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  1. It actually smells far from that in my opinion. More haze like with a lemon undertone. Kush has way smaller buds too and definately smells different.
  2. Donnie


    heerlijk ink as they say in Dutch. Regards Donnie
  3. 9x Kolossus with a heavy autumn. Huge buds.
  4. Donnie

    Kolossus FEM

    Feminized stuff
  5. Lookin good watch out with the high EC in the rooting soil as this plant can be easily overfed. I am almost done now with kolossus it's a great plant. Regards, Donnie
  6. Sorry admins this is Donnie's account the other account was an account which was never activated and can be deleted (cvg_840711689)
  7. These buds look absolutely delicious, and I just finished dinner! 156 Grams dry is a fairly good result also!
  8. Donnie

    250 Watt LFG Spectrabox

  9. Some of you people may know me from WF.nl and now I wish to share my grows internationally. I've done 2 grows so far, a 250 watt HPS with Internal Reflector from Gavita and a 150 watt LFG Spectrabox. On both occassions the strain was Shackzilla from Sannie. My grows can be found here: http://www.wietforum.nl/Uberkush-onder-150...box-t75334.html http://www.wietforum.nl/3x-Shackzilla-onde...VSA-t71588.html Now I just received my 250 watt LFG Spectrabox 2 (all 3 watt led chips with narrow band UV) and I will be growing 5x Kollossus feminized from Sannie soon in a DR90 This is the LFG Spectrabox 2 currently mounted in my DR40 (fits right in)! Regards, Donnie
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