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  1. lumatekfan


    Well, Sunnyvale did grow it inside. In his report are also some pictures...
  2. lumatekfan

    Hash Fruit

    nice one, thanks!
  3. lumatekfan

    autum/winter grow 2017

    very nice!!!
  4. lumatekfan

    First organic soil attempt with Kinky Cheese result

    Unfortunately out of likes!! Thank you for the report!!! How many phenos did you encounter?
  5. lumatekfan

    My secret garden

    Yea buying seeds is less work than breeding, but amateur crosses or unintentional crosses can sometimes bring marvellous outcomes as so many stories of legendary clones show. Yours seem like a snowwhite of its own.
  6. lumatekfan

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Wow nice updates Sunny!!! The Amnesia Haze sounds delicious, same for the Ouzbekistan!! I'm curious how the AH in the big pot will develop. Looks like you'll be in for a treat...
  7. lumatekfan

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Wow that blackberry haze looks like you have some huge grapes hanging there!!! Really curious about it. I miss the old cat piss haze. I am waiting since the beginning of this year for the Green Manalishi cat piss pheno. Enjoy your smoke! I bet it's a nice one! The genetics sound great...You think at her full potential she would be more trippy? All the rest looks delicious too!
  8. lumatekfan

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    awsome!!! Sounds like it is about time I popp some...
  9. lumatekfan

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    ouuhhhh not nice mybe more due to my dentist phobia but doesn't sound very appealing! Is it because of the reviews or is the Ouzbeki smelling in a particular way? How did she appeal to you?
  10. lumatekfan

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Curious about that story!!! OG Kush x BLR and Durganchitral x BLR look sooo beautifull! I think I'm in love
  11. lumatekfan

    Barney's Tent

    bummer indeed! Sounds like some pretty solid phenos. As you couldn't save them you better enjoy every little flower...
  12. lumatekfan

    pretty projects in progress

    always nice to have a little lecture about strains, origins and patterns.
  13. lumatekfan

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Lady Cane is kind of preserved by Cannabella Seed Club. They made it a F4. I don't now how good they are compared to the original, but you can check in my smoke report topic. As an update to my report I should add that many friends liked her for the strong up while having a pretty clear high. One friend said even that for him it had all the positive effects of Kokain, without the negatives though. He really missed her when she was gone. I missed a bit the psychedelic effect, but crossed her as well, because she had many positiv qualities. Regarding the general topic I would appreciate everyones effort to preserve esko's gems. happy weekend to all and all the best for esko and his life/future. luma
  14. lumatekfan

    Mapito Garden

    Another mapito grow with a mix of new genetics. Thus it is a grow to select some new gems. Sorry for the poor quality pictures!!!