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  1. hi, update at around 4 weeks, they all doing fine. Those are finicky ladies, they are sensitive to nutes and light, i have to keep PPFD under 600 micromoles for some phenos, only the sativa pheno can handle 700 micromoles. The tent 5 days ago: Newberry#2 at 7 weeks, finicky lady, she don't need anything but water and 500/600 micromoles. At 650 micromoles she showed apical chlorosis! The #6 sativa pheno, looks great! The #7 stretch indica, smells very sweet, something like strawberry candy, very sensitive to light too Newberry #9, smell so great! tangy, lemons, low stretch pheno Newberry #10, strechy pheno Newberry #11, I/S 50/50, smells red fruits, sweet berries, looks promising, low stretcher Z7 CBD, seeded with newberry Chimera's Hawaian Spice Critical Mass, seeded with Newberry So far, everything is fine, except this apical chlorosis. The newberries are budding very fast now, i can see they are fast flowering. IMAO even the sativa pheno won't take longer than 10 weeks to be fully ripe. Wait and see... Greetz
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    DJS newberry, one pack grow + open pollinisation
  3. Thank you guys for your support! Big update today, things are coming easier now, it has been a lot of work, small tent but hard work! I end up with 6 females on a 11 beans pack , it is perfect for me, it is what i expected. I hope hermaphrodism devil will stay away from my girls! fingers crossed! Here is the tent today, 11 plants, 6 Newberries, some have one week of 12/12, some have 1 day of 12/12, and one, the #2, the only female of the firts 5 seeds batch has 4 weeks of 12/12. She is seeded with male #1 (big sativa) and male #5 (early indica). The other plants are 1 Hawaian spice Chimera cutting, 2 critical Mass 2003 (one big and one small), 2 Z7 CBD "JGL" cuttings, i will pollinate the criticals and the Z7 with newberry pollen. The #2 newberry female, seeded I took one cutting of this one, it is a small mother plant now. This phenotype is very fruity, lemony, and highly sensitive to nutes, she needs absolutely nothing but love, light and water! Here is the Z7 CBD "JGL" cut, 2/1 CBD /THC, great female for Newberry male. It si Shanitbaba's afghan skunk CBD selection. Critical Mass 2003 cut from Belgium, very healthy and stable plant, fast, resists to mold, yields a lot, a true hash plant, a dream for pollinator afficionados. Will be pollinated with newberry males. Hawaian spice Chimera cutting frome female seed Kauai electric x steeve's sweet skunk , 12 weeks pheno under leds. Newberry male #8, a beast the newberry females: the #7, aka pink lady, gorgeous indica lady, sexed today! newberry #11 very nice indica too, bigger and more vigourous than the #7 Newberry #9, the biggest female, with variegations but not very variegated, 8/11 plants are showing variegations Newberry #10, very variegated leaves Newberrry #6, sativaish, huge leaves, i had to LST her to get side branches Greetz! PS: i have a very nice E$kobar cheeseberry, but unfortunately it is a male.
  4. DJ Short Newberry seeded with Newberry male Greetz
  5. Great! Keep up the good work with this promising line bro
  6. They look great! Good job Rhino. question: do they have CBD? Do you know the ratio CBD : THC?
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