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  1. So how bout that asteroid that almost going to hit us next month lol All we need right?
  2. Its beautiful Im drinking lol I got choirs done and honestly is so nice i just decided to call it and get my relax on Prolly bbq chicken soon. Let yall in a little closer Hell the worlds on fire and what we do im sure Few care now so fuck it. I am truly grateful for where i live But i never was a snot nose Snot nose see this and not know what to do. If i were 20 years younger me and my shovel A few cows and chickens Land that has no fucking forever tax on it Oh hell i never need anything i could not bater for. Embrace this simple shit I know it sounds dumb I always been poor so the simple stuff kept Me going instead of crawling. 20200403_153135.mp4 20200403_153308.mp4
  3. Could have been golds.. Ya prolly was Red ones sold out
  4. Plan for the worst hope for the best Since i dont have shit to do the garden Is a biggie I suggest everyone does one. It takes you away lol So i 300 lettuce plants in and just planted 100 onion plants, red and whites. I have 100 yukon white potato plants im fixing to get in. Garlic as well today. I have my herbs ready Basil parsley oregano lemon thyme I have started a lemon tree and im getting ginger root. I have corn squash watermelons tomtoes and peppers to get in to as well as raddish and carrots. Sheesh Tasty looking summer. I show it soon when there is something to see. Im hoping i can catch the farmer and get him to turn over a half acer for me.
  5. I don't say that lightly but it is what it is. I wish health and peace to all Anyway one way or another shit must go on right? 2 auto NL by Pyramid and a Cindy in veg Then a cindy in a 10 and 5 and a 2l with a cherry bomb. The other 10 has mindlesss Sugar PunchxMapleleaf indica. Hope boy girl but we see. 3 more cindys in tent on 12/12 Cindy clones lol And a shitload of tomatoes and peppers For garden. Soil is fairly rich. Remember The show Must go on.
  6. Dude never assume anything..... First i not pinch one now as i do not need one 2nd if and when i pinch one it will be because Everyone's sick and well no one will see it anyway. Don't believe the stupid shit you do man. I believe my shit I have faith in my shit My shit rarely fails me. You guys understand whats coming? 15 to 20 percent of world gone Here is why 15 to 20 percent need hospitals Soon beds full No beds No nurses No oxygen Mean 15 to 20 percent of everyone on.earth is a goner. Add to that heart attacks that cant be treated Babies being born at home Car wreck with no help Looking like a solid 30 percent I hope you are ready for the bandits Cause as soon as folks run out of shit They be looking at YOU. good luck It starts getting knarly bery soon And its tracking perfectly
  7. Made my lunch Tiller i hope next week cause this shits killing my back
  8. I bought a humming bird feeder I call it hope Those woods are full of deer and turkeys Black birds and rabbits There's a creek further into it There lots of forage If it got that bad i be fine to. Way back there on right is a hog farm And well im not above pinching one if i really need it. But we grow gold A luxury item There always be rich fucks to over charge I have my garden and birds And if im lucky maybe a huge corn or bean field. Someone told me farmers growing a lot of food Not so much cotton etc We are going to need ours here in USA
  9. You were right about wisteria I seen it crush old houses Its the true kudzu of the south With one redeeming imo Factor April lol Oh i be ok If for some reason it gets that bad we are all facing a shtf on top of a SHTF Im a black market kinda guy lol As long As there is a black market I do fine Never depended on anyone or any thing Well after The first few times After that the grey hairs came in and well You know heheh
  10. I'm going to talk to my boss there's only two workers plus me and him and we can do this if we just avoid each other and when we absolutely have to be around each other we all wear eye mask now he's in the rental property and of course all his tenants are now not able to pay rent so what the hell's going to happen to the economy and whether or not I'll be able to work is an unknown but we can do this if he's got the money and ability to keep us going and if you don't well I can't really blame him I mean this is some f***** up s*** going on in the world
  11. Son of a bitch Im unemployed for 30 days We are under a stay at home Shit Well if i get a check that be great But this is total Bullshit Remind me to never ever ever buy Chinese again until the CCP no more.
  12. I grew both vendors nl I have bumps and curves but this strain Really turned out great I was less than enchanted but now Excellent gear. And the price is very affordable I had said i don't think i will grow it again But time in the jar changed all that
  13. Well my final assessment Many times we hear descriptions The description of this strain in very accurate It really does taste like cherries She is a Great strain and im thankful to have her in my stock.
  14. Ok so day 2 of yeast trial I added same amount of flour and water this morning and have stirred it this afternoon and will do so again before bed. If you look you van see little bubbles forming The ratio is 2 tablespoons of water to 3 tablespoons of flour. A giant wisteria stand fat with flowers about to burst. It reeks so good,akin to a purple hyacinth but stronger. And im trying to grow lettuce in my garden While this grows abundant year round Wild lettuce I cut grass 2 weeks ago and i hate to do.it again as i have seen Bees Not just bumble bees but honey bees
  15. Low dose for corona is best 20 -30 micro grams as the britts say I was low so i take 4000 icu as we yanks say Sleep is one of the best things you can do to boost immunity.
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