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  1. The red poision begin to explode 4 days since last pic lol Think big ....aint no joke thats one plant in foreground
  2. We see how this turns out If less than stellar Next time i see this trait i will quickly top if off The side branches are normal
  3. I know.... They are stupid today It makes zero sense We learned the basics and moved on up They are convoluted And dumbed down beyond reality A few years ago they sent home spelling assignments It was such a pain in the ass Bubble words Every other letter a different colour And thats the shit that made a little sense One was write your words on your parents back And see if they can guess it Fingers for that one Another asinine one was lay on your back and write your words with your feet in the sky Wtf? How da fuck do i know if they spelled it right? I just made my kids do it our way Write each word 10 times! Now all this religion politics shit and the freaks should rear its head this year I see troubles lol
  4. School starts next week 2 kids 2 different schools 2 different schedules Homework Work Yay
  5. 3 leaf girls stem Its sorta flat
  6. If yall recall the 3 leaf girl Im not sure if i want another one lol Tormented it seems Funky stem but thick How the main cola finishes will be interesting. They are exploding Have to back up 5 feet to fit them in frame. Rain water is almost gone lol 7 gallons in 2 days for all of them but its going to rain tonight so yay!
  7. Toker


    Man my well red 4.5 Now i used a soil test kit and just skipped the dirt and used all water But from years ago when i lived a mile away And kept fish i remember our well water Is acidic and always had to adjust ☝ But ya my rain water reads neutral
  8. Toker


    I can add a bit of baking soda to 5 gallons and Adjust my ph if i want. But you have have never tried this Try it lol Rain water is the absolute best. Whenever i see rain in forecast I just sit a 5 gallon bucket out or 2 Cover and bring inside and wow Nothing like rain water
  9. Ok so 2 days after defoliation The monster plant had to be tamed Some autos dont like supercropping As their stems are not as robust as photos Think big handled it well I bent her down 4 days ago Red poison does well Mighty Grape and Green crack plod along I began feeding tiger bloom yesterday to Think big Honestly other than one red poision thats a N hog the plants seemed fine But 35 days in and i just had to lol 2 capfulls per gallon
  10. 13 days flower Im pleased I topped at early age And 6 or so even colas formed
  11. I have the approvial of the matriarch of her family Almost there lol What a journey Pain beyond belief Darkness loneliness Then growth and change Patience perseverance Taking it on the chin multiple times in front of the world It needed to happen Shit was not right and it needed a major correction I would have balled my eyes out 7 years ago If i had typed what i just did I had the shit coming truth be told But i can say i took my whipping like a man. Like i tell my son Never quit chasing that trophy bass If you cast your net and bring up brim And crappie.... You will not be satisfied Dont settle for second best You never be satisfied Better to never catch the big one then settle for bottom feeders. The pursuit will develope Character. Not doing my happy dance just yet But my heart is full of Joy.
  12. I think i got the ginormus pheno of think big 31 days Red poision 15 days
  13. Original amnesisa in flower now 5 days
  14. Looking at a nice 3x2 closet with nothing in it made me cave... The original amnesisa is in flower under 600w My bad these think big germed 11 july So they are 27 days old The 5 red poision 2 display yellowing from start Im almost sure FF for these is a touch hot But to be sure one got a little fish emolisions One did not so now ots wait and see. The small one on far right is a photo mighty grape and the 2 l tucked in there is a green crack photo
  15. Well that was fun lol My children were all into everything we did But it was good anyway I had to snuggle with my son in the bed to Excited he was But i got to snuggle Finally Man it beats a pillow for company Yeah i could chase her to the moon But being older has taught me patience Sounds gay to you young dudes But sex is just the cherry on top And sometimes plain ice cream is just fine with me.
  16. Todays the day Im as nervous as a questionable lady in Church Lol 2 kids and im still in awe of her.... Lots to do Got to put that good foot out first right Tokers going in ....
  17. Ok so 33 days for think bigs Red poison are 6 days old
  18. Ok so as anyone knows who read the thread It started off in one direction and ended up Here lol Puppies Moving bla bla.. Anyhow this one photo is dinafem original amnesisa. I topped her a week or so ago Shes vegged now for 22 days or so. Shes on a 20 / 4 light schedule as shes in with my autos. I have doecided for now to just use the 9x9 Room . Now this girl will veg for appox 65 more days Until think big and red poision finish Im going to order 1 20 gallon smart pot One way or another shes going in it and will flower by herself Im expecting big one from what i have read. Her soil is FFHF as well and tiger bloom When needed and fish emulsion in veg But so far i have fed none of them They seem happy FF rocks in my book
  19. Mine are not racy but super high with body just like i like Sky high flyers i love but i need a calming effect Smoke 3 bowels and im There Absolutely in my Top 3 for speed,weight Frostiness,taste and effect Hell i think its safe to say she is my favorite Photo ever and she deserves it and im not worthy lolol Excellent job please keep working with her Make reg beans and i Buy them. Honestly its cutting edge Dinafem used a auto in breeding to produce A photo that finishes in 49 days This darling you have made is the better of the 2 imho and i Love Dinafem Again my opinion but hell ya Nicely done
  20. K so ones chopped 30 plus days of flowet Amazing Shapeless C99
  21. Ok shoeless her taste is changing of course And what the one growing will be i cant wait To see. But this one has me wrecked Still cant believe 30 something days... You killed it Taste is hints of citrus on the front end But a soft sweet taste takes over Very smooth Like a pineapple grapefruit papaya? Nice
  22. Toker

    Mushroom folks

    No I wanna do food mushrooms Not the magic kind But yes i love mushrooms of all kinds
  23. Toker

    Any Gardeners?

    I know what your speak of I can say it. In italian but can not spell it. My mom still makes them when Available.
  24. Toker

    5 plus 5

    Its still offered 5 KF (fem)plus 5 KF (fem) plus 5 fem freebees Thats a good deal
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