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  1. lumatekfan

    NAW Test Center

    Hey Poldergrower and Rhino where are you guys? Hope you enjoy your holidays and are fine
  2. lumatekfan

    Lumas Smokereports

    If you like an old-school smoke ranging between peppery incense haze and skunk lemon pepper funk popp em all you will find your girl!
  3. lumatekfan

    Lumas Smokereports

    If someone sends me some samples I will do it for free Oh I shouldnt have said that! i still owe a friend some feedback for his kindness. However Sunny, it might take me half a year but hopefully by then some of your crosses will have made it into here! @Justcozz Thank you for your compliments! I enjoyed your reports as well. Your NAW gear makes me salivate when sleeping! Also find it really cool that you go through the selection process with your own cross. I wanted to cross so many things already but rarely did in the end. Some day maybe I do it properly as you do. @Billman Thank you for the nice replies! My hope the update will get some folks around here out of their lurking habits. Enjoy the weather folks! Luma
  4. lumatekfan

    Lumas Smokereports

    Hello Hello Opengrow, after a long time I can finally present the promised smoke reports. The first is Cherry Pie (newzealnd sour og x tangie) During the grow it had some diesel tones, not surprising considering the heritage, but then it turned more strawberry or cherry like why we gave it the name Cherry Pie. Now after some cure, approximately 8 weeks, it became again more citric. I have to admit though that it was quite warm during the grow, spoiling the taste maybe a bit. The effect is sativa dominant but has some body feeling that is present as well. My flatmate said it has also some nice trippy effects and asked for it a couple of times after having it tried ones. It seemed to have pleased him. For me I find it a good weed especially considering that it is a cross from a friend, but I probably won't grow her again. I would say there are many other good strains which have similar features, maybe not excatly in that composition though. It is a good cross compared to what one can get from seeds but it's not outstanding. However I was no fan of the parents highs either. Chocolate Rain Fem This one has already won many hearts around here, hasn't it? I haven't grown the reg version yet, but the Chocolate Cheese fem. We kept two phenos ans they are winners in taste, high and performers. Because of them I decided to give the CR fem a try to see what the Cr has to offer without the Cheese. Generally CR and CC get better and more complex the longer you let them cure. There some strains where I prefere as Sannie not to give them a long time, but these gems are deep! Really the aroma of my pheno reminds me of the CC #1 and has some berry aroma mixed with red fruit citric gummy candy and some slight coffee. People are easily pocketed by her smells. The appearance suggests a rather hybrid like effect as I would expect from my Fruity Chronic Juice, but this is not the case. The first sensations came quite quick but it fully unfolds within 30 minutes and can give you quite some groove. After a couple of joints though it starts to calm you down rather. Nevertheless I would also recommend it for clubbing if you have some tolerance. Also I should mention that I gave it 8.5 weeks, while some might prefer 9-10. I find that the aroma is oftten best just before the peak ripeness. Giving it a longer flowering time will probably give the effect also more body. I prefer it as it is though. I would definately recommend this strain. Great work Esko Shackzilla I have grown her several times in the past 5-6 years, yet different phenos. She is a beauty and she is sow easy to grow, rewarding you with a nice harvest. The smell is like old-school SSH with some slight pine haze notes to it. However I had also some phenos which went more towards pineapple bubblegum haze. Generally you can't go wrong with this one and some might feel reminded about the beginning of the millenium. The effect is very strong or potent. It has it's trippy features plus some body effects that are a bit heavy. I find it has quite some body stone but mixed with the haze sativa side it keeps you floating without any ants in the pants feeling. For people with less tolerance this can easily be to strong. I consider her a hybrid with strong haze characteristics, but it's not my up-beat sativa horse in my stable and although I always find her very rewarding she is not a favorite of mine as Killing Fields. I think it would be a awsome combo with Sannies Jack. I would smoke SJ when I need to lift up and Shackzilla when I want to come down in a roller coaster. Definately recommended! Lady Cane Lady Cane has been always on my list and I was so sad that she never appeared in the shop again. Then I discovered the Lady Cane of Cannabella Seed Club called G13xSSH. This smoke report is based on their version of Lady Cane. I have to say Lady Cane is a well bred stable strain. From ten seeds I had 6 females and they were all pretty similar. Also they rooted quite fast and had a moderate stretch for a sativa. The aroma was very citric lemony with hazy and incense notes but mainly lemony. One pheno had almoast this gluey smell like Uhu, a glue we have in germany, and it reminded me of our kindergarden times and you had to handicraft stuff with paer and glue. The effect is very cler and sativa like. It gives you a strong up feeling without being so trippy. I was honestly a bit disappointed! It is a good quality weed and I don't want to shit on anyones plate, but I like sativas also for their trippyness and I was missing this as well as a bit tingling body sensations. One might get the impression that the Shackzilla has to much body for me while Lady Cane not enough. For me Killing Fields is the golden middle. To be fair I must point out that Cannabella Seed Club wrote that it is a very clear sativa high and this is what I got from all the phenos. It was not my cup of tea and I did not keep any clone (I crossed it though, but let's see whether it worked). A friend of mine with a small tent got some different phenos of her from me and he loved her. It was mainly the aroma that impressed him the most but also the high was appealing to him as he does not smoke often. Also other friends loved her, especially with the good whether for outdoors. It is a good strain and as CSC promised, just make sure you really want such a high. I think the effect should not be taken as a weakness, rather as something special and specialities do not always appeal to everyone. i wonder whether Esko's Lady Cane would have met my expectations!?! Lady Cane #9 Lady Cane #2 ShackxAfghanSkunk #2 I already said that I think these freebees could become a long-term offer in Sannie's Shop! To lay the cards open on the table my expertese lays not with 50/50 hybrids but I do see real potential here. As the Anesthesia is gone and some people seem to miss her. They should give this one a chance! These plants pretty much grow by themselves, quite easy ones! I had two phenos, one leaning more to the Shackside and one more to the AfghanSkunk. This one is more AfghanSkunk. The aroma is a complex one of spicy peppery hazeyness, but of a old-school character, mixed with a lemony skunky funk to it. A friend said it has pepper, freshness like green herbs, lemon and cheese. I did not really get the cheese part, but people always associate quite different things and I don't take my impression as less subjective than hers. It will please older smokers because of some old-school flavors but also folks who are mainly kush-fanatics liked this one. The effect is a strong one and I mainly smoke it before bed. There is nevertheless also some nice trippy parts in the smoke, giving your brain a slight spinn while your body feels pretty relaxed. I had from both phenos this feeling of a soft stream going from my head to the end of my toes, always a very pleasent tickle and joy for me. For me it is not the smoke that will lobotomise you into a chair, which I can rarely enjoy, but it gives you a nice relaxed feeling that calmes you down, while allowing you as well to visit the the fridge. I would love to see a cross of the AfghanSkunk and the Godbud which is in the Purple Storm. If you are waiting for Kolosus, get some Shakzilla or an indica and take ShackAfghanSkunk, you won't be disappointed! ShackxAfghanSkunk #1 This one is more peppery spicy and reminds me a lot of my Neville's Haze from Female Seeds, just speaking of aroma and appearance. This one, unfortunately, had not such a good spot so it could have been better actually. It is nevertheless a very nice smoke and I enjoyed mostly that she has some warm body flow yet is not that trippy thus you can concentrate quite good. I think one could enjoy her when reading a book in the evening, provided that you just have a bit of it. I had from both phenos this feeling of a soft stream going from my head to the end of my toes, always a very pleasent tickle and joy for me. The second pheno stood more out, but maybe due to a better spot as well, however, both are pretty good and I can easily recommend this strain if you know what you are going for. Okay folks, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and descriptions and I could stimulate someone's appetite. I wanted to post some more smoke reports because a friend here send me some very nice samples, but I had no camera and could not resist the temptation before obtaining one. I might post some short lines about it, but it's already a bit ago and then it's always hard to make a good assessment. Well I will try to move my ass...but for now I will enjoy some ShackxAfghanSkunk. regards to all of you and especially Sannie and Esko who make growing so much more fun! Luma
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  6. lumatekfan

    New strains / Restocking seeds

    Hey Sannie I am sorry to hear about the fems but more so about the hardships you are facing! Most of us encountered probably such at some point and I hope you have some good friends that will support you. While some fems are for a long time out of stock Killing Fields was bred to a F6 and Sannies Jack to F9. There are not so many breeders who do that. So there is progress after all! In addition the Shack x AfghanSkunk is a very nice bonus seed and I think it could become a long term offer besides Kolosus. So for Kolosus I find there is a good alternative until Kolosus is in stock again. This week my friend will hopefully come by to take pictures thus I will be able to post a smoke report of my two phenos together with some nice pics. All the people waiting for Sugar Punch, it probably is quite frustrating to be waiting and waiting. Why not just get Silver Fields instead. I have not flowered mine yet but I only heard good things about it and determining the sex wont take longer than waiting for the next batch of Sugar Punch. I think there are some quite underestimated strains in Sannies Shop. Selene amazed me and I think Silver Fields will do so too. So wish you all the best Sannie and a good 2018 for all of us I love the community here!
  7. lumatekfan

    Aztec Rain advice

    nice flowers! Enjoy those beautifull flowers
  8. lumatekfan

    Green Manalishi Searching for the Best CBD Strains

    wow what an awsome topic. Loved to read it...out of likes unfortunately
  9. lumatekfan

    Aztec Rain advice

    Hm this nostalgia makes me want to popp some more AR beans. Yet I still have a jungle in my veg/tent.
  10. lumatekfan

    Attic Grow Cherry Gorilla Mapito

    me too! Also nice to see how you build your flooding space and the place for the pump. how many plants do you put per crate? Luma
  11. lumatekfan

    Trapper's corner

    Wow thanks to NAW GM has such arevival!!! Thanks guys, also of corse dulasfuretrapper for the nice pics
  12. lumatekfan

    T.P.R (the pain reliever)

    Super nice! I need to learn to be patient..
  13. lumatekfan

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Nice to see your seedlings! i wish you good look with them and I keep a close eye on the sugar slap. She sounds so promising. luma
  14. lumatekfan

    Aztec Rain advice

    I will follow the show for sure! Also excited to see her outdoor. She is a beauty
  15. lumatekfan

    Aztec Rain advice

    Aztec Rain is an awsome hybrid which has some variation among the phenos but they are generally above average. I would say the range covers dense dark buds, skunky green crispy buds with pink sprinkles and some green phenos. I am no expert on skunk although it is in one of my eskos favorites chocolate cheese. The many fruity features give it some skunk funk though. Or do you really mean an old socks smell.? Friends also loved Aztec Rain for flavor and effect. Some are from the uk and are not really keen on cheese as they had it for to long, but they love the AR. So maybe not that skunky cheese after all? Keep us up to date please I alway enjoy seeing some AR In that topic I wrote with Saxo about our ARs if you want to check it out. Luma