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  1. Merry Christmas all and a healthy and green 2016
  2. All a happy, healthy and green 2015
  3. Hello all Thank you for the lovely replies :hug: My garden in the Netherlands today, snow after christmas Do you remember my Durban Poison? Made some oil/tincture from it Have a Healthy Green and Happy 2015 All (last raspberry of this year in the snow) Be Safe
  4. Blowsterke

    outdoor 2011

  5. Good morning No white Christmas this year But rain and sun My fruitliquer was delicious I wish you all Happy Dayz
  6. Misterdirt yes it is Good morning, autumn started yesterday Nature is giving lovely colors I love that But it is cold allready, good that I have my medicine I miss the summer
  7. Hello again Thanks for the replies guys The girls Have a nice sunday all Ciao
  8. Hello all This morning in de woods Back to my garden And my last two plants of this year. Durban Poison Coloring nice Have a great weekend all
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