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  1. This year Santa and the Easter bunny came together to deliver some presents...and that on 4.20. Thanks for your work and generousity guys!
  2. really did you try her already? Can you say something regarding phenos?
  3. cool move! Could be also interesting to make a bx
  4. It seems to be a trichome-monster. I want it!!!
  5. looks good to me! In case they are flowering slowly then consider maybe whether they are a bit too wet. I guess in a few days they will pump more flowers...
  6. uhuh can't wait to grow her!!!
  7. sounds like a cool cross...
  8. Hey oldschoolsg, I was wondering what's your tent size 4x4? 600W? Did you post a smoke report of the BlueShaze anywhere? Would be curious about her...
  9. looks good!! Harvest will be a hell of a job....
  10. they couldn't do better! Well done! Don't want to be a pain in the ass, but it would be cool to see you grow Shackzilla. It would become a monster. By the way I grow with 2x 250W on 120x60 (only during peak flowering otherwise it is 1x 360W), your space is 80x80?
  11. Shackzilla is a really nice yet really potent hazey hybrid. It will be a joy to grow her. I'm also quite curious about the Nepalmas. I have some seeds, yet I haven't grown her so far. The competition is just too tough. Maybe a smoke report could change my mind. Regarding the WN I must admit I envy you for your patience. Regards
  12. The Ciskey was grown by a friend and the plants (2) were more or less as they wrote. It seems to me that they are reliable. I have no direct experience though. Ciskey was very stable with only minimal differences. As I said it were just two plants.
  13. Yes, this looks very promising! We are all in for a treat, but especially you smoky HH.
  14. awsome line up! I will follow this one.
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