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  1. Im not giving you a hard time But we see nothing hardly Hospital's no where near overwhelmed None of the shit they said would happen Happened. Not even close. Hell my algorithm fell apart Not because it failed But the numbers they gave were bullshit Now you folks calculating cases vs death are all wrong Do we count the flu like that? No Its a way of freaking folks out. Im not saying its fake Only that its not what they made it out To be. To me its plain to see its a scam to grab more Power funded and pushed by the elites. Look at the recent lancet article that was ripped to shreds as shitpaper in reference To hydroxycloroquine. They totally lied and have been busted big time It was a deliberate lie to help the narrative. You hear its dangerous but folks been taking it for 50 years Oh no we cant have that.... To many examples of baloney Why they are even claiming its loosing potency They seem To Think its a lab creation See then last 2 peak prosperity vids Anyway im living my life as i always have Im more worried about the financial Aspects honestly Today the news was all about a 40 year old who died? Scare tactics How many 40 year olds died of aids yesterday? See my point
  2. As of today the death rate is O.0004 Divide 7.8 billion by 300k deaths If we can believe that Just saying 5G is bullshit If you look into how many towers have to be built and all for an increase in speed of 2 seconds? The carbon footprint etc.. Millions of trees cut down for millions of towers If its to stupid to be stupid... Something else is up. If im not mistaken the WHO has come out and said its about as bad as influenza. The lack of dead bodies everywhere is kinda obvious.
  3. Toker was hungry today lol. Ya they are something for sure. They have to mate quick so i guess its necessary. Isa Browns enjoying some free range
  4. Thousands 10s of thousands of frogs and toads? Its louder out back Green tree frogs Crazy knatts last year and now this....lol Maybe mosquitoes wont be so bad 20200530_231000.mp4
  5. My last cherry bomb seed is a dude I have a clone so im thinking why not Except the clone is a descendent 2 times removed from a feminized seed Should i let them do it Or should i just flower her and collect his pollen? The dude And dudeett
  6. I could use 10 now We have been rainy for days You know what that does to Arthritis Lol The ex ordered 25 ducks They were overnighted The PO fucked up and took 2 days She called me crying and i asked wtfs She said all all she saw was death in the box She wont kidding 22 out of 25 dead Incompantant fucks TS usually stops selling chicks in May They extended it till the end of may And now they extended it till September I try to tell her better to pay more but get Live chicks at Tractor Supply Oh and fucking calfs selling out now to I have a friend who raises black angus The beef industry is almost toasted But maybe thats good Farmer sells direct to us and cuts out all the Leeches and ass wipes
  7. Well 25 muscovey ducklings are in transit Another month and my pure breed lines 35 chicks will arrive. These are coloured egg layers and breeding st Or will be sold. French copper marans who are breeders And my welshies The pekings grew fast looks like boy girl The isa browns are all hens im thinking Roosters are all or mostly white Most excellent Garden grows I picked lettuce 2 times in 5 days Its the kind that keeps growing if ya trim it Corn loves MG lol
  8. The turn around is insane All cindy except one cherry bomb
  9. Damn I got into some beer last night and looking over things it seems i bought everything on my wish list lol 3 orders from attitude 20 5 gallon mymar bags Oxygen absorbers A gallon of tiger bloom 2 quarts of ph up 2 tactical flash lights Man i auto shopped lol
  10. Apparently the Beer was kicking in I somehow ordered these as well So Under Construction Oy vey
  11. I saw some higher prices Meats were good But thats in walmart Other stores and chains are shit on a stick The big boys get theirs first it seems I added 40 lbs of pasta and 75 lbs of more rice Fucking insane I spent 100 bucks on amazon for mylar And O2 absorbers lol Cause im a safe guy Meaning wtf knows what will happen So i spent the money on the food But if things stay normalish How do i not loose money if things go normal again? Well spend more.of course hehehe On mylar and o2 absorbers At least.the food will keep 20 years So.i.will.eat it all one day I got 10 lbs of amber honey for 35 bucks Today and im thinking maybe get 20 lbs More.
  12. And Fruit salad fem photos Under Construction
  13. And one Critical XXL Under construction
  14. Well tween the ciggs and weed Im fucking golden Lol https://nypost.com/2020/05/21/scientists-believe-cannabis-could-help-prevent-treat-coronavirus/
  15. I have not checked box store prices I know smaller stores will sky rocket In price because the walmarts of the world Snatch up most meat I will see what walmarts prices are but i been expecting this. That 50lbs of beef i bought last month is now worth close to 400 bucks. Mind u i paid 13 bucks and change for each 10lb log of ground beef So 10 x7.29is 74 bucks approx Can you say hyper inflation Now lets here all the legends in their own minds talk about staying home Hey dumbasses If you don't starve to death you won't be eating much meat if everyone stays home. Its a cascade effect that will fuck a lot of everything up Dont see much cattle around but i need to ride to.the west a bit. Their soil sucks and they raise a lot of cows On pasture cause the soil is not that great for Crops. From a store in my state
  16. Shes done I almost got her One cola is nice with amber and the others not so much I think Saturday i will chop her. Super quick Dense Whomever created this is a Hero Amazing plant.
  17. Toker

    Any drone folks?

    If it happened here you be fucked FFA and all lol But with the right model i could put a bolt thru his head before he hear the swoosh
  18. Scored a orange tree 26 bucks... Ahh screw it why wait a year or 2 Its only money I asked her if she wanted to social distance together I sent her this Im still waiting lololol
  19. May sound gay but growing weed gave me sanity When all this bullshit in the world happened I was like a lot of folks Unsure almost to but luckily not so far as to be paralyzed It did seem as though everything was going in slow motion for a while there I told myself just keep the grow going In 8 weeks we will see whats what in life The grow was my anchor if that makes sense I tuned out of all tv except the tube and then only watched happy stuff Every day i come home and folks were freaking Hiding. Under beds lol I was quite unsettled to But then i poke my head in the tent And my plants would say to me Its all right Relax I know ...i know Some how having their stability added to mine Anyways beautiful day in the southland Cindys in tent is nearly done Big one in 10 coming along nicely And 3 more stretch
  20. Well its iffy on the geese darn it We were late and one of the last orders We will see But the 15 muscovey ducks And 5 royal palm turkeys are for sure coming in a few weeks My old lady in every way but sexual lol Bought me 4 easter eggers chickens that lay Blue green and even yellow eggs And since she knows the coloured eggs got my fancy she ordered up 25 more of different breeds French Marans...Julia Childs favourite And the only eggs she used As well as others so now one day i will have A bunch of eggs that look like jellie beans Colours. And well i found a man 5 mins from me Who had Welsh Harlquin ducks Omg the darlings Good eggs layers to I got them for me lol No one eats my welshies Oh and the 15 astrolope and wydottes. So thats 37 chickens 22 ducks And 5 turkeys in my flock Sumbitch we farming again This is a welshie hen as an adult And some bud porn
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