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  1. Updated Report: Still not sure about the taste. Dont get me wrong - its great but I still cant really describe it. Strangly half of my friends think its a great party weed, the other half (including myself) would describe it as a coma weed. Happy New Year all yer lads and lasses! :-*
  2. Guude Rudsch, bleib fei gsund und alls guude amol!
  3. Okay so here ist the smoke report for the Grüne Hessin: -I used an Arizer Air 2 -Buds have been dried for 1 week then burped for two weeks. Material ist still a bit wet. Effect: It is not quite what I expected. Very indica-ish. It needs some time to work but after 20 minutes you are very very very stoned. It comes slow but does not creep. Potency: Brutal. Feels like a benzodiazepam hangover. Medical: Mixed reactions from friends. One actually said it would increase pain. Others said it´s like smokable Tilidin. My guess is that throbbing pain might not react to that strain well. Taste: To soon to tell! Let me try it in two weeks again. Personal Score: 9 /10 Points. It makes me very tired and stoned with small hints of madness. The potency is out of this world. Not a party strain. Way more potent than Channel+. Reminds me of Anesthesia. Genetics: Hermie "Warlock x Jaggen Seeds (German Clone Only Selection from Austria) Potency: 9.75/10 Taste: yet to come Smoke is unsuitable for beginners Yield: AAA+++ // One of the biggest yielders Ive seen!
  4. 1.) We couldnt move the plants. Impossible. I dont want to give more details for safety reasons. It was just not possible. 2.) The lowest temps were around 0°C in the dark phase. The lowest °C in the lighting phase were around 5°C. 3.) Thank you Saxo mein Freund! The buds are now in our brand new WeDryer XL. So far we are a bit disappointed by this product. Its very noisy and it only filters about 95% of the smell. If the buds turn out great we will use it again as we have a suitable room for it. Ill keep you updated.
  5. Sadly we had to stop the session and harvest the plants at least 2 weeks too early. We lost the battle against the temperatures and we couldnt heat the grow room up high enough. We decided to end this grow and start in another room that is better insulated and - finally - heatable. Still.... we are still impressed with the genetics of the Grüne Hessin and will do another round with her. Even under those really AWEFULL circumstances (no heating, bad start, everything just in a touch and go manner) we managed to produce some quite solid buds. Thank you everybody. We shall return. And next time we hope to really rock the shit out of the Mädels! Grobi and TBH say thank you @all and - until next time!!!
  6. I love Opengrow. A German forum would have reacted quite differently: 1:) Q: My plants had a wee bit too much nutes. A: Flush them until you are sure that they are dead! 2.) Q: My plants seem to lack nutes. A: Flush them until you are sure that they are dead! 3:) Q: I think my bulb is burnt out. A: Flush them until you are sure that they are dead! Q: Wait it's about the bulb, not the plant..... A: Flush them until you are sure that they are dead! 4:) Q: THERE ARE KILLER SHARKS IN MY TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!! A: Flush them until you are sure that they are dead! Q: OHHHH COMEONYERBLOODYCUNT!
  7. You cannot fathom how much that helped. I understand now what is happening and I dont even care about that I can't do much about it right now. So that's how it feels to get a "Level Up" in the real word "Clouds dissapear, mountains show"
  8. End of 12/12 week 5. There is currently no heating in our grow room so the plants in the front suffer from the weather alot but all in all.... we are very impressed with the growth of the Grüne Hessin. I dont think Ive ever had buds this big after just 5 weeks of bloom. Initially we planned 10 weeks of flower but now we are quite sure that 9 weeks will be enough. If the plants should continue to bloom like this for only the next two weeks then mould will be our main enemy. One thing bothers us.... the plants seem to be quite "leafy". Must be either the cold temperatures or too much N in HeSi. No idea yet. Anyone got some hints for us to improve here? Thanks Grobi
  9. We are at the end of week number 4 of 12/12 and I have to say Iam very impressed with the genetics of this cut. Reminder: We only use HeSi (100%), Mills CalMag and Mills Vitalize. We will have to up the HeSi to at least 125% as we start to see the first signs of nute deficiency. Very hungry plant this.
  10. Dankööööö! The girls are very happy!!!!
  11. This is it. We stuck to our plan and flushed the shit out of the plants with CalMag only. When the burning stopped we pumped nutes into the girls. Long story short... It worked. Again we want to thank all of you for your input.
  12. Hey you guys! Thanks many many many thanks to all of you! It seems like we have saved them. I will have new pics tomorrow evening.
  13. Hey OldSmokey Iam currently not able to check the plants myself. It is well possible that they had a N deficiency. I just wanted to say that the LEDs make it sometimes not really easy to distinct between green and slightly yellow leafes. Our seedlings always needes CalMag after 10 days. Our water is at a EC of about 0,15. This is nice on one hand because you can really go high on the nutes but without any CalMag early on you will face huge CalMag problems. We had that on DWC and soil. Iam not sure if adding any nutes now will make things better or worse. Hey Misterdirt Yes we know that the leaves will not get green again even when the problem itself should be solved. We wait for new sprouts and hope that they will grow normal again. Currently we we wait and watch the plants. They have been flushed and repotted. Never seen something like this before. My bet is still on: -CalMag and Vitalize mixed badly or -To much Vitalize by accident Normally we get our girls home and dry. This is the worst picture we have ever recorded since we started to grow together: Ok now I recieved the info that it doesnt look better or worse. But how to go on from here. We will just have to wait and after we switch to 12/12 start to feed like we would do before. This is so frustrating.....
  14. Ok an Update: We repotted from 4L to 9L, still Ligh Mix. We stopped Vitalize and CalMag. The condition has gone worse but the plants still grow. pHed water only so far. We have never run clones on our system but all Seedling grows went totally fine. Seedlings needed CalMag after 10 days because of our almost dead water here and never complained. We used Vitalize in the last run and the plants almost exploded. We still have no clue what caused that damage..... but our guesses are: -Vitalize and CalMag reacted together and made a fallout of Calciumsillicate and Magnesiumsillicate that is now tormenting the roots while giving the plant CalMag defs. -The soil went bad. We found lots of green perlite in the soil. Never seen that before. -Plain Vitalize overdose..... Fact is: They were not that kind of ill (under the LEDs the leaves sometimes seem more yellow than green) at one evenening and shit went down in a matter of 24hs..... Also: We never had that problem before with seedlings. We even fed them more aggressivly than the cuttings. Some pics for you guys, any input is very welcome!!!
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