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  1. Everything is a blur. Crushed my glasses, did I spell asses lol Guess I get cheap readers today. Sold a zip, I know I know I worked with him 3plus years now He's 65, lol Old folks don't speak In the 3years we worked together he's never said who he gets his weed from Excellent sign, I know his wife for years, sweet women. I'm not concerned, damn oncologist and blood work squeezed me right when I needed brakes to. What's a poor ole stoner to do. I gave him a crispy treats before he left Had to eat it all though Can't wait to hear how that went lololol He's a cool dude, excellent Carpenter.
  2. I tell ya I thought the fun part was the buzz and it is, but the next day is great to. Think I'm going to dig shoeless CBD beans. I did everything but the garden It's 52 out and I just took a shower and well it's time
  3. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    Watching somehiguys vids i saw a problem he had ... I'm thinking The lsd25 is still growing Now either this plant will fill out and be a winner or.... It will be thin and not impressive. I think what I'm seeing is a plant leaning heavy to the ruderalis side. Time will tell, hope I'm wrong but I got a sneaking suspicion I have to say so far Dinafem is killing it in terms of stability All the plants look like each other and like tons of grow vids. WWxxl....very stable KVID5106.mp4
  4. Toker

    "The fever" Sans interpretation.

    Plants do well, feeding only fish emolsions and I'm topping them all over to slow them a bit. Last of April all the plants except these will be finished. Then we pollen up this joint
  5. Toker

    Toker Autoflowers

    Caramello and triple cheese photo fems defoliated,day 27 flower
  6. Me to, thanks so much I get it now, sure the buzz was off the charts, sure I slept But now it's like I am bursting with energy, unreal how good I feel. Its like smoking gets ya there a tad and I don't mean buzz wise But health, this...shit I feel 20 Done did the laundry, cleaned the house and bathrooms Washed the dishes,all of em lol And it's only 1215. Going to hang out a few more things, clean out my car and take up the back yard for the mutts. I even think I can manage breaking some garden dirt Today. I'm planning on having all this done by 6 so I can munch me Another cookie hehehe
  7. I think im still stoned, was reading your supposed to peak 4-6 hours based on 20mg I ate 225 lol, so I peak like Monday hahahaha Oh and if I have a bad trip it says watch Bob Ross LMAO bahaha It's a happy cloud
  8. Indeed I am I couldn't help it, around 9 I ate one mint cookie, so tasty. I drifted back and forth , and around 1130 I was out. I needed that, I been sick so the rest really helped out. I'm still feeling groggy so I'm going to sleep even more Lol, it's a good thing as I don't get enough rest. But I feel better and did not have to take the DayQuil. It's nearly 5 and the birds sing Won't be long and out I go lol
  9. I am so stoned At first this false sense of euphoria hit I was even laughing to myself Was going to go out and dig dirt Yeah...I sat on the couch and next thing I knew I was enveloped in a cocoon of bliss Warm, painless narcotic I was so comfortable watching TV and then the nod started. I fought it cause it's Saturday, I got all day and I wanted to enjoy being truly stoned So I noded on and off, then next thing I know it's 530 I'm drinking coffee, no need to smoke anything lol I could sleep or zone out on the tube, really really nice garden. You should open a shop and sell these treats, cakes etc Those mint cookies are killing me, but I think I will try one tomorrow after I get some stuff done hehe Love mint and chocolate Lovers they are like basil and tomatoes
  10. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    Feel free to share pics
  11. Toker


    Much thanks, both came at once Garden the mint smells so good and I already wolfed down 2 squares of crispy treats I don't want to waste em did I do nuff hehe
  12. Toker

    Explain to me what happened to Dutch

    Cooper's a cuck...but if can do this I vote for him Can't believe he's a Nash county boy He must got his ass beat on a regular basis lol
  13. Then Georgia, then SC, and then Oh please please please please Cooper is a cuckolding shit head But if he gets this done I vote for his ass LOLOL
  14. I do the same thing , like a coke head scowering the floor for that imaginary coke that fell. Lol I have 7 jars but wig out still if I drop a bud , or it falls out the joint. I think for me it's got a lot to do with my parents and the depression. Don't waste a damn thing ever
  15. Same here bro, life so short