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  1. smell is already very promising!

    I will post a smoke report as soon as I try her... So far the smell is like forest and flowery honey. very special. The cindy smell is not that present anymore, but transformed into this flowery sweetness. Mixed with the GM forest smell it merged to the wild forest honey smell, at least so far.

    Yield seems to have been better than expected, but not sure. Final results will come later.

    Thanks @Sunnyvale !

  2. Thanks! @Maria sanchez

    I don't expect her to stretch a lot more. Maybe 20%? It is a bit hard in these pictures to see it properly, but the SJ and the other plants each have 3-4 stems going up. So I have the feeling that the stretch is somewhat shared by the several stems. That might be bullshit, but it seems a bit like that to me. In addition, I grow until the end of week 3 with 842 CDM, thus I have more blue light until the stretch is over. I have the feeling this keeps the stretch in moderation. In the forth week I will double the light intensity but with 830 CDMs.

    Hope this answers your question. ;)


  3. 8 hours ago, Sunnyvale said:

    I hope you also got the pinapple terpenen bro.

    It's a bit early for that but I think she has a nice lemony smell.

    She has some heavy sativa features. Although she 's not as stretchy as JCxJJ I expect some sativa fire power. So glad my cut made it! I had just one...

    By the so far I'm growing with a CDM 942. So the spectrum is like a MH. I hope that will help to control the stretch. When the first three weeks are over I will change to a 930 spectrum, plus more power.

  4. 8 hours ago, Sunnyvale said:

    Bye the look I would say this one is more a jackhammer dom. hybrid.

    I think so too! The Sugar Slap looks much more sativalike or let's say much more landrace like. By the way the clone rooted!:verrygood

    8 hours ago, Sunnyvale said:

    I hope this lady can bring you some joy

    They already do, but yea I'm also looking forward to smoke them.

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