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    breeding question

    strange that it didn't work, you're sure you didn't use the wrong pollen/had some contamination somewhere? I've never had it fail, I only had 1-2 odd plants in one generation that seemed to be duckfoot at first, but still got normal fingered leaf at the 3th or 4th node. but those were some rare exceptions. and I had a few plants were the f1 already showed some slight webbing(just a few leaves where 2 fingers were fused or so, no full webbing). but imo it's a very easy trait to select because you can use those basic rules from highschool. trough my study I've learned some more complex inheritances(other forms of single genes like co-dominant, but also quantitive traits that you have to use larger numbers and statistics to properly select for), but the webbed leaf just follows the simple mendellian laws, so you can easily select for it with only small numbers. and some pics of plants I have this year the first 2 are 25% duckfoot in ancestry, 3rd 37,5%, and the 4th 25% again. (first 2 are sisters, last 2 are other crosses that both contain kumaoni)
  2. zookaba

    breeding question

    older post so maybe you found it out already, but I have the answer for you how to get duckfoot leaves. been breeding with it myself for a while now, and it's a very easy trait to select and stabilise. it inherits as a simple single recessive gene. so crossing a plant with duckfoot leaves with a plant with normal leaves will never give duckfoot leaves in the f1, but all f1-plants will be carriers. inbreed f1 plants with eachother, and 25% of the f2 will have webbed leaves(visible from the 2nd-3rd set of true leaves, so you can kill any non-webbed very early, saving space). since it's a recessive, once you have done that selection, and you cross webbed plants with eachother, all offspring will be webbed. I find it's also a handy tool to check pollen contamination. since I only grow outdoor, sometimes I get some contamination with pollen from other people. however, I'll notice immediatly since I will get non-webbed plants out of the seeds I made, and I can just kill the non-webbed plants and the leftover webbed plants will be from my chosen, webbed parent.