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  1. Sunshine Daydream is killer. I crossed her with Granola Funk. I call it Funky Sunshine. I will post some pics later.
  2. Those flowers look awesome ! Dang! What do you smell?
  3. Thanks,my freezer is packed with some good stuff I need to pop. Here is a OG Kush auto from Ethos. It had a really great buzz and taste.
  4. Thanks but it is DJs Blueberry. She was fed with Budswell tea.And came down tonight. I hope she taste like the blueberry I had years ago
  5. NoShe came down tonight
  6. the smell is sweet and earthy right now. I chopped her tonight.
  7. About 6 or 7 weeks into flower I had to tie up the main branches because it could not support the buds. Did do some pollen chucking. I had a beautiful male that was the last one in the bunch to show its sex. By then I did not want to cut him down. So I dusted the CB female with him and a forum cut GSC female .
  8. I should have veg alot longer for sure. Gonna do a F2 batch in the future.
  9. really smell the cheese and pineapple hit you in the nose.
  10. pulled these out of freezer and bam!
  11. Finally pulled these out of the freezer and popped them. Did not yield much but very potent.
  12. Healthcare for all? If that happens the elite will still get better care than the rest of us. Tuesday is Soylent Green day
  13. Nice to see you on here again Whazzup. I still have 5 of my original pack and a few F2s. I still remember the "panty dropper" pheno I had. Also remember the "fresh brewed coffee" smell thru the house when I was growing her. Dogs
  14. What a loss to opengrow and the cannabis community. Esko a class act. A real breeder. Cannabis needs you! Tired of the pollen chuckers who ride the coattails of real breeders like Esko. I wish you well man And I will be waiting on your return. Thank god I still have these Blueberry Sativa Chucky's Bride Blue Santa Chocolate Cheese Chocolate Rain Ladycane X Blueberry Ladycane F3 Blueberry project 1 ,2s and 3s Thanks Esko
  15. I think president Trump will go down as one of the greatest presidents in our lifetime. the dude is not a politician he is a problem solver and he is getting things done. he has turn that swamp upside down. Dems and republicans are fighting him tooth and nail because most if not all politicians are crooks. He knows by legalizing federally that frees up all that cash in the legal states and thats more good news for the economy. Hell our economy is booming! And he alone deserves the credit. Wait and see President Trump will do more for legal cannabis than the last bozo that was in office. Lots of cash in those legal states that need to be injected into economy. Its a no brainer.
  16. Man, San tell me how you grow in those small pots? lol Dogs
  17. I 1st tried this about 7 yrs ago. i dont like to leave lights on while Im not at home(paranoid,fire etc.) But I needed to veg a few weeks before I flipped to flower. the plants stay in veg. As you can see in photo the plants are healthy and vigorous. Nothing slow about growth that I have notice. Dogs
  18. I have used it for several years with good results. It works period No stress that I have notice,no herms. I use that and then switch to 11 on 13 off. Do these girls look happy? Dogs
  19. Strawberry Cough she got her panties ripped off by C99
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