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  1. High Guys, Today its Flowering Day 55 and something weired and amazing happend . 2 of them ladys are ready a bit early. Got about 40% Amber trichomes allover wich means truely ready. The other girls need some more days i guess. The weired thing is that its a Sugarpunch wich is ready and that before the Extrema, crazy. Anyway here are 2 pics of the cutted: she looks awesome and is way bigger then the pic would let you think. Size is about like a big Coke Can if some of you remind them. Smells sweeeeet like Cotton candy mixed with some fruits. Going now for 10 days of usual cold drying and then 2-4 weeks of fermentation.( the beauties gets 4 weeks. ) Oh yes before i forget, i just cut the main colas here , the rest of the plant get another 2 days of pure darkness to also finish her work. Greets HB
  2. Thanks mate, they really get bigger and bigger.. I think i can cut 2-3 of them about Day 56, they really look like it. Sounds maybe a bit quick but my microscope doesnt lie. GReets
  3. Hey, Got some better pics of the buds here. She got a bit of heat, nothing i can change right now. Looking great i guess anyway. Greets HB
  4. Hi guys, Here is a little update on Flowering DAY 40 right now. All ladys looking fine , just those 2 really huge girls got some heat, but not that bad, all ok. I`ve checked the trichomes yesterday and there is one lady already cloudy as hell. Thats verry weired and also happens the first time here. Will have a look when to cut her down. Its a extrema abd she will be redy before 8 weeks? Woot. The one on the bottom left is a topped one and you just see one bud of her there. Dont imnd there are more. Greets HB
  5. Hi, Interesting that there are still people grow that way. I`ve tried that not only once and all i can say is, damn much maintenance and way more possible problems then on soil or any other way. I would love to know about the reward you talk about here, less soil to buy and recycle?? Anyway what my experience was i wish you good luck , you`ll need it maybe if i look at your 2 setup picture. Dont treat dem ladys that way mate, they not deserve it. Also, you should clean up everything a bit more, verry appreciated on air grow. Your tap water seems to got a huge amount of chalk in it ( all those white rings on that plastic). You could use Osmose Water if you can get your hands on it, or destilled water to mix up 1/3 with your tap water. Did you fill your tap water 24 hrs. before feed to your ladies? Greets HB
  6. True, that Pic needs to be deleted. Some guys just dont think before posting. Damn
  7. Interesting Phenos i see on the Chocolate rain. Got also some Freebees left and since what i`ve seen so far they will get also in my next run. Greets HB
  8. Hey, I dont think they take another 3 weeks. Your in week 8 right now and they look nearly ready, not that healthy but ready. I guess you can cut her in 1- max. 2 weeks. Good Luck HB
  9. Hey, Like i said before you shouldnt feed her anymore right now. Look at the leaves!! Way to much Phosphorus lile you see on the Leafs, that curling expands on the SP. Therefore it starts a deficiency of N ,Z and K wich just looks like it cause there is enough K,Z and N in your soil its Just blocked cause of the Phosphorus abundance. Plain Water with a Ph of 6.5-6.7 would be verry appreciated . You`ll see they love it and the buds will expand again. Wich week are they in right now? Have a look at my Grow (in my Sig), i run also sugar punch but this time i just fed her 1 Time and also the P+ was just used once and only 1/5 of shedule. Its much!!! better then the last grow where i used 1/3 of producers shedule.
  10. Hey, A little pic of Day 35 here. Everything is fine. Many leaves on the downside are falling of right now, guess due to less light down there. Thats ok, the upper ones are absolutely fine so far. GReets Hashbudder
  11. Hey, Sad to hear that. But "shop" in that location means?
  12. Hi, Well the extrema got a huge stretch, nearly tripple size now about 140cm. The sugarpunch just got a bit less, about 120-130cm. But the extrema not just got that stretch, she also grows much faster then the sugarpunch while in vegetation stage. Crazy strains!! The smell is absolutely awesome just of now, verry sweet and kind of fruity . Was hoping for a purple pheno here but i guess they are just straight, thats fine. Cannot wait to smoke her. I think some of them will be ready after te 8 weeks, 2-3 looks like they will be for sure. Greets Hashbudder
  13. Hey, Just a little update on my ladys. Right now on Flowering Day 32. These are fantastic strains so far. Growing on Plagron growmix and just fed once so far. Some got verry tiny nuteburn like you may see, not that bad btw., but thats ok that way. They are not abondenned with nutrients, i just want to get all out of it. See the big lady on the right....damn she is so full of sugar ...... Greets HB
  14. Hey guys, Even if im just at Flowering Day 28 now i thought i share some expressions of my ladys. This time with a better quality for sure. Hope to see some feedback on my girls . ENJOY Greets Hashbudder
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