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  1. Very nice pics @smilestyle ! Are they from the current grow or older? I'm asking because I'm curious how the NH grows... is it easy to handle?
  2. Hey there! nice to read from you again. I have two Ultrshacks at the beginning of flowering, looking good so far. How did your Cobras turn out? Were they very poisonous? Regards
  3. the 70% rule is generally proven or a result from your work?
  4. I guess he used the same SSHZ female as for Shackzilla and Sugar Punch and crossed it with a KF male. For me SiFi is one of the strongest Sativa doms strains I smoked so far...Quite an experience to try her!
  5. awsome breeding, I love to see these NAW features in the different crosses!
  6. Nice grow and awsome lineup! Looking forward to the smoke reports. Enjoy your harvest!
  7. Hey, sorry for your loss! Loosing a dog after such a long time is like loosing a close person. I hope you can find some distraction in our hobby. Regarding the crosses I can recommend you Killing Fields. I love the strain as it has many nice phenos and it is an interesting strain. It is quite a trippy one though. I remember @Sunnyvale grew the Blackberry, just as Goodfellow said. From @Sunnyvale I had two crosses Jack Candy x Jalisco Jaze and G39 x Jalisco Jaze. I haven't grown any of the parents yet, but his crosses were really nice! I should make a report actually. The NAW guys do great work and Sunnyvale found a nice partner in Jalisco Jaze I guess. I think Apollo x Green Manalishi would be an awsome cross too though. Wish you a nice grow. Luma
  8. Mine arrived as well! Yet from each pack there were each 5-6 seeds crushed, also the pearls. However, I am glad to have some seeds anyways. The posts of the crosses have been so promising. I will grow them this autum when I will have enough time to let them finish properly. Thanks to NAW
  9. thanks for the report! I have two in veg waiting to flower. Would you say AJ stretches a lot?
  10. This year Santa and the Easter bunny came together to deliver some presents...and that on 4.20. Thanks for your work and generousity guys!
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