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  1. Ya it kinda is. I sensed a last gasp the last update. That's when other seed sites were first advertised. But who knows, maybe it will. Been wanting a pack of killing fields to.
  2. Toker

    anyone here?

    There's a lot of info Though The strains are old lol Like I'm getting. So many new things pouring out of the west and elsewhere. But that's the good thing about herb, it just keeps giving and giving. I'm running all old herb now lol and it suits me Just fine but I seen the choices at the dispensers and it's like Almost to much, like when your in a candy store and just Overwhelmed hehe
  3. Toker

    anyone here?

    This place is finished For now anyway. Well Now I own it hehe And you to, and anyone else for that matter. I appoint us all Moderators lol It was hacked and everyone left cause well who the fuck knows why. I guess they are all linked and shit. Im not so I say Hack Deeze lol Not sure if I care except I have been getting calls from fucking Romania lately hehe.
  4. Your a little to late, although there's tons of info posted already. Site was hacked Most everyone has jumped ship to overgrown.com
  5. Been hacked Everyone bailed to other fourms
  6. Only those san has not contacted to say the site is hacked and sannie and just about everyone had abandoned the site. I only come here because there's nothing to hack on my end. Yes opengrow is toast.
  7. Toker

    Is fucked

    Just in case anyone still don't know the place has been hacked. Assholes they are.
  8. I like the other Cool peeps It's all good and shit Too much going on for my old ass. Autoflower network was like that and thcfarmer. Im in the slow lane now. I grew the melon and kohlrabi. Ate so many melons I just eat the hearts and chunk the rest to the birds. Anyway I stay here Talk to the lurkers and fade away. I'm so fucking disgusted with broad mites I might quit growing ,bastards they are.
  9. Ok So since the site is a ghost town And the hackers suck balls I guess I'm clear to piss them off with Some parodies.
  10. Place Got hacked bro Pm me Most jumped ship elsewhere
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