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  1. I'm joking bro, I get life changes I get new directions I get that we is trash you don't want others to know about In the legal world. What I don't get is why you don't come around and fuck off with us I can't understand how you could pour all that work on Canna....then walk away. But that's cool, is what it is. Your a great dude, always been cool to me. I'm not bitching the Man I'm bitching the avatar....lolol Not sure who or what took a giant crap in your corn flakes But I like to stick my foot halfway up his ass for that one. Don't get to pissed at me... You have my CC number hahahah.
  2. Toker

    Paps 2018 run

    Stick with what works I use plain MG soil Not nutes. Never failed me, I tried new dirt While back, mites, nute problems, jeeze it sucked. Yeah, I'm in a uncivilized state, I understand the stress factor for sure. But if I were you, I keep one or 2 going, it's a sad sight to see an empty grow space. Folks think this is easy, compared to roofing it is but There is a lot of work to, and it's like having kids. Your tied to them, Vacations are good to, reivigorages ya And absence of your girls will only make you fonder of them.
  3. Big shout out Bro Your interpetation is worthy And true To the eskos interpertation. Big shout out to Cheap Chinese LED lol. The smell is amazing. I never use a filter, my house reeks of Cheesey fruit with now a touch of pine it seems to me. I had to put rubbish bin next to front door of house with lid off Cause it reeks of KIND at my front door hehe.
  4. Yup, reminds me of Hid run without the heat. The next run is all CB clones Properly prepared, and all are at 8 weeks veg. I'm torn, screen em or let them become monsters and test LED penitration. I have the height to let them get 4 feet or so hehe.
  5. Toker

    3 day darkness at finish?

    Thinking on this a bit more Would not decreasing your light regimen be sorta a less Extreme but connected method? Never decrease light, read some stuff. It is Au natural way.
  6. Shits ready for my taste Mostly cloudy, more amber. Tomorrow day 63. But they are going fucking nuts now, think I wait a bit more. For scale I added coke can and a half gallon of OJ lol
  7. Toker

    3 day darkness at finish?

    Facinating ..... This is what I have seen on web. Some say yes, some say no. Damn as many LED vs HPS Your tube grow off vids there are I wonder if anyone has done a side by side of this. Thanks for your thoughts Please continue at will.
  8. Here ya go mindless Better view of them.. KVID3535.mp4
  9. She knows I go to sleep early At 1147 I got text to please call in AM. Maybe she got all excited and decided the hay romp was a good idea. Nah....prolly something about school or stuff. But she did cook us a huge spread. Oh, she made veggies other day. Asked me if I likes I said no Horrible What was in it? "Curry" I hate curry. So she sent same veggies As I asked A little cracked pepper and pink salt. My veggies were perfect Mom says she still spoils me Cooking dinner for us. I just smiled...if only she spoil me aittle more hehe
  10. Toker

    My garden

    She's 84 and still cooks us our Sunday meals, they live long in her family. My uncle's were in 90s when they died. Hopefully we have her around for another 20. She lovez melons, so I mainly Grew them for her. Hopefully I got the longevity Gene hehe
  11. Toker

    My garden

    I got this one yesterday, I ate it for dinner. It was almost to sweet lol I said I not do melons again Lots of work, but the reward Was worth it so...next year Trellises
  12. Yes, I do see some hues. One pheno is crazy, it's at 5 weeks now but so sticky I'm drooling but loupe says not quite The one I got the other day is what you expect at 7 weeks Clean, crisp ear ringing high that comes on like when your in a Old hot rod and tour buddy hits the gas and you sink into your seat lol One joint keeps me high till I get off work. The one due Sat shows some amber now, she will have gone the full 9 Taste is excellent, as she's dried it seems more blueberry at the front but then this cheese kicks in. It's complexity is awesome
  13. Toker

    My garden

    It's been a tuff year every where. Sounds par for the course . Blight, to much rain fruits split Ya melons did great, been real sweet. The second a little less than first but we had lots of rain in short time. It's true what they say, dry weather does make the sweetest melons
  14. Stoned determination.... How do I do more? Racked my head, then inspiration. Our train set up is 8 x4. It's under there I have my veg area. To flower under there was problem, I can do a 5x4 screen But I did not have the height. Stared thinking, what if I added A second level to set up, perhaps 10 inches above main layout. That would add new dimensions to layout, more cool stuff to add, tunnels bridges etc.... But underneath all stealthed Away I would have 4 LEDs with enough room to keep them 18 inches away If I do this right, I will finish flowering in September Then seemlessly immidiatlyfStart flowerfor big screen and use closet for mother ,veg, clones. Perfect, and as it begins to cool I can do this till April Sounds like a plan
  15. Toker

    My garden

    Picked another sweet one for mom.