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  1. Thank for stopping by Beachbud and Saxo! I don't know yet if the #11 is the best phenotype. She is drying. She is on the blueberry side, and smell promising. We will see... I have a few seeds of her with #8 newberry male. The #2 is my first keeper, she is awesome, on the blue heaven / flo side. Awesome taste and awesome high, and it is better and better everyday with curing. I can't stop opening the jar and smell her. I have F2 seeds from her, from sativa #1 male and blueberry dominant #5 male. The #6 sativa pheno smells awesome, very fruity, berry, the #11 is more musky. I just offered Z7 x Newberry seeds to Sannies, as freebies, and he answered yes! I will ship 600 seeds to him this week. Z7 is a CBD dominant (9/4 CBD/THC) very very resinous, selected by JGL, from Z Project Shantibaba / CBD Crew. It is a 6 years clone and one of my favorite smoke and breeding genepool. I have crossed her with 4 different Newberry males. The idea was to create a sweet confortable high weed with good taste and a lot of resin. The newberry has a very very confortable high, as the Z7, and they both have uncommon terpenes, so it should give something great! greetz Silva
  2. DJ Short / OWD Newberry (Blue heaven F4 x Blueberry F4) Blue Heaven pheno Blueberry pheno
  3. The 4 other females: #11, sweet berry/red fruit marmelade with a bit of musk scent, purple, medium stretch, promising! #9, smells as good as the #2, very probably a keeper, close to #2 with better smell, better vigour, very low stretch as the #2, awesome, can't wait to smoke her. Harvested today. #10 pheno, ashy, stretchy, nice plant, but i did not keep her, may be i was wrong... #6, very sativa, tropical berries scent, rock hard buds, x4 or x5 stretch, very promising for the sativa side of the newberry, good to breed with the #1 male to develop the sativa side Greetz
  4. Hi! i am sorry for the late update. Here they are at the harvest: #7 indica stretch indica blueberry genotype, she is drying, very promising plant! ----------------------------------------- #2 keeper, musky/sour pheno, i smoked her 3 days ago, it is pure bomb. The high is amazing, on the Flo side, very pleasant, daytime smoke, 100% good vibes feeling, blissful. The taste is very interesting too, very complex, floral/musky/sour/licorice. Awesome plant. The #9 is very close, may be better.
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    DJS newberry, one pack grow + open pollinisation
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    From the album: Newberry

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    From the album: Newberry

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    From the album: Newberry

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    From the album: Newberry

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    From the album: Newberry

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    From the album: Newberry

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    From the album: Newberry

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