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  1. drip-n-wet

    Bloom Room

    Various plant pictures
  2. Hidro makes a good point many over look there climate..vpd is one of the biggest!!! http://www.just4growers.com/stream/temperature-humidity-and-c02/vapor-pressure-deficit-the-hidden-force-on-your-plants.aspx http://www.dimluxlighting.com/maxi-controller.html
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaFMC8ODHf0
  4. drip-n-wet

    Mapito run

    Wow Santa . You have stepped up many levels from a year ago,You fine tuned your pito skills many rocks in the road along the way, Nice AA+ harvest in front of you.Great job you can see the green power now .
  5. drip-n-wet

    mex xs & fems

    az rain purp storm ox
  6. aztec rain Hard candy mota!!
  7. Ledfoot,,,,i started these mota hard candys straight in grow pito,, 1 week later esko s aztec in wool starters then to 6x6 block
  8. tomtom i hope u have a 0.? with ur ec
  9. third week = bottle recommendation, full strength 3/4=3/4
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