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  1. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    Final germ rates are in. Very pleased 2 WWxxl out of 2 (dinafem) 1 for 1 on Blackberry Kush(Dutch Passions) 1 for 1gs13 labs fem Blue OG 1for1 dinafem Criticle Plus. All 4 of sans fever as well. 100 percent. There is room for 2 more 5 gallon pots, when lsd and Moby dick arrive hopefully they will germ well and take their spot. Day 31 for glue and cookies The cookies begin strech Hopefully they will stop at 72cm or more.
  2. Toker

    What New Breeds are You Running

    I like to add the "Fever" As well. They don't call me a strain whore for nothing
  3. Toker

    Mephisto genetics

    I see we can order Walter white But I can't find riplys og Alien Vs triangle Or sour stomper? I want em.all
  4. Toker

    "The fever" Sans interpretation.

    5 year old seeds from others I can't vouch for. But Sans I can hehehe Awesome. Unlike in past I promise to grow in FF with organic Although I reserve the right to do some weak foliar MG feeding if it becomes necessary. These will veg under 600 watt full spectrum UV, IR light. At least 4 weeks as I'm mainly going for sexing, reproduction And getting a nice clone. I'm awaiting 2 more to finish germination.
  5. Toker

    How do you clean your jars

    Everclear I wanna puke It's like Tequila One word makes me qeezy 2 worst drunks, hangover ever Like sea sickness on roids OMG Now....I have been told the 200 A bottle tequila won't do that Evedently, The worm in the bottle stuff is rock gut The difference between drinking Georgia moonshine And Crown Royal. But, I take their word and stick to my Costa Rican coffee
  6. Toker

    New grower any tips/info?

    Well shit New grower That's one hell of a set up Dunno if anyone suggested this I find defoliation a huge help with humidity.
  7. Toker

    Mephisto genetics

    Mephisto genetics on Seems they are in the house? Well a big welcome from me. I saw a bunch of your plants grow, very very nice . Congrats on the potency Tests for 2018 25 plus percent Marvelous I'm getting my wish list ready Do I have to order from attatude Or will you be in shop soon? Stoked to try your lines. From.sannies shop: " Mephisto genetics autoflower seeds, quality over quantity" Good deal
  8. Toker

    "The fever" Sans interpretation.

    Several more are about to pop out of jiffys. Germing is always easy for me Except when you really really want something. I think we become our own Enemy. Patience , as Esko told me once Nothing really fast happens in the plant world Be patient.
  9. 16 f Dogs barked all night No sleep, I'm not looking forward to this day. 8 cups of coffee.... Not sure if that's a good thing or not. I'm burning 5 k watts an hour Light bill going to be fun fun fun. But I like electric heat No mess, no stores or exchange gas tanks. 5,000x24 Divided by 1000 equals Times .12 I don't wanna do the math Go away vortex I'm shocked I haven't thrown a breaker
  10. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    In case anyone's interested A partial part of the strain description of auto orange bud. " Dutch Passion Seeds AUTO Orange BudPrice Match Guarantee (T&C Conditions Apply)In StockFROM: $15.82 Quantity: Feminized Cannabis SeedsPick 'n' Mix$15.8203 seeds$46.0707 seeds$86.39 DESCRIPTIONCHARACTERISTICSSHIPPING AUTOMATIC ORANGE BUD Marijuana Seeds - Dutch Passion Seeds Seed Bank This is a breeding project which has taken over three years using genetics from Dutch Passion’s original Orange Bud photoperiod variety. The result was an automatic variety which is as good as the original photoperiod Orange Bud in potency, quality and aroma/taste. Auto Orange Bud grows to a medium height, reaching around 1 metre tall with large central cola surrounded by several smaller side branches. ' As I said there seems to be a lot of meter plus tall autos. I have even seen 1.5 meters. I think my WWxxl can reach 150 plus cm. Also, looking at sannies new shop I saw this "Mephisto genetics autoflower seeds, quality over quantity" In case anyone's wondering they scored the strongest auroflowers For 2018 Over 25 percnt
  11. High of 29, lows in the teens not counting wind. Ok winter you can go now. Hard to believe this weekend we start our peppers and tomato seeds. This year I'm bringing back a hybrid gmo prolly containing MSG lol super star Celebrity. But several tomatoes, several Peppers, some squash, an eggplant and a load of watermelon and I'm done.
  12. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    I'm putting these photos except sans fever in here. The fever will be in the UACB Section. But ya the photos in here came with the autos And hell if I know where to show them. I damn near forgot to write their germ days down, so I post a lot of shit in here as my visual library . I'm still sweating 3 autos, untill they bust that she'll off I won't relax.
  13. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    It is, they are hungry I fed once fish emulsions And spay weak mg folier Feet on just they hungry ones.
  14. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    Believe me, I take y'all very serious. I don't think y'all don't know shit. Hell you saved me from one blunder. But look at the Colorado cookies vid I posted Look at other folks results.... Man they yield huge , strain dependant and in the right hands. I'm sweating using Fox farm As Dina fem and DP list a different medium. However on the auto flower network...I highly recommend that by the way You can see full grows, pics vids and all from folks killing it in soil to. Some autos are small, weaker THC But some are testing in at 18/25 pecent. Overall photos do give more But there are some autos that can hold their own. These are my targets. Also, being my first attempt Who knows, but man I can get only about an oz a plant old medium etc. If I can knock out even 50 gram a plant, for 8..... I can go on holiday till..early next year. I would need no more weed till then. So for me....I must persure this. Now cost..... Think No veg area So if you run 18/6 I do 20/4 but anyway no veg Watts used Works about out the same I would assume? Then there is grams per watt Look at the Vid Off the top of my head they did like 1.5 grams per watt. Can't remember if they used the 75 watt in that one. Anyway I can run one led light Cover one CC Use 130 watts from wall And get 120 grams Me... If I do this shit right I can get approx a gram per watt Never even came close all these years. Mr cannuck is using mezi Lolol Think if he was using the good shit LEDs... We will see, to each his own I do suggest super autos They grow up to 1.5 meter indoor My CC is supposed to be 72 cm Now my WWxxl can reach a meter As well as orange bud and many others Alr Allthough I have seen gifted folks make the squat ones Do big things to , in context to how I look at big.
  15. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    He told me once to think forward. Autos are. I want your input and options man no doubt But I see 1 meter tall autos grown with 120 gram yields A plant, and testing in.at 14-18 Not shabby brother, imho That beats photos for indoor except in gifted hands. That's what I'm.doing here If you see some of the vids I post here they seem for real BY real gifted folks. The huge yeilds are hydro 200 gram per plant for the super autos, the meter plus Kind, but to say autos yield less Is so 90s bro. A 5x5 with 20 WWWXxl In gifted hands in hydro can give 2000 plus grams. It's not crazy, 20 plants 100 grams a plant But the really good folks can haul even more. Eskos is.Esko Tokers...is toker I say potatoe You say potatoe Lol It's all good but he's either a Die hard stay in the past as far as genes Or hell if I know. But me, when I decided to break some molds, to explore LED, shit changed For me I welcome the future Breeder's are doing great things I see a bright future for autos Imho. Here are 2 vids , first are strongest autos for 2017 2nd is highest yield I know anyone can make a bid, but leafy, the auto flower network and other all seem to concure. But your opinion is damn sure welcome. Vid one. Vid 2 This guy I consider a master gardener Welcome to a brave New world This tickled me, the intelligent stoner lol