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  1. Now the family is on some premium Maroccan Hashish provided by a Friend of us ....., MMMM Nice
  2. Some kind of good streetshwag , dont know what it is but looks fine under my microscope MMmm yeah , Nice
  3. And even more strange is that " Christians " do Paganism on the birthday of their Messia , Like worshipping a tree or all the lights that resemble widwinterfestival which are all PAGANISM .... Stupid people who condem a plant that is given us by God in the bible which is against their own rules but discard their own rules about worshipping non other then god Strange folks those christians
  4. You could at least tell us what kind of genetics you have in your other cabinets ? , at least i,m curious
  5. Around 30 grams/+- 1 OZ a week but I have to share it with the family
  6. That,s going to be some nice stash , Herijuana at her best ENJOY
  7. Proud owner of a Honda 125CR '99 : And its been fit with some tuning gear to give it that extra HP HGS-exhaustsystem : A racinghead providing extra compression : Plus a powervalve also for adding a little more torque Also it,s been tricked with ONE stickergear and buddycover similar to this one :
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