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  1. I know 2 of such islands, perfect for the plants and I can easily arrange a boat. These islands have small beaches though and there's a lot of recreational sailing. It took me a while to find "my" places, but a bit of thinking and the Top-view of Google earth showed me places I would normally have disregarded. The "Rules" I followed to find these places. 1. Always close to a freshwater source (canal, river, lake, ditch, trench, pond). 2. Enough sun from dawn till dusk. 3. Reachable for you, but not interesting for others to visit. 4. One big place is nice, risk of being detected is greater though, multiple places with 1-3 plants only will make the risk of not harvesting smaller. 5. Make sure there's enough other vegetation to know green stuff grows there and... to hide your plants. 6. It doesn't hurt to search close to roads /cities, just remember "rule" nr. 3 7. Tall other vegetation - > Large plant (Sativa), low vegetation -> smaller plants (Indica) 8. Not close to big factories or very busy roads, to avoid risk of polluted pot. 9. Keep your places a secret to increase the chance of harvesting and using the same spot again next year. 10. When you find the right spot(s) elsewhere, go for it, rules are just guidelines
  2. Consider this one mine Idea.... I've already seen "problems" with differences in standards (Inch/cm, degrees F/C, liter/gallon, Kilo/Pound etc.). I guess... more problems of that nature will surface, especially in technical topics. Maybe it's a good idea to ask English speaking people, with a bit of knowledge of the subject, to help as well. They could read the translated article and correct misunderstandings before... it's made public and before people start asking questions like "How many inch is a mm ?" By the way How much does this job pay ? I'm Dutch you know !
  3. Tincture of Cannabis One way to make a drinkable form of cannabis is to infuse it in a strong spirit. A reasonably sweet drink with a high percentage of alcohol is recommended, for example fruit schnapps. It is also better to use grass rather than resin as it tends to be purer and easier to filter out the solid that remains after the extraction. Either way grind up your chosen form of cannabis as finely as possible, before you add the alcohol soak it in warm water over night. This will remove any water soluble impurities but not any of that precious THC. After soaking drain of the excess water and place in an airtight jar and pour in the alcohol. Seal the container and place in a cupboard. Most of the THC will have been absorbed within a week, but connoisseurs may leave it for a year or more! Whenever you feel like it drain of the liquor. If you use weed strain it through a sieve and then a coffee filter, for hash the coffee filter alone should be enough. Pour liquor back in bottle and consume as desired. Using a fruit drink, rather than a clear spirit like vodka, will help hide the colour change and the sweetness will mask the bitter taste the cannabis extract can cause. A little practice will let you find your personal favourite flavours and strengths.
  4. Have a look here, 23 recipes ! www.cannabisrecipe.com Bon apetite !
  5. Hi, this year I want to Farm Guerilla's again. My own garden is pretty small, I live in a crowded neighbourhood, and I'm not the only one liking MJ overhere... Anyway... I've been looking using Google earth and found 23 places within 9 miles while sitting behind the monitor. Last week I've actually visited 12 of those places and... 9 look very promising ! Lots of sun, water nearby, enough other plants to hide my project and... on pretty isolated locations. Anyone used this technique before and did it help ? (Coordinates are appreciated )
  6. [/serious off] Hey... Moderators... He's doin it again, he's making us jealous once more Can't you ban Dequelo for showing us Garden-"Porn", or something like that ? [/serious on] I recently saw a documentary on empty villages in the US, for $1 one could buy a house and rent a place like yours very cheap. Every now and then I dream of buying such a house, ehhh half a village, but I probably had to learn how to fly because it also was pretty isolated. Overhere, Netherlands, one pretty much would need an 7-8 digit number to buy such amounts of land, even at "isolated" locations. Best wishes.
  7. Here's one she ain't proud of : This one's a lot better (although her head's looking too big ) : And one of the three felines guarding the garden :
  8. Maverick, Am I (Stupid European ) correct by thinking Americans use the AWG system for calculating wires ? If so, one could find the proper cable in this Wikipedia article I, by the way, always use one size thicker of what's needed when it comes to electrical cables. It never hurts to be on the safe side and to be able to hook up some extra equipment not calculated at first. Please, smart US-citizens, correct me when I'm wrong. I wouldn't like someone to have a dangerous situation because I, European, told them to do so.
  9. Skutch

    Bud Brownies

    Since we don't want to eat vegetables we'll have to ged rid of the green stuff without... loosing the THC, the most important ingedient. THC isn't solvable in water, but it is in fat and alcohol. So, first we'll make marijuana Butter. Melt one cup of butter in a small pan. Mix 15 (or more) grams of thoroughly sifted pot in it. Decide how much pot you want to use by smoking it first and determining it's strength. The original recipe used 30 grams, but pot has become increasingly more potent. Anyway, let it boil carefully a couple of minutes until the butter has gotten a green color from the grass. Then squeeze the butter through a fine strainer. While you use the strain, keep the leaves away in a corner of the pan by using a spoon. Squeeze hard to get out as much of the butter as possible. Cooking time varies from 10-15 minutes to 8 hours at a low simmer. Experiment yourself! Ingedrients needed. 2 Eggs 3/4 cup Sugar 1 teaspoon Vanilla 1/2 cup of marijuana butter or margarine; melted 3/4 cup Chocolate; ground 2/3 cup Unsifted flour 1/4 teaspoon Baking powder 1/4 teaspoon Salt 1/2 cup Walnuts; chopped Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Using a spoon, stir eggs with sugar and vanilla; add butter. Sift Ground Chocolate with flour, baking powder and salt. Stir into egg mixture; add nuts. Spread into greased 8 or 9" square pan. Bake at 350 degrees F for 20-30 minutes. For extra chewy brownies, use 8" pan and less baking time. For cake like brownies use 9" pan and longer baking. Cut into squares. Eat in moderation, start with a small piece and wait an hour to determine the power. Put the remaining butter... in the fridge and use it for other recipes, it can be used as you normally would use butter. === Edit.... Choosing the right Pot === One might think the best pot is the best to make Pot butter. Think again, that pot is already quite nice to smoke... Should you have some mediocre Pot, which gives you a sore throat when smoked, that one is far better to use. While making butter most plant material, that normally gives you a headache/sore throat, is removed and the necessary cannabinoids stay behind in the butter. Of course one will need more mediocre weed to get the same strength. But why not smoke the potent stuff and use mediocre weed in butter ? Your butter won't taste worse and you'll get just as high, unless your weed is so bad that you wouldn't give it away to enemies. Making MJ-butter is great after drying the outdoor-harvest using the smaller buds, mediocre plants and cutt-off leaves of potent buds.
  10. My Avatar already says a lot , but sofar I haven't seen any clips/music I don't like. Manu Chao, Lou Reed, Eek a Mouse, Doors, St.Germain, Judge Dread, Tom Waits, Ian Dury, Buena Visto Social Club, Ali Farka Toure, Joe Satriani, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Nina Hagen, Queen, Ray Charles, Blues Brothers, Yousoun'Dour, Velvet Underground, James Brown, Paragons, Erotic Lounge. This is just a tiny portion of music I like beside Ska. Some good Funk, Hard Rock, Classic, Rap is also appreciated. Every now and then I also listen to music of bands/groups that I hardly know how to pronounce their names. Lately I've been listening to the "treasury of chinese instruments"-CD, "Raz Dwa Tzry" and "Mitsoura" a lot. A clip I couldn't resist to post Screaming Jay Hawkins - Constipation Blues
  11. Best experience... Smoking the .1 grams oil extracted of a really good weed, it totally knocked me off my feet for 10 hours. It almost was an LSD-high. Worst experience... The first smokes after that experiment. Even the weed used to extract oil tasted like bad lemonade after drinking a good cognac. It took 2 weeks before I got high again. In 30 years I also... started noticing that I hardly didn't do anything else as working & smoking at some point. So I stopped using for a few years, started making music again, picked up woodworking, airbrushing and got "high" by doing that. At least these "highs" result in something and now I found a balance between hobby & smoking. What are your experiences Grotegroenevriend ?
  12. Goats were involved ? That really makes it interesting, LMAO. I didn't know they were 28.2 liters, Normally I write on the wietforum.nl site, already had to figure out an english word for the right bottle and used a conversion program for the right volume I wonder how Habeneros or Jalapenos would grow over here, Netherlands, since I love spicy foods. Grapes are indeed fun, but they're super weed as well, they'll overgrow anything in no time. Also be sure to get the right grape since a lot of species are sour.
  13. Hi everyone, Here's Skutch ! Ska and Dutch or... Skunk and Dutch (although I also know it has other means in the english language ) I've been smoking pot for 30 years now, still love it, also overdone it in the past. (I'm very happy I didn't drink as much as I've smoked ) Ska's a favourite, but I love almost any kind of music. I play Drums, clarinet and... Jew's harp. Since I'm totally fond of making, throwing and (sometimes...) catching Boomerangs for 30 years now I'm also learning Didgeridoo, but find that a quite difficult instrument to master. I also love to tinker with all kinds of things, be it woodwork, electronics, programming or a combination of those three. Lately I've made 10 drums for the local music school and now I'm sewing bags for 'm. Airbrushing is another hobby of mine, although... I really can't compete with any master, so don't ask me to pimp your car Besides this all I love to think about stuff, philosophize and I really love all kinds of anthropological movies. Thinking about stuff/studying is like playing chess for me, a game I really love. After totally stopping to use pot for 3 years, I've been able to control my weekly use for about 5 years now and... I don't want to be dependent to local dealers anymore. So... I'm picking up growing for myself again. I know that's risky, but I also know why I got addicted, I feel in control again and I want to test myself. As janitor on a school for kids aged 4-12 I've had my best job ever, I really loved the questions kids could ask and laughed my ass off many times, but unfortunately I'm between jobs now. Of course there's much more to tell, but for now... it's enough Best wishes, Bart.
  14. Dequelo, you make me jealous with such a garden, mine's only 45x23 ft ! Neighbours would complain immediately when I had 3 horses, 7 dogs and such a lovely pig I do have a dog an 3 cats though and they're lovely most of the time Besides hemp I've been growing grapes for 7 years now and its giving more delicious grapes each year. Last year I harvested about 30 pounds, much more as my wife and I can eat. This year I decided to clone the grape, 75 of the 80 clones survived and are ready to be planted in may. I'll give a large number of these clones away, but... I also want to start guerrilla - farming grapes. I have 10 demijohns, 6.5 gallons each, my father made wine and I plan to follow the tradition With a bit of luck CO2 of the fermenting grapes will contribute to the indoor hemp garden I want to build next year. I have a bay laurel tree in the garden and I also have wild blackberries although I'd rather not have those. The large, 35 year old, birch tree pretty much takes all sun away for other plants besides grass. Best wishes.
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