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  1. Dankööööö! The girls are very happy!!!!
  2. This is it. We stuck to our plan and flushed the shit out of the plants with CalMag only. When the burning stopped we pumped nutes into the girls. Long story short... It worked. Again we want to thank all of you for your input.
  3. Hey you guys! Thanks many many many thanks to all of you! It seems like we have saved them. I will have new pics tomorrow evening.
  4. Hey OldSmokey Iam currently not able to check the plants myself. It is well possible that they had a N deficiency. I just wanted to say that the LEDs make it sometimes not really easy to distinct between green and slightly yellow leafes. Our seedlings always needes CalMag after 10 days. Our water is at a EC of about 0,15. This is nice on one hand because you can really go high on the nutes but without any CalMag early on you will face huge CalMag problems. We had that on DWC and soil. Iam not sure if adding any nutes now will make things better or worse. Hey Misterdirt Yes we know that the leaves will not get green again even when the problem itself should be solved. We wait for new sprouts and hope that they will grow normal again. Currently we we wait and watch the plants. They have been flushed and repotted. Never seen something like this before. My bet is still on: -CalMag and Vitalize mixed badly or -To much Vitalize by accident Normally we get our girls home and dry. This is the worst picture we have ever recorded since we started to grow together: Ok now I recieved the info that it doesnt look better or worse. But how to go on from here. We will just have to wait and after we switch to 12/12 start to feed like we would do before. This is so frustrating.....
  5. Ok an Update: We repotted from 4L to 9L, still Ligh Mix. We stopped Vitalize and CalMag. The condition has gone worse but the plants still grow. pHed water only so far. We have never run clones on our system but all Seedling grows went totally fine. Seedlings needed CalMag after 10 days because of our almost dead water here and never complained. We used Vitalize in the last run and the plants almost exploded. We still have no clue what caused that damage..... but our guesses are: -Vitalize and CalMag reacted together and made a fallout of Calciumsillicate and Magnesiumsillicate that is now tormenting the roots while giving the plant CalMag defs. -The soil went bad. We found lots of green perlite in the soil. Never seen that before. -Plain Vitalize overdose..... Fact is: They were not that kind of ill (under the LEDs the leaves sometimes seem more yellow than green) at one evenening and shit went down in a matter of 24hs..... Also: We never had that problem before with seedlings. We even fed them more aggressivly than the cuttings. Some pics for you guys, any input is very welcome!!!
  6. "3% peroxide that's found in any grocery store at the rate of 1 teaspoon into a standard size bottled water is all you need. " Thank you mate! Still wondering if it is stabilized with phosphoric acid or not....... maybe when it is so much dilluted it doesent even matter....
  7. Dear Community: We really need help! Our plants have become seriously ill over night and we are at out witts end! -Strain is "Grüne Hessin" -Healthy Cuttings/Clones -3 Weeks Veg in 4L/1gal pots -No Problems at all -Feeding: Water, pH, CalMag Yesterday my better half started to give "Vitalize" by Mills. We always did that before and never had problems. In a matter of 24h the plants went FUCKED UP! Yesterday: Today we woke up to this: Ive never seen plants degrade so fast and we just dont know what is going on. The only thing we can imagine is that we fucked up the order in which CalMag/Vitalize were meant to be given. We think that: Vitalize and CalMag formed undissovable salts that are now burning the roots while taking away all CalMag. We have extremly weak water and without CalMag our plants start to get defficencies almost a week after the are in the soil. We now decided to flush the Light Mix with pHed and CalMag´ed water and hope for the best. WHO CAN TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON? It´s our first go at clones, but we know the Light Mix, we know the nutes, we use this setup for over a year. This has never happened to us! Please help us! Grobi
  8. Hello Friends, I have a question about Sannie's Tutorial "How to germinate Seeds" reagarding the "Hydogen peroxide" method. Sannie says: "It is recommended to use a solution of no stronger than 1% and let the seeds soak for no longer than 24 hours in the solution, preferably 12 hours and then possibly in a normal water bath or directly into the soil." My simple question is: Does this regard a stabilized H2O2 sollution (with phosphoric acid) or an unstabilized one? The pharmacy that provides me with all my extra needs says that an unstabilized H2O2 sollution is normally not used for anything beyond laboratory needs. I just want to be sure. Who has experience with H2O2 germination? Do you use stabilized H2O2 or unstabilized H2O2? Thanks for every thought about this! I have some very dear seeds at stake!!! Grobi
  9. Currently we use 5x SANlight S2W on 1m² (310W). In combination with Light Mix, HeSi and seedlings we managed to establish an average yield of about 0,8-0.9g/W. - With a better fertilizer and selected cuttings one could easily be way over 1,0g/W. In a hydro setup and and selected cuttings 1,5g/W should be no problem. We will change to a 1,44m² with 2x Q6W SANlights (430W) soon and in combination with the complete Mills fertilizer series plus our selected Channel+ mothers cuttings (called #9 - 40g/pp in above setup) expect a solid 1.2g-1.5g/W harvest. SANlight fanboy here. I will never go back to HPS!
  10. Grobi

    Smell and taste!

    Ive grown the Channel+ several times and I can safely say that she only deserves her name grown on soil. A C99/Chronic lest we forget does not care about how shes grown. Its all in the details of the genetics. Some do well, some suck. Find the golden Ticket mate ^^
  11. I have to say that the Malana Bomb from Barney Farm was really great. What kinds of plants do you want? -super small and fast -medium fast -big and slowish The Automatic treat is currently quite well bred so that you habe to think about whats more important to you: Fast and secure yields or big yields that may take longer. Example: Little Cheese by Barneys Farm will (from seed) produce a single budded stalk, yielding 5-15g of weed in 8 weeks. A Manala Bomb will take 14-16 weeks but produce a serious plant with serious yield. They are both "Auto". The Autos from "Sweet Seeds" have had some nice reviews in the forum. Maybe look for those. Have much fun mate, Gröberz
  12. @Sativani Its such a catchy tune, innit??? Cant get it outta my head But "cemetry gates" is great as well!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z68V77LzcOQ The bass is soooooo clever on this tune!
  13. Currently addicted to The Smiths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-cD4oLk_D0
  14. Grobi


    Very nice one! She is my favourite in the shop, too. My friends just call her "Red Hair Happy Koma" Hope there will be a restock soon!!!
  15. Sounds like a sexy sativa Sir!
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