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  1. fried catfish and bass, creme cheese filled and bacon wraped jalopenos, cole slaw, fried zucchini and squash, pasta salad
  2. looking good, what bulbs are you using for flower?
  3. you must be mixing your nutes wrong cause i havent seen any problems with fox farm soil in my brothers grow rooms
  4. i bought some for my pepper plants outside and had some left over, but after what ive been hearing with gnats and i had a gnat problem with my last run my brother talked me into getting fox farm soil
  5. i had gnats my last grow from regular miracle gro but was manageable in my micro cab
  6. Has anybody used miracle-gro organic choice potting soil?
  7. not really sure, im still in the process of finishing the cab, but i will probably do some blueberry indica my brother got from esco and some more herie mix. It tasted and smelled just like herie
  8. i dried it for a week i got about 10 grams and some pretty good smoke
  9. i just got done with a all cfl grow everything turned out great and some good smoke too
  10. torsti ive got my light problem figured out, t5s wouldnt fit to long, i went with just plain daylight clf bulbs for veg and soft white clf for flower and it works great for a low budget grow, you can check out my progress in my first dresser grow
  11. thanks i think i did a good job my first time indoor. ill take closer pics when i harvest
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