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  1. Which HPS is the best ?

    Hidro makes a good point many over look there climate..vpd is one of the biggest!!! http://www.just4growers.com/stream/temperature-humidity-and-c02/vapor-pressure-deficit-the-hidden-force-on-your-plants.aspx http://www.dimluxlighting.com/maxi-controller.html
  2. Blues on Sunday, a sort of tradition for me

  3. In search of Hd Mapito madness

    Hey Carp fish turd joose?
  4. Mapito run

    Wow Santa . You have stepped up many levels from a year ago,You fine tuned your pito skills many rocks in the road along the way, Nice AA+ harvest in front of you.Great job you can see the green power now .
  5. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    kkx ah day 40
  6. mex xs & fems

    az rain purp storm ox
  7. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    aztec rain Hard candy mota!!
  8. Boobsto

    all ebst
  9. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Sage x NLX @mid wk 6
  10. Growpito!

    Ledfoot,,,,i started these mota hard candys straight in grow pito,, 1 week later esko s aztec in wool starters then to 6x6 block
  11. Growpito!

    what did the other stump grow in ?
  12. tomtom does blue chesse in mapito

    tomtom i hope u have a 0.? with ur ec
  13. How to Grow Hydro Flooding Style

    third week = bottle recommendation, full strength 3/4=3/4
  14. Mapito contamination / root bugs

    Ow have herd this before some years back ...hempy sharky had this same problem think his was gnats drove him crazy.best bet and safest is to steam the mapito ,,most of the mapito in Europe is a recycled product sharky went back they told him the same thing but the new bags had bugs all so .........The growpito is made from virgin wool = no bugs .What ever you decide research!!!!!! Some of that bug wack is like agent orange .