 4 Zips give or take a few g's Needs a final trim but im pooped for now. Cant wait to see what the big cheese On left gives Im guessing approx 100 grams
  4. Reloaded 6 cherry bomb clones 3 cindys 3 sugar black rose clones 2 mapleleaf indica x sugar punch Veg
  5. Well For my clones they kinda are in flower In veg Ate up with hairs and sticky I use the tric method I know my clones so well i dont need anything But for new stuff i find tric method Most precise..... Although There are tarter strains like my cheese Little amber Few red hairs Blow your head off lol
  6. Ok so One branch broke a few days before chop. Its dry nuff now to smoke in a joint My plant was u underwhelming seemingly If one watches dinafem own vid on this Strain it seems not full Big yes Not any or few red hairs I have seen others grow it with buds as big around as 24 oz beer cans Anyway i have the thiner version Exaxtly like dinafem shows Few red hairs Not a lot of amber anywhere. The buds though thin are hard and tight And this plant will provide 3 zips or more no doubt. So Omg its my new favorite lol Dutch passions Dinafem Jeez these dudes kill it Its cheesey lol Duh And sweet most excellent 1 /4 joint and im ripped More up and flying ripped that orange punch it seems But OP was covered in red hairs and had Some amber. I have 4 more seeds I sure Hope They work out the issues
  7. Toker

    Sugar Black Rose

    Excellent Im sure i will pick you for info Is she really narcotic like? I smoked nirvanas papya and it was Had me nodding in bliss
  8. Shit Im wasted Auto Critical Orange Punch by Dutch Passions 1\4 joint shit
  9. I have 4 cuts of her As soon as they root shes going 12 12 So i can see if i like her Narcotic effect
  10. Cheese on left Astounding Tight hard buds Only thing i do different is shootbthe nutes a bit sooner and more often But a tad less That plant had to weigh 5 lbs wet Again very pleased
  11. Op on right Going to run this several more times Very pleased
  12. The reload 3 Cindys 6 cherry bombs 1 sugar black rose Auto cheese and auto critical orange punch hangin
  13. This is a serious seed making grow Getting seeds from across the pond Is becoming hit or miss. Since its a unsure future i decided its time to buckle down. I have done this strain before and showed it. Its super excellent If i don't get a boy and a girl i will keep doing it until i do. Im calling this day 1
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