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  1. I <3 SolisTek . . google it, here is an example . . especially the Matrix with builtin timer and remote http://www.growwurks.com/solis-tek-digital-ballast-600w-400w-hps-mh-dual-volt-120-240v.aspx that's the 400/600
  2. The word "Jesus" has no magical powers, and accomplishes nothing spiritually. It's a name. In fact, it's not even unique: Yehoshua means 'the Lord saves', and is translated into English as Joshua. Jesus' Hebrew name is Yeshua, which is a shortened version of Yehoshua. Yeshua means 'he will save', and is translated into English as Joshua. Yeshua translated into Greek is Iesous. Iesous transliterated into Latin is Jesu. Jesu became Jesus in English. Jesus' name is actually "Joshua". There's no special power in the name itself.
  3. I hear that Rev! Yeah I got one recently called Pandoras Box, its got the long thin fingers and super frosty, its ummm (lookin it up since I got it as a cut not from a pack) Jack the Ripper x Space Queen. I think there is Cindy in there. One thing about it, is the only way I could get it to clone is cut like a foot of stem and take all the fans off and trim down the smaller leaves and plug it into a keg party cup of coco and feed it like regular, In plugs it never rooted lol.
  4. it already is cookies that doesn't mean it beats OG, but its the new hype cut that nobody has and everyone has at the same time
  5. Its actually {F1xDurban Poison}x{Flo-Ridah}. The short description is "F1Durbs an Floridah". F1Durbs is a cross of a secret cut called F1, thusly named due to "it get you high fast like a jet" and a cut of Durban posion. Floridah is a supposedly secret-sauce OG.
  6. Thx Rev I respect this site and you peeps, I have run a lot of Sannie & a few Esko gear . . thats the beauty of America and lots of other free countries, you can think and do what you like. Best of luck to everyone! By the way, Aligee is crossing the GSC forum cut and I think one other version with some solid males and that will be more legit than Kens or BC.
  7. No i dont work for any seed company . Sorry if it sounds suspiscious. 2 weeks ago he posted a thread asking of BC seeds Girl SCout Cookies were real. I told him no way likely and I PMd his to check out KENs GDP cookies recreation , it would be more likely. The guys icon tag says "Growing top quality chronic and breeding some real potent strains." Seeing that, I tried to steer him more down that path. If you walk into a disepsary with a P of G13 indoor at the same time as a guy walks in with a P of a good outdoor OG, they will buy the OG and for more 9 times out of 10. I was just tryna steer homie away from last milleniums news if he is trying to beed new hot shit. And of course I dont know everything, its just my opinion on here like 95% of everything else minus Sannie & Esko's expert info.
  8. I dont wanna be a dick but G13 isnt what most people consider interesting. Although beauty and effect is in the eye of the beholder. IMO check out some Scott's OG from Rare Dankness or the Docs is hott too, my boy cut down a crop of both just recently and he is LA local, he has many clone only OGs and says that these 2 are right up there with his best. http://www.raredankness.com/Seeds/KUSH/ScottsOG.htm Not to take away from Sannie, he has bomb shit but shince you are asking for something he doesnt sell I chimed in.
  9. Nice vibrant green man, good job!
  10. Im pretty fukkin sure its gonna be bullshit man . . if you read either of the 100-200 page threads on the 'other' sites, you will get a grip on how unlikely it is. Allegedly, cookies is one of 1000 popped seeds from a run, and any 'real' cookies is a cut off that one plant, making 'gsc regular seeds' impossible. They could be a re-creation, or an OG male with a female cookie recreation, but they probably arent even that good. they probably just throw a teint of purple off and smell like some shit lol. if you wanna get a maybe pretty good (probably) not authentic but pretty interesting closest seed form match, check out the GDP seeds Phantom Cookies. . they ought to have at least a close adherence to the general recipe of cookies, since Kens of Kens GDP made them, and cookies has GDP in it allegedly.
  11. Yeah Buddy, once you realize your lungs are a gift and the mileage gets high, time to quit intentionally concentrating and inhaling cumbusted matter. Realize This: The urge to get a nic-fix only lasts 20 seconds. The disease of addiction can only work if you let it fool you (again) that a bad idea is a good idea. Remember: it is never going to be a good idea again for you to inhale tobacco!
  12. I wouldnt trip on it . . 'done' is 'done' . . there are 9 weeker KFs for sure, always remember it takes 6 months to a year to dial a strain in ayway .. luckily you have reg. seeds so taking clones for mom action is a solid plan.
  13. According to some , you can do it the other way i.e. a dimmable 1000 ballast set to 400 with a 400 bulb, but then others say no. Nevertheless, your 1000watt HPS would likely not strike off a 400, and if it somehow did, it would be as orange as sunkist soda.
  14. Bro you gottttttttttta put them in the fridge . . and keep them there! After a day or two you can take some out to try. When you keep them in the cold in the kitchen they think its winter, then when you put them in moist and toasty warm 75-80f they think its spring and its safe to pop! Good Luck!
  15. When I experienced Kolossus regular from a 10pack, I looked to the description of the parents for clues to the pheno possibilities: " Shack (shiva X sannie's jack) is a strain where i am working with for 5 years now and she has been proven time after time to give us more then enough smoking gear with a excellent haze taste but a bit more spicy. She grows a main bud with a crown of buds. Big White (powerplant X Chronic) has been growed for the past 2 years by lots of customers with lots of success and i got lots of feedback about this great tasting plant which stood out in big and long cola's. A main bud dominant plant which can produce big amounts of cannabis in a flo period from around the 9 weeks." So to find out what you got, you have to flower them all . . then look for a distinguishing sign of either one GIANT ASS FUCKIN main bud the size of a fuckin pineapple, that is your Big White pheno. When you see a very nice big main bud with fist sized crown of buds around, theres your Shack pheno . . Heres my Big White pheno: Good Luck!
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