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  1. Grobi

    Smell and taste!

    Ive grown the Channel+ several times and I can safely say that she only deserves her name grown on soil. A C99/Chronic lest we forget does not care about how shes grown. Its all in the details of the genetics. Some do well, some suck. Find the golden Ticket mate ^^
  2. I have to say that the Malana Bomb from Barney Farm was really great. What kinds of plants do you want? -super small and fast -medium fast -big and slowish The Automatic treat is currently quite well bred so that you habe to think about whats more important to you: Fast and secure yields or big yields that may take longer. Example: Little Cheese by Barneys Farm will (from seed) produce a single budded stalk, yielding 5-15g of weed in 8 weeks. A Manala Bomb will take 14-16 weeks but produce a serious plant with serious yield. They are both "Auto". The Autos from "Sweet Seeds" have had some nice reviews in the forum. Maybe look for those. Have much fun mate, Gröberz
  3. @Sativani Its such a catchy tune, innit??? Cant get it outta my head But "cemetry gates" is great as well!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z68V77LzcOQ The bass is soooooo clever on this tune!
  4. Currently addicted to The Smiths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-cD4oLk_D0
  5. Grobi


    Very nice one! She is my favourite in the shop, too. My friends just call her "Red Hair Happy Koma" Hope there will be a restock soon!!!
  6. Sounds like a sexy sativa Sir!
  7. Redheads with loads of sticky dandruff.... my secret fetish!
  8. Same here. Id never expected the hasj to be so sweet.... incredilble! Gret thread @Scone
  9. Thats so true! Heres some info on the BW http://de.seedfinder...reeders_Choice/
  10. I havent grown any of them but I guess JBxHB should be quick and fruity, BWxHB should yield very well, SJxHB should also yield very well but has 10+ weeks. Combination of guesswork and some things I read from others.
  11. lol Yeah I really look forward to the Chucky experience! Cant wait for the harvest to come. I guess the first smoke report will be in December. And to be honest... Id really like to smoke some strong sativa now and then but they all make me feel weird and shitty. :/
  12. Ohhhh I love threads like this Allright heres my Top 5 of the shop. I dont really care much about yield and raw potency but Id say that my list is based on: - 50% Effect (potency plays a role here but rather the experience than the THC %) - 30% Taste (I cant be bothered smoking great weed if I have to force it down) - 20% Yield and ease of Grow #5 Heribei Heribei is great, nay OUTSTANDING regading the taste! Its also very good in Yield and ease of growth. The effect tho lacks a bit of "personality" or "charakter". The stone is there but it a bit like a generic stone. The Heri influence just doesnt seem to come fully thu but it very sturdy, relieable plant. The taste is, like I said, really wonderfull! I dont know if it was just a pheno but I can only describe it like "straberry milk with an expresso" in it! Strong strawberry flavours, sharp coffee flavours for me! I will grow her again mos def! Had tu pull her after 8 weeks bloom so I may have missed something in in the stone departement. #4 Chocolate Rain Oh my dear ChokRa! She wins in all categories.... great yield, easy to grow, A1 taste, happy sativa high with a good body undertone. I only have two things that I cannot give the AAA+++ rating, effect and taste. The effect is sometimes too racy for me and the taste is sometimes too bordeline Candy Shop to be smoked heavily. If you like sweet candy tastes... this is your thing! #3 Mad Kush I looked for a fem version of Anesthesia and ALMOST found it. The Mad Kush has a very very high and stable yield for an Indica, the taste varies from strong coffe to strong lemon depending of the buds you smoke. Cola tastes like coffee, pop corn tastes like lemon. I love it! Very smelly girls, you have to have the windows closed even if you just grind a bud of her... the neighours WILL smell it too She wasnt a real substitute for Anesthesia as she was a bit too stoney (she is no suitable smoking gear for beginners, they will just go to bed) and the taste was sometimes a bit too much for me. #2 Sugar Punch I love Sannie for this! If Anesthesia is my favourite work from Whazzup, this is my favourite work from Sannie! Great fucking yield! She really gets fat tho a bit lanky sometimes but shes is easy to control. The taste is insane... just imagine the world biggest candy store ON FIRE! You will huff and puff and not get enough! I think this is the best tasting Ganja that Ive ever smoked. Be sure to dry and jar her carefully! The effect is very strange as you are really high but also really stoned. Its like the definition of the word "hybrid" effect-wise. #1 Anesthesia This is the love of my life! If could use other strains from other seedbanks as well here the top 4 would look very slightly different but #1 is still the same! I fell in love with the Anestheisa after my first Sannies grow and year after year our relationship went deeper If Id be stranded on an island with only one bag of weed thatd never run out: Anesthsia! The taste is very passive. Wet moss, forrest, wilderness, rain on dry soil..... it was the first strain that I liked because it wouldnt overwhelm me even if abusing it hard! The yield and ease of growth are very ok. Anestheisa might not have the biggest buds but she is a highly reliable plant and if one would bother to look for a motherplant.... there is a baseballbat/donkeydick pheno out there! The effect is just perfect. An Indica hammer with a reasonable ammount of psychedelic spice. You will never ever get a racy feeling from it and inexperienced smokers will always be overwhelmed into a stone but if you are a heavy smoker this one will always get you started! Heavy stone, functional psychedelic effects. Just dont overdo it. No ceeling, the only plant that always does the job. If you hit any ceeling with Anesthesia you are either dead or on smack. Have a nice one mate! Currently there are 5 ChucksBride, 5 Cheestral and 2 JBxMS waiting to be cut down. Maybe the list will change in a month Gröbers
  13. Grobi

    Hi there

    Welcome aboard!!!!
  14. Torin: TORIN! TOORRIINN! I have problems to fall alseep inna room wif no Torins about, the "Whzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz", does just make my day!
  15. That sounds like a satisfied customer of a really good preacher Heres some German Hip Hop for ALL YE SINNERS You may not understand a word but I hope you like the dark yet smart feeling of it. (Link 1) (Do it youself Link 2) http://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=9oLg2FZZgnA
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