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  1. Sounds good, as I loved the taste of KF #6 and the genetics sound promising.... How long is the Chocolate Jamaican flowering?
  2. Well done! It looks really delicious and potent.
  3. Well I haven't grown the recent KF F6, but I found in the F4 purples but even more in the fems I had several deep purple ones. In the smoke report section you can find my topic and there are some pics of them. Another deep purple KF cross I had was Selene. I guess in many KFs you can find purple ones. I had also a purple pink Silver Fields. But only in the KF and Selene I found a few dark purple phenos.
  4. hey zanzibar, cool you make a report! I wouldn't top them but maybe San can chim in. Wish you all the best for yur grow and another ten years of opengrow membership. Luma
  5. No not really. However I can briefly write a few words here. First of all I have to say that I grew them during June/July thus they grew under pretty hot conditions. Yet the final product was still tasty, having different notes of spice and fruityness. I would say tropical fruits maybe a bit of mango and spice-wise curry/cinnamon. yet less pronounced than the tropical side. When smoked the taste was more mixed but with a oily floral side to it. The effect was a nice mix of sativa/indica with a sativa rush at first and then a following relaxation without much heavyness though. Rather leaving you relaxed while also being still quite mobile. It is hard to say whether it is strong or not because it comes in waves and while you might feel just relaxed while watching something you might feel pretty high when going to the kitchen to cook. I must admit that I did not smoke it that much though because of other strains I have at the moment. I sampled it a bit at the beginning and found it nice, but not impressive. My flatmate smoked a bit more of it and liked it at the beginning, but was less keen of it later because he deleoped quite a tolernce to it. Soon in november after a long cure I will open the bags again and write a final report. For now I would say it is good but not extraordinary. At the same time I must admit that I did not explore her full potential, due to the conditions. The buds did not develop as tight as they could have. From two plants I had one though which looked pretty much like on the pics and one showing a slight variation with slightly more airy buds. Depending on how much other strains and space you have waiting for a spot in your tent I would give her a go. My weed is still solid and my flatmate wouldn't dismiss it, if there wasn't Chocolate Cheese, Sugar Punch, KF, SiFi, Barrie's SSHxBlueShaze, Sunnyvale's G39xJaliscoJaze and C99. It's just hard competition.
  6. Well I hope you will do smoke report. By the way under what kind of light do you grow it? It looks super frosty
  7. Blueberry Indica? Is it from Nectar Seeds? Or ApeOrigin?
  8. Wow beautifull! Looks like you will be in for a thread. have a happy sunday.
  9. Which strain are those beauties? Thanks for the info. I already expected 3-4 extra weeks. I wanted to start a rotating system with the 12/12 method, but first I need some experience with this method. Schönen Sonntag dir!
  10. nice to hear the method worked for you! Did the total grow take longer or did the plants finish within the usual timeframe? Haven't started anything yet, but I might post some pics at some point. So far they are just a week old.
  11. Hey there Halfroc, did you consider the 12/12 method from No Mercy Supply? I have to say that I don't have any experience yet, but I just started last weekend my first 12/12 from seed grow. After sprouting I planted the seeds in in 2l pots. As soon as they show sex, I will transplant them into bigger (8l) pots. I know this method is doubted a lot, but some who actually tried like it. In a few weeks I can say more. happy weekend everyone!
  12. Wow that sounds promising! Looking forward to this thread
  13. hey, how are the berrydawgs doing? By the way, I just finished two UltraShack F2. I had some troubles due to the heat but the first samples of the first pheno were promising. I will write a bit more about them after sampling them properly.
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