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  1. I honestly hope they don't Mav:] But thanks for posting the above, Mav!
  2. Thanks Maverick also, for your PM i do understand. Would you please tell Weedstiti how to unsubscribe from a thread. Good luck, Weedstiti. P.S. @ Maverick, now do you see what i was talking about in the PM. Maybe from now on, if i say something negative i will end with "Good luck'', that seems to be everyones cover-up,
  3. Earlier u said that i gave u a half assed apology, i sent you a PM's apologizing to you and and i also apologized to you to in post not just to everybody i said something too that i shouldnt have, but with that being said, UM!!!!! you can kiss my ass since you want to act like a bitch, fake people i cant stand them, (UM), if my apology wasnt acceptable Sannie would have said so because i had to forward the PM to him, the thing is it seems like there is only a handful of (LAMES) that honestly like you UM, for what reason im yet to find out, and as far as Reallate1, i never to apologize to him all i told him is to stop being your HYPE man,,, cause it was reall annoying, just like reddog3000 said ya'll reming him of Penn & Teller. On the other hand i was just speaking, when i said whats UM and Real1, i now can give a rat ass if you replied back or if u accepted my apology, all i know is that i did apologize so there it is , take it or leave it, im not gonna lose any sleep over it. So let me rephrase that, Whats uo Joker, Kyla, Esko, Mister Dirt, Bract Doctor Just because a handful of people like you dont think that everybody does.
  4. Hey everybody, its not much, but here are a few shots of my outdoor heri at day 23 of flower!
  6. Here we go again, i think i need to be more specific in my post, everything has been going good and now today everybody wants to talk s%#t, Maverick & Desert, you are who i am talking to.Maverick in your post you said ''that i keep jabbing at them'', if you are referring to me saying ''Whats up UM,Real1,&Toker'' that is my way of speaking,,,LMAO @ you,,, and as far as my apology, i apologized to the people that i said things to that i shouldnt have, therefore i dont know what the hell you are talking about, if you feel like i owed you something, just look at it as in you will never be broke, you should have asked some of the people that i spoke to in a negative way, if i had apologized, before posting what you did. Just so you know, 3 of the people that i mentioned in this post not to call any names but we speak everyday if not here on thctalk or rollitup. Just for future references, just because somebody starts off a post talking negative and then ends with,''The people hear are just trying to help you'', or something along those line , dont jump to conclusions unless you know the facts. P.S. I cant believe i had to pause Pineapple Express over something that is in the past.
  7. Hostile?????? The word Ummm???? WTF are you talking about,LoL, i dont recall starting a sentence with ''ummm'' , however i did use it in a sentence, and to sum it up, i will speak or type however I want, if it makes me sound childish because i use the word ''ummm'' thats not my problem, its yours, to be honest about it, thats like me telling you, instead of putting ''huh'' in your sentence try using a question mark, because it sounds retarded, therefore, if i felt that it did sound ''retarded'' im not gonna tell you to stop using it cause its not my place you speak and type as you please, so in my eyes your remark was ''childish''! As far as the other guy, he came in talking about why he left other forums because of the bits and pieces that he read from this topic from damn near 2 weeks ago, thats in the past, let it go, the few people that i had conflict with we're cool now, i apologized, and now we're straight. Another thing is, would it be possible for you to stop sounding like an interventionist, i thank everybody that has helped me dearly, but people like you get under my skin! Just a few new shots, from my HTC HD7
  8. Sup errybody earlier i forgot to add these pics! @ Phil,, i really dont think ya'll want to see us this year, Roll Tide!
  9. BamaWeedSuck


  10. Look,,,,,,,,, why you are you even bringing that up, thats over with, we've shook hands and made up in a sense, so if you are coming to this thread with negative remarks,, please keep it moving and dont stop by,, Seriously. Male?????????? Umm, were past also,,, evidently you have a hard time with comprehending or you just didnt read the whole thread throughly if so try it! Whats up Um, Real1, Toker,
  11. Damn ya'll can grow, but here is a pic of my Sannies Herijuana IBL at day 20/65 outdoors.... Roll Tide
  12. What up errybody just a update of my heri, i've been really surprised at all of the new branches and bud sites that has formed in the past 5 days since i used 15-30-15 bloom booster, i just dont understand why the 2 shoots havent grown any.
  13. Thanks Dirt, i will try that but can i ask u another question, will my plant double in size
  14. i have another question, even though i can see the white hairs on my plant, why isnt there in any on the nodes?
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