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  1. Here's a budshot in the light. Sorry about the picture quality it was taken with a cell phone. Oh and by the way I smoked some today... Damn ive been high for about 4 hours already its barely starting to wear off a little. I liked the taste it was very smooth and the smell was similar to a Jack Herer in my opinion but it had a very strong smell. I already compared this strain to 3 different outdoor grown strains done by different friends and some done by me. Overall this was the brightest greenest one. It makes all other shit look brown when u put them together. Would be interesting to see what this would look if I grew it indoor.
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    finished product
  3. Just looked at all the pictures. Everything looking good and running smoothly. Have fun i'll be watching this one closely too.
  4. Looking nice! I like that black plant man it looks awesome
  5. Sorry it's actually not completely finished its still curing and it was only one plant that grew under a tree by a close friend of mine that has no experience and used absolutely no nutrients. He grew it next to 2 other strains and this was the highest yielder with the heaviest buds. I would love to do nothing but Hericules next season. The smell is wierd it smells crazy like a poison or something and I love it. Cant wait to smoke it but I dont want to try it untill its fully cured so I can get the full effect. I can already tell its gonna be some one hitter quiter type of shit. After seeing how this strain grows all I can say is that my respect for Sannie just got bigger.
  6. OH MY GOD! So this is what Lemon Thai looks like.
  7. I'm excited to see that kolossus
  8. this picture was taken on sept 14. Pictures show no justice. This is plant #6 and that container uner the plant is just the container i was using to water the plant it has a little hole on the bottem for slow release of water. https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/1318293461...2118_171278.jpg
  9. Unexperienced

    Pre98 Bubba outdoor 2011

    Organic project for my healthy organic tea remedy.
  10. Hey sorry everyone my blackberry got stolen so I wasnt able to update on a daily basis like i was doing. Right now i'm curing all the bubba i'm sure i'll end up with anywhere from 2-3 lbs. Its a very low yielder and i'm dissapointed with the yield but i'm happy with the quality overall. I learned a lot of things from this experiment. Yes the plants did double in size but they grew bushy as hell they didnt really get tall and i only topped them one time. Now that i'm looking at those last pics i posted yes they probably trippled in size from those last pictures. I have 1 picture that i took with my wife's cell phone of plant #6 which happened to be the best. Plants number 3 and 4 were the worst I think because the water drained through the soil a lot slower in those 2 plants so they were a little stressed and the roots were starting to rott a little towards the end. I was gone for about 2 weeks and the person i left in charge was watering them everyday without my approval and that affected those 2 plants where the water would drain slow. They ended up finishing fast and the leafs were yellow from those 2 plants so i took those 2 out a little early for some reason they finished faster and the quality wasnt as good as the other 4. This is a strain I would rather do indoor for a little more ventilation. It does easily get bud rott but i ended up with so much that anything that had rotted i threw away and still ended up with a lot. I didnt have many worm problems or spider mites. I did have a ant problem but they caused no damage to the plants or the buds.
  11. Hey Mr Dirt you wont be disappointed. The nugs on the hericules are hard, dense and heavy. It smells crazy to me the smell of these buds are one of a kind at first it had a lemony smell and as it matured the nugs started smelling poisonous. Its gonna be some killer shit I cant wait to take a hit of it. I'm thinking of doing nothing but Hericules from feminized seeds next season. Oh yeah and i got some bud rot on some of my pre98 bubba kush nugs and the Hericules is alot denser and compact and hasnt gotten any rott yet even though its gone through a couple of rains already. Maybe in 4 days i'll harvest that plant. My blackberry got stolen and thats why i havent posted any pics but i'll post some soon maybe tomorrow
  12. Hey everyone i'm sorry that i havent posted any pics. My pre98 bubba kush is completely done and cured it ended up sticky as hell and the one hericules is still going. Huge nug but the hairs are still changing colors and needs about another 4-5 days untill harvest. The Jackberry that i was able to save ended being a male so i took it out fast as soon as i found out.
  13. nice, what country are you growing out of? Last year Herijuana grown here in california ended up with mold problems. Best of luck for you this season.
  14. Can someone help me with a little problem that I ran into... I planted a feminized Hericules that took a very long time to come out of the soil in the same pot as a Jackberry f3 bean. Then they both came out at the same time so i'm having a hard time figuring out which one is which. One of the plants has some very broad leafs and the other has thinner and longer leafs. Which one has a higher possibility of being the Hericules? I'm thinking of just getting rid of the Jackberry and keeping the Hericules since its a guaranteed female and I had bad luck with both strains this season. My hericules beans all sprouted incredibly fast and i mean FAST! I left them in a cup of water for about 48 hours and when I came back into town some of them were not good anymore because they oversprouted. With most of my Jackberries my wife accidentally washed the cup where i had them germinating and I was only able to save 4. When I transplanted them outside it got extremely hot for about a whole week and some died. Only one Hericules and one Jackberry survived.
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