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  1. mr cheese

    new room

    7000watt room
  2. mr cheese

    1.5 gram per watt yield attempt

    dam! im suitably impressed!! what was the average per plant? and how many plants per light?? those buds must be deceiving on the pics, or are they just rock solid heavy bud?? either way whats your secret??? lol
  3. mr cheese

    Seedling issues....

    lol.. i take it your prity new to growing our beloved herb?? this happens on every batch of seeds iv ever grown, its completely normal, how your managing to kill them by taking off the shell is beond me, you must have a very heavy hand! lol.. jst use pair of twezzers n youl be fine.. all the best... c
  4. mr cheese

    blue chocolate and mad scientist

    a man after my own heart! i do grow trees aswell but you cnt beat a single headed sea of green, no need for supporting, and the trim is actually a pleasure instead of the usual dread you feel looking at 30 big unwieldy trees, i swear my thumbs actually ache at the sight of it! lol.. it really is a pleasure when their just one nice fat ounce cola, quick back n side n their done! lol.. ill deff be tagging along for the ride, i reckon we will easily pass the gram a watt mark, id even go so far as to say around the 1.3 gpw! all the best n stay safe.. c
  5. mr cheese

    6 Strain grow out (Gavita pro 600 + 400 Lumatek)

    looking great mate.. thanks for the pm with te link, im deff investing in one, the spread of light seems perfect, quite suprising seeing how small the reflector is, most be the 440v combined with the double ended light.. youv even got the fan im thinking about getting, lol.. are they much quieter than normal accustic fans??
  6. mr cheese

    Starting over...

    how very convenient! dam here i was looking forward to seeing 25 pound frm 1 1000watt light! lol... hey i fort you was legal?? why you so bothered if your legal? i thought you was allowed 25,000 plants but you keep to 99 to keep under federal law??
  7. mr cheese

    More Closet Capers

    hi ya mate, jst fort is stop by n give you bit of advice, back off on your feed a bit as i can see your plants are starting to lock out frm salt build up. notice how the leaves are yellowing mid way up the plant? well if they yellow frm lack of feed then they start yellowing frm the bottom up.. other than that keep up the good work n stay safe.. c
  8. mr cheese

    My first grow, Sugar Punch on soil

    hi mate... you mean you only feed em half strength on the last feed?? still alternate between feed and water.. like i say its only in peak flower when you can feed at every watering but i jst stick with feed, water, feed, water the whole way thru. youl save on nutes and provided environments right youl yeild more.. alway remember, its better to under feed than over feed! any other help jst ask, been at it 15 odd yrs so not much i haven't seen, lol... c
  9. mr cheese

    6 Strain grow out (Gavita pro 600 + 400 Lumatek)

    hi mate.. are you in the uk?? im trying to find the same light but cnt find anywhere that sells em in the uk.. cheers...c
  10. mr cheese

    Racker on coco

    i forgot to ask! where did you purchase that wooden res your using?? its jst what i need, super stealthy! that one bit of equipment i hate taking into your show, the god dam big ass res,s we need! bit of a give away aint they! but that wooden one your using is ideal... cheers...c
  11. mr cheese

    Racker on coco

    hi mate... at the mo iv got one crop thats jst started week 4 of flower, total light is 4200watt, temps are ideal as its winter... iv got 10 in 6 ltr pots and one in a 40 ltr container with a 1inch hole around 3 inch frm the bottom of the container so basically theirs 3inch layer of nutes at the bottom of the container... not sure if youv seen them but its called the hempy bucket... get realy good results with them.. anyway to answer your question about how much i water... i water every plant until i get around 1/2 ltr of run off, even the 40ltr hempy bucket gets feed daily until i get run off and even with the 3inch of bnute solution at the bottom she drinks the coco dry within 24hrs.. like i say if i didnt feed for 1 day by the next morning the coco is bone dry.. im only feeding this crop once a day as im hand feeding but my other room their on drippers feed 3 times a day in veg.. so altho you dnt think your plants could drink so much in jst 1 day i assure you if you treat coco like true hydro the plants grow hydro roots, i.e they feed directly frm the nute solution, jst like bubbler grown plants rather than taking their feed frm the medium itself. this is why its best never to let coco dry out as the ec rises when the coco drys, obviously they will still grow fine being feed on lesser amounts, your room shows that as your plants are ok but your not using the coco to it fullest.. you might aswell jst use soil if your going to treat coco in the same way.. like i say tho everybody's does it differently but you have to admit if my plants are drinking a 40ltr container with a 3inch mini res at the bottom in jst 1 day, well to me it shows jst how happy n healthy my plants are.. this is why i put what lights, temp ect im running to show its not because my rooms to hot why they drink so much.. talk soon my friend.. stay safe... c
  12. mr cheese

    Racker on coco

    hi mate.. im very supprised but id wouldn't say it was the amount of feed would cause the strech, iv feed this way for last 15 yrs without any diff in strech over other mediums like soil, rockwool ect.. obviously everybody has their own method and the only reason i mention it is because you were complaining about your coco not drying out.. for me this is never a problem, like i say be it a 6 ltr or 40 ltr pot if i dnt feed even for 1 day my plants drink the coco dry by the next morning, this jst shows how healthy my plants are leading me to believe my way of feeding coco is the correct one.. surly you have to agree if im using the same size container as you, 40 ltr and my plants drink the coco dry in 1 day yet your take over 2 weeks, then surly this means my plants are going to be healthier and eventually yeild more as a result? im not saying my plants are any better but if my plants took 2 week to jst drink 40ltr worth of coco dry, well id knw they wernt 100% happy. jst my 2 cents worth, like say i was jst trying to help.. c
  13. mr cheese

    My first grow, Sugar Punch on soil

    the curling is frm over feeding again mate, in soil dnt feed at every watering, youl get salt build up like your getting now causing the curling.. only feed every other watering, in mid bloom when their packing it on then its ok to feed with every watering but other than that its feed then water, feed then water,ect ect hope this helps.... c
  14. mr cheese

    Starting over...

    no need to get defensive clepter.. iv said my 2 pence worth so ill wish you luck and say no more.. dnt want to derail your thread with nonsense, thought we could of had a good old adult debate about the subject but obviously i was wrong, seems these so called higher than average i.q menser type dont like criticism... hope it goes well... c
  15. mr cheese

    urckle cheese / jack the ripper

    10 seeds n all different, now thats what you call f1! lol.. after getting 10 different phenos frm jst 10 seeds i dnt think i would of carried on, well unless they were dank but if it took 4 seasons to find the keeper then i presume not.. what made you stick with em for so long till you found the keeper? . jst knew their was sumink special in em?