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  1. Sunshine Daydream is killer. I crossed her with Granola Funk. I call it Funky Sunshine. I will post some pics later.
  2. Those flowers look awesome ! Dang! What do you smell?
  3. Thanks,my freezer is packed with some good stuff I need to pop. Here is a OG Kush auto from Ethos. It had a really great buzz and taste.
  4. Thanks but it is DJs Blueberry. She was fed with Budswell tea.And came down tonight. I hope she taste like the blueberry I had years ago
  5. NoShe came down tonight
  6. the smell is sweet and earthy right now. I chopped her tonight.
  7. About 6 or 7 weeks into flower I had to tie up the main branches because it could not support the buds. Did do some pollen chucking. I had a beautiful male that was the last one in the bunch to show its sex. By then I did not want to cut him down. So I dusted the CB female with him and a forum cut GSC female .
  8. I should have veg alot longer for sure. Gonna do a F2 batch in the future.
  9. really smell the cheese and pineapple hit you in the nose.
  10. pulled these out of freezer and bam!
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