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  1. Well sir theres is a test but its quite expensive.... Ok well can you tell me how much it is? Wait one second sir and i will check Oh sorry sir we did test you with 2 tests You came back with no lyme antibodies Im calling bullshit One second theres a quite expensive test The other Poof i had 2 tests....after she told me to start with they never did lyme test And no fucking bill.. Im so disgusted
  2. Well we are off to the races Heat index in the 100s for the last part of this week . Look like its going to be a dry one. Big ole High pressure sits over us and look like it will persist Had em hang over us for weeks Dry already, should be a good year for watermelons unless things change. Still no bees that i have seen If i dont get veggies much this will be the last garden Sad... Oh well i will just buy a couple hundred more mylar bags and seal up more reserves. I hope you folks been putting back food. Looks like the whole farming industry is almost ready to collapse.
  3. Dinafem is the best imo. I dunno a personal first name and last lol Ahh fuck it i got my beans
  4. With all the political shit going on its a mess. I keep thinking its all manufactured to keep Us The non eleates bickering against each other as. Elites steal everything. I mean look what our elites did with military industrial complex in south east Asia Look whats its always done America 17 years of peace and all the rest of the time War No fucking body is listining to George Washington and the rich fucktards hijacked The dream..... Cultures are interesting Take the French Total oppisites in many ways Now i base this on only 2 i have met Both very standoffish Arrogant and better than you acting One was a exchange kid in school Many tried to be friends But in the most french way were told to Buzz off lol. Stinking Neanderthal Peasants lol
  5. In all walks of life you have asswipes But the mexican folks impress me I paid a man 20 bucks to cut my grass He did a great job . It took him 15 mins and i payed him well because i want him to return. Anyway i paid him 20 bucks in advance for this week sorta as a test Of most folks around here the mexicans i relate to the most. They have not forsaken their culture. They have a lot of pride and work hard No bitching Folks told me i was crazy But i know how mexicans think The good folks like most of them are. For him to fuck me over would be a disgrace to himself. They dont readily disgrace themself as other folks around here do. Anyway i was right , he returned and did my lawn On a handshake..... Man thats my way The old way The right way
  6. Toker

    Tell me why

    You or i keep messing with photos. Many dont know what autos can do So....just read Lol My experince is they are strong as shit No difference to ME BUT I DONT make hash or rosin so i can not testify to returns. Im sure thats subjective based on strains Assuming the grower does his job. So i have 5 good photos and one lagger.... Toker hates laggers It will take approx 40 more days of training and veg time at 18 hours lights on to get enough Growth to shoot for 2 zips per plant for me Other do way better but i will keep this in regards to myself for clarity. My photos have been vegging approx 27 day's now. Let me state for the record also this is in regards to yielding the most as quick as possible of fine quality flowers. So righ now i have 5 wwxxl beans just chillin I confess i been lazy....last harvest made me in no rush as i have lots But if i take the 27 days of veg so far for my photos Add. 40 more....and then add 9 weeks approx to harvest one can see it takes way longer for photos Way more energy use Thats 67 days In 67 days my wwxxl be 13 days from finish And would give me in dirt Me mind you..... At least 93 grams per plant Thats about 500 grams I dunno Maybe i need someone to give me alternate ways of looking at it. So whats your experince If it were not good.... Im sorry but this thread is for good auto experinces from folks who delt with the respectable vendors
  7. Hardly Most have common sense and couth Lol Most give a fuck what others think Me.... Fuck that
  8. Man i been living in the south to long .... Im actually from Long Island..... This tickled me @Toker really cool reality story congrats . what made you go see an oncologist in the first place. i know English is not your 1st language but if i could understand u better i might be able to help via nail down ur issues based on symptoms etc. are u really in the islands because if so u do have to be careful with dr.'s many aren't even real dr.'s at all smdh.  Lol Im embarrased lol English is my only language but we Americans Have a way of using figures of speech Colicials All manners of chopping our language up In ways only Americans can understand. I apologize and will try not to assume everyone Knows what the hell im saying lol. Ya that hole bermuda thing.....hehe But as for my symptoms Im going numb down my leg and foot I have had weird sensations Scratch my shoulder and my chest skin burns Its haphazard where the sensation will manifest I have to see a neurologist now Sometimes it feels like pins and needles if your familiar with that expression. I been screaming about that tick bite but none seems to care. I have a link to a Lyme disease fourm i will check out. They claim they tested me but i hear there are 2 tests One for the insured.... And one for folks like me. At this point i have no clue but i will have to see what the neurologist says if i can afford his battery of tests Usually for the uninsured it seems they take our cash Tell ya to take asperin and call back in 6 months Just between you and me for the uninsured Folks.....Bermuda prolly better than here.
  9. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    Life and death Saw this unfold on my bumper at lunch
  10. About a week later.... Topped and spayed with water.
  11. Musta been something lost in the translation But i always do . Its cool but if one actually googles their methods its all there man... No big secrets And i find it hard that customs aint wise to these meanial attempts at stealth when the cartels...m Are way way way more creative. But what was your point? Not being a smart ass but have you ever recived a package from a vendor like that? Hell i would almost feel better Knowing someone else did. One can even google the address I was just thinking that i never seen that before With a personal name, not a bussness identy. I dont think its a boogie man or something They just really really lag I got a email today about my initial inquirey Like 2 weeks ago and after my package arrived Even though they could have looked ti see i had already recived it hehe
  12. Shes was asked how long she was going without.... Her reply was shes not really thought about it She just posted it first And well think about it later Brilliant
  13. Now Allisa Milano is pushing for women to withhold sex if they dont get their way Pardon me but aint that how its always been? This is how stuipd she is. Because a state did something she does not like All them men in the world should go without Of course until they are ready. I have said it many times Most women act like prostatutes with their bodies Sex is a commodity To be exchanged for something of percived value to them. Women have just about fucked up sex No wonder their are AI sexbots and soon some so convincing many claim a man wont need a women anymore Damn im glad im to old for that shit But ya way to go girls Keep this shit up and no men will wanna take the risk and fuck with ya Alexa get naked hehehe And afterwards run down to the store and get me a beer will ya hun? But then i guess we should thank Allisa for being honest and saying it like it is We men knew this for thousands of years.
  14. I told her happy mothers day She thanked me for making her a mother... Times changed I remember being called a selfish bastard And a whole lot of crying. My children were born of my will no doubt But she had to know i was not even trying Still I take her words and smile I knew back then one day she would thank me Hehehe
  15. So grouping all the photos together Back 2 seedlings are fem c99 by shoeless 2 blimbuns fem GSC And 3 heri x selene
  16. First off...opinion noted. But that dont mean much around here lol Now do us all a favor and try not to tell leo Ok....? Oh and i have to call out a bullshit post man Show me when you ever had a package from a vendor sent with a retun address that is a personal first and last name.... I mean really man.. Thats kinda unique and differnt but your the expert hehe and no unlike many im not cloaking this shit with a fake ass joke smile See heheheh
  17. Disregard dawn it sucks This works wonders pre mixed at lowes
  18. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    I read that to. Ya i need wasps for figs but this is worrying. I been looking all over and not one bee. You know they love clover
  19. Holy shit i love keif My first take away Second is must grow more lol It eats up some plant material Anyway my first small attempt Cheers
  20. They make air soft rc WW2 planes to Oh man what a childhood
  21. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    Man whats freakin me out big time is clover We havebit everywhere When we were kids you dare not run in the yard barefoot or evey 2 steps you step on a bee Im not seeing any bees..... Not fucking cool People please stop using pesticides any fucking where I rather cut a bad spot out of an apple that fuckinf stave to death cause we killed all the bees
  22. So does anyone know if the shop accepts prepay mastercards Gift cards No name associated with it....
  23. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    I took these at a job inwas on The lilly i know but pic 3 is a mystery to me.
  24. His birthday is the 26th but thanks guys This vid and a few others we watched so i could feel him out slyly as to what one he wants It shoots bb's 25 meters and will dent a coke can hehe Its fast to. 178.00 approx and shipping but me and mom squad are going halfs. Im still getting him some ballast and stuff for his set train layout and a huge tub of leggos. Lol Yea....i kinda have fun playing to.
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