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  1. Thanks wrecks. Had to chop down the back plant due to grower error but her sister is still there pumpin nugs Quick shot of an outer bud. I'll post more tonight
  2. lack of updates whoops day 47 today
  3. Awesome job sounds like my kind of weed. I've been waiting for a breeder to make this cross :/
  4. Okay here the two Extrema are in between day 11 & 12 of flower. I probably delayed sexing a bit by pruning off more of the lower junk that wasn't getting any light. These two are the largest ladies I've grown thus far in my tent, I probably should have cut back 5-7 days on veg but I'm managing. Feeding light doses of Jack's Classic Blossom Booster and will start regular doses when they start to sex. I've got a nice skunky-pine-hash from stem rubs so far. These pictures were taken at lights on before I started doing a little work aka tieing back some of the taller branches. Okay well that's about it, here's the pictures.. Hope to be gracing yall with some porn in no time Thanks for such a lovely strain Sannie!
  5. Glad you caught em! Have u ever heard of Capulator's Beneficials aka Caps Bennies as the cool ppl call it. Its a three pack to make teas (nutes, roots, and foliar) I wanna get this shit and give it a try "The foliar pack is designed as a 100% safe, non chemical spray for insect control that can also be used as a drench for soil borne insects. The foliar pack includes but is not limited to: -Bacillus: for the destruction of caterpillars and fungus gnat larvae. -Beauveria: will control a number of pests such as termites, thrips, whiteflies, aphids, and beetles. -Metarhizium: will infect spittle bugs and weevils, and thrips. -Verticillium: will infect and kill aphids, whiteflies, rust fungi, and scale. -Paecilomyces: will effectively eradicate many pests, including several species of spider mites."
  6. Yeah Ive seen esko's posts how he won't market any chem strains, only use in freebies... I have two in flower now they look almost identical. One has smaller leaves and is also smaller in size; that's about the extent I can tell them apart. Like you said though, all that genetic talk is in thr background because extrema dominates above the rest!!!!!! Thanks for the post
  7. Hey Esko do you entertain strain creation suggestion posts bro? NYCD x Lady Cane along with unfemmed Lady Cane is something I'd be heavily interested in
  8. So I'm still wondering what parent was used in this.... Was it the CLONE ONLY Chemdawg "D"? or was it a AAA/Reservoir ChemDD? I've seen both answers..... Peace and chicken grease
  9. Okay here they are DAY 1 of 12/12 I went and fed them a weak dose of the Jack's Classic Blossom Booster instead of a plain watering and foliar. Anything left under the screen is there to take cuts from. I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  10. Hey Tiberon about my light not growing sativas, they seemed to fix that in the 2012 model. Was talking to a board member who has the 2012 bs240 ad he grows shit like lemon thai and apollo 11. Pics tonight. Today is flowering day
  11. My light is 14 inches away from the screen and the plants aren't having a problem yet. Usually under 5 inches is when you start to see it, but I suppose it varies from light to light. Summer it doesn't really go over 85 degrees. Mine gets an indirect breeze from the air conditioner that is in the room; I grow in that room's closet. Today was pretty hot out and my temps didn't exceed 82*. Last winter I had to add CFL's to boost the temps, and it was a pretty mild winter. Which blackstar light are you looking at? Cause mine was $300... Two of those can get ya a spectraled/growled which seem to be superior. It was also shipped to me from a neighboring state so it only took a day to get here, I dont think the black stars ship from china.
  12. I have the 240w flowering model (purchased december 2010) but it really does 135w :\ After this experience I know I would not go with Lighthouse/BlackStar as my first choice again. Just look at the veg pics I posted three days apart. And now they filled that screen yesterday (the 22nd). The only problem I have ever had with this light is the fact that I don't think it is capable of flowering sativa/sativa dom strains out completely (I grew a strain that was dominant from the mother, which was the clone Pineapple which is believed to be a SSH pheno)... But since you're only vegging with it that shouldn't be a cause for concern. Penetration isn't the greatest either. And despite what people say you will bleach your leaves if you keep your LED too close. www.spectraledgrowlights.com is the new growledhydro brand. When I stop spending all my money on seeds I'm gonna get one of these units lol. Looks like you can create your own panel now on their site, and a discount if yer a mmj patient. Mike is a cool guy, I've exchanged a bunch of emails with him. I've seen tons of growledhydro journals for photoperiods and autoflowers, and they rock real hard. Little more expensive but you'll actually get the advertised wattage without having to use a Kill-a-Watt device.
  13. Today, Monday, I pruned the lower stuff Don't want that airy shit! Plus the led works best if it doesn't have to try and penetrate that deep. Tomorrow, tuesday, is watering day. Wednesday is foliar and picture day. I'm also flipping them then. Something came up I can't give them any longer than that. Or should I skip the foliar feed and just water with my bloom nutes since I'm flipping them the next day? Peace
  14. I should add that I have only been watering with pH'd tap, no added nutes. All they're getting thus far are weekly foliar feeds of neptune's harvest fish&seaweed (2-3-1) and every other week epsom salts are combined with the neptunes harvest foliar. Gonna start using Jack's Classic Blossom Booster (10-30-20) after I flip to flower as I have tons of the stuff. I was planning on flipping this weekend, but I may decide to fill the entire screen first instead
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