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  1. It has been a mess. Walmart has done better for me lately
  2. Changed my nutes by accident Amazon fucked up to my advantage so... Supposed to get tiger bloom They sent this and well it cost them I likes already
  3. All this ranting on a weed fourm Fine... But does anyone fucking grow anymore? Lol So moving right along Cindy reload Cindy clones Cindy hangin My shit arrived for other threads Who's got a gaggle of gooslings? Toker does hehe And my welshies are to fucking cute
  4. Im sick of the willfully stupid From a study.... "In conclusion, we have measured the filtration efficiencies of various commonly available fabrics for use as cloth masks in filtering particles in the significant (for aerosol-based virus transmission) size range of ∼10 nm to ∼6 μm and have presented filtration efficiency data as a function of aerosol particle size. We find that cotton, natural silk, and chiffon can provide good protection, typically above 50% in the entire 10 nm to 6.0 μm range, provided they have a tight weave. " I will put the link below now this is in Reference to.simple cotton masks. fuck the bullshit if i wanted to be perfect i could walk around with my CRNB mask but fuck that pig shit this illustration should explain it all im sorry Garden you know i love ya no matter what your position is but this dude i know not and well he popped his head up... https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acsnano.0c03252 remember .3 Micron is the size of the virus. Now i been sick as fuck since last weekend fever shits flu in summer lol? nah i survived covid19 again as i was sick as shit in January lol Stay Savage lol
  5. Yes I don't watch tv I u tube From my perspective you don't wanna know How bad it will get This is happy times compared to what's to come.
  6. Thats a lot of bullshit lol Get fucking real Stay on topic How can a weave on a face mask stop a nanoparticles? Maybe some.... Maybe Stick to that Show the data You puke up bullshit with zero proof Your rants are bullshit My point is valid Now answer the question How can the weave of a facemask stop nano particles Even half of them Show the Data Dont wanna hear your crying Just the Data
  7. Just a bit longer, ambering now 20200620_163525.mp4
  8. Listen up I know you folks are not dumb as pig shit are you? Now tell me how can a chain link fence stop a fly? The weave on the mask is equal to the fence The nano particles The flies A millionth of an inch.... Nothing Virtually nothingness That's your flys size I know somewhere deep inside of those noggins there's a speck? Of critical thinking? So tell me again using data how a mask is Worth a fuck? Just keep it to that One subject Show me the data Show me how the weave on a simple face mask can stop nano particles That be real nice
  9. Omg thats pure bullshit Thats a jap soldier carrying???? Dinner lol and or his girlfriend Thats no mine field Omg bahahahaha No one enters a minefield smiling See guy back right More of bill gates propaganda girl Dont fall for we have to keep em safe shit They dont know what there doing shit Why dont you research why masks are Bullshit I be glad to help lol
  10. This morning Not sure how i feel about the new lake behind my house but the mallards love it
  11. Chickens are like crack I had forgot tractor supply got birds in today And she reminded me lol So....we went and boom Americuna birds were there Omg One giant leg of blue egg breeding stock right in front of me What a man to do? I bummed 50 bucks off her till tomorrow And bought all of em lol 10 pullets With them i can cross with marans and make My own olive and easter eggers. Just one more rare one to go And i have all the gene stock to make bright blue to red to spearment green egg layers And goose eggs go for 75 bucks a half dozen A dresses bird fetches 175 A pair of adults is like 300 This old man gonna wheel and deal at the swap meets hehe 40 chickens 8 geese 7 ducks here 3 mucovey at her house 5 turkeys And 40 more birds due aug 3 My hobby profits going to chicken food Lololol Lifes grand circle
  12. So wrapping up this thread as its just cindy over and over i will show my keeper Shes less of a stretcher And fast approx 41 days So slow mail but i expect the new beans for the auto threads to begin to arrive friday.
  13. To cool To much rain Nearly every farmer everywhere will tell you thr same thing. I have a lake here Fucking mallards splashed down as i was smoking a j Cool but i used to not have waterfront property And thats the small one One behind house is bigger
  14. Le grande solar min lol China reported a huge wheat harvest reduction If u look close that withered shit Up front are potaotes that drown To much rain Everything's behind Everything does less than before I tell you the truth Again this year harvests world wide will be bad Please stock up on non perishables Please prepare Please do all you can to weather the next few years 2024 and then the sun gradually should gradually get better. Nasa has a page if anyone cares Pekins all grown up Welshies grow 8 goooslings arrive and already we have folks wanting to buy lol Flock does well Muscoveys at anyus house And all my breeding stock chickens due in august as well as my turkeys
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