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  1. My Hungarian peppers Esko told me in good conditions they never die. I already made seeds from them but now I banzai capsaicin Will the flower get pollination ? Or should I aid Tokers got some reading to do
  2. Toker


    If I breed my mother To her offspring I have F2? Was thinking I grow out a male of mindless And breed him back to the mum plant. But then I stopped and thought Why? I'm lost I suppose I should read A lot more but it gets Me sleepy lol Not even sure I need to do this. If I flower out mom She's gone If I grow her seeds i Have the siblings only If I grow male seed Breed to mom plant I have F2? Why is this done In my case is it even necessary ?
  3. Left is Fruit salad clone Center is "Mindless" Clone Right Sugar Black Rose clone 1212
  4. I been trying to get people to think Trump warped speeded the jab Poop pants biden and dems are like oh hell no i dont trust it Won't force folks to take it BAD orange man leaves office Dems are like Oh ya Jab is good shit We gonna force folks It's to fucking stupid to be stupid The only thing sadder are the dumb fucks who can't see it 15 days to flatten the curve..... Fully vaccinated no mask Wait must mask And we have to redefine the term fully Ffs Look at Gibraltar 118 percent vexed And cases sky rocket Among the jabbed This is about fucking control They fucking ruined the world for a disease You have a 99.3 chance of surviving All blm crap All to divide All out of the commie Playbook But folks are to stupid Can't remember Don't read They are all the same coin just different sides dems and gop and all of the leaders answer to the elites All of them
  5. Show 1 country where the elites don't take advantage of the people. . I wait
  6. I should have named this the never ending plan demic thread ffs In any case Right is c99 clone umpteenth generation Center is "mindless" (Sugar punch x Canadian maple leaf) Clone of the mum I made seeds from. Left is sugar black rose And in the badly needing cleaning plastic clone thing I use is C99 SBR And "Mindless" Small pot is a fruit salad cut
  7. Sure hope Putin turns the gas on wide open For Europe Not sure how that renewable shitski gonna work out We will all find out this winter Kinda sketchy world wide energy problems I just put up 100 gallons of propane for my emergency Mr heater Gonna order a cord of wood Friday on top of what I stashed back. Since I'm up to my ears in herb and cut back I have a lot of lights doing nothing So...... Hungarian peppers And My kitchi orange tree Love that tree only citrus in the world that fruits year round tokers gotta have a Vitamin C stash Gonna start some leafy lettuces and any quick Veggies that are nutrient rich Perhaps 1 tomatoe Cause the food situation is looking sketch to and toker Likes his veggies Already figured out who I'm voting for in 2024 Hehe
  8. 2 FS Ones almost done
  9. Won't be much longer Fruity is an understatement for her smell. If you top her at 3 node This plant will reward big time Frosty and sticky
  10. So a few thoughts You can't beat Dutch Old school Sugar punch comes thru nice with spicy Tones The pot is dam good considering it was pollinated I have a clone of this exact plant so that's Cool. I'm happy with my haul Lots and to think I only let it go maybe a week Or so. Never have to worry About seeds now. I'm renaming my seeds In honor of Mindless They are my seeds now Grown in my environment So im calling this strain "Mindless" Seems perfect to me
  11. God have you swallowed stupid pills? Sometimes I understand why a lot of people think your dopy If not worse I have tried to work with you but darn Fools got more sense That you do it seems I hate them all What idiot could read that post and think I like any of them? You have to be brain dead to come Away With that conclusion. Especially when I told you months ago I hated them both? Willfull stubborn stupidy Another one for the ignore pen Oh well I forget her by tomorrow
  12. Who told you I was your enemy Prolly the same shitheads that tell me your the enemy. These same Myers Got mankind to kill itself for them thru time. The elites..... The same fuckheads That compelled millions of men to go over the top and be cut down like dogs The same people who financed and fought Hitler The shitheads who said that there were weapons of mass destruction. They fight each other And use us as fodder All they do is to try to control minds and force men the way they want to. If we sat down Smoked a joint and talked Im betting almost every issue we could work thru. Other than the sociopaths Most humans want peace for everyone. All out problems are theirs They manufactured it Always to guide the herd. Mankind was waking up And they saw it They fear it We don't need them We never did But with technology now it be even easier To shed them off our backs. Who in the hell does the world owe all this money to? Ask yourself that They will Pitt you against me So we don't see the tree for the Forrest It's time to tell whomever Fuck you We ain't paying We ain't playing your bullshit game Send your children to kill.other elites children But leave ours the fuck alone. They love earth and mankind What a fucking joke It's all for their control And welfare. Please wake-up mankind before these fucktards start another Even worse war And mankind foots the bill
  13. Lookie NJ waking up Looking red there now Hehehehe
  14. If ever.... Fem beans are a no no for breeding we all read. Is this like forever? Meaning by now I have Clones that are 40 generations if that's a correct term removed from the original mother plant. Will these also carry the no no breeding Or is that lost over time? Has anyone ever explored this and showed...Showed the results? Perhaps a silly question
  15. 2 fruit salads One Cindy Close up is c99
  16. She's done and hanging I took a cut of herbin deep flower and it Rooted and man oh man this thing is aggressive It's in the middle Cindy on right SBR left
  17. I put her cut in flower with her Fast she is
  18. Hey Bill That sweet smell is called Freedom Breath deeply bro " POLITICS ON LATE NIGHT Published 5 hours ago Bill Maher rails against COVID restrictions: It's time to admit pandemic is 'over' The HBO star claimed Friday that red states were "a joy" to visit these days while blue states were "a pain in the a--" because of coronavirus rules I won't back down Stand my ground
  19. No clue how long she's flowering Lost my notes Anyway approx 4 weeks Nice fruity smell
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